Top 5 Ways to Record Remote Desktop Session

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Top 5 Ways to Record Remote Desktop Session

record remote sessionAlthough a few years ago remote desktop sessions were considered only to be for corporate meetings, a lot has changed with apps gathering around in the open source market and also with the availability of high speed internet connections. Remote desktop session are now being used by students, housewives, elder people, and many more as they don’t need to go to their specific place to get access to their desktop, but they can use computer to record their sessions together with educational courses, webinar meetings etc.

Online educational courses have become a major market with many opportunities to learn new skills or upgrade your portfolio by adding up new technologies and courses to your existing skills. However,one one important need arose in regard of these courses: there is now a need to record remote desktop sessions, so the course can be reviewed and referred later. Even though there are many remote desktop recording software available on the market, you need to be careful with selecting the one that fulfills all your requirements to capture your session effectively. Therefore we are going to review some of the best rdp session recording software to give you the best hint in this article:

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windowsAceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best screen recorders that can help you record remote desktop session as well as all kinds of activities on your computer. It offers a task scheduler that allows you to schedule a remote desktop recording by presetting the recording time and duration. The recorded video files can be saved in a number of popular formats, including AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, etc. By following the intuitive interface, you can get your RDP setting recording job done in clicks. And during the recording process, you can customize your videos according to all your requirements by adding text, pictures, lines, arrows and more. You can first download and install the latest version of this screen recording program and follow the tips below to complete the RDP session recording with ease.

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How to Schedule and Record Remote Desktop Session

After downloading, double click it and follow the wizard to install the recorder on your computer. Then run it and you will be presented with a clean and simple user interface with all options provided at the main interface. You can choose to capture either the full screen or only a portion of the screen. And you can also set different audio input sources to get exactly what you want.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

To schedule a remote desktop setting recording, click Setting > Task Scheduler and then customize the task name, recording time, duration and action in the Task Scheduler window. When all the settings are done, click Create to create the task and click OK to save it. The program will then start recording your screen automatically at the designated time.

screen recorder scheduler

After the task is over, the video will be saved into the selected output directory. With this convenient feature, now recording remote desktop session when you’re absent is no longer difficult any more.

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RecordTSRecordTS is considered to be one of the most trusted software by many corporate offices, government companies, insurance companies and other business entities around the world for safe and secure remote desktop session recording. It comes in many variances including software for small businesses, a complete solution for companies with a single terminal server, as well as solutions to record remote desktop sessions on windows servers and workstations.

Companies can integrate session recording to monitor all their employees’ activities  together with the activities of vendors and remote admins working on the company’s server. You can even record all user actions for review and analysis during training sessions. Remote desktop recording can also be used in cases of security breaches to show clear evidences for the party involved.

Installation of the software is pretty much simple and remote session recording can also be done with a click of a button. All the recorded videos are stored locally in a database. You can go with recording only a single user session or configure it to record each user session automatically. All the recorded videos will be tagged with user name, recording time, computer ID, IP address, duration, and so on.


ObserveITObserveIT is another popular tool that helps you record all user activities ofyour employee from the time he or she logs into the desktop until the end of the working session or for the duration set by the admin. It can be either done by using are mote desktop, terminal server or through a direct console login. It provides the option of video recording and ability to playback all user activities on the screen and you can also search the activity logs via using certain keywords. Moreover, you can directly jump onto selected parts of the video from search results or from activity log entries. Alerts can be customized based on your requirements, and eachalert is triggered real-time when any sensitive, unusual or suspicious activities are found.


It is also possible to schedule screen recording with the help of the Icecream Screen Recorder, which can come very handy in case sometimes you got to a point where you need that something is recorded on the display of your PC but on the other side you are not able to be in front of the display at that time and therefore a recording scheduler function is needed. Luckily, the Icecream Screen Recorder has s schedule function that is able to automatically initiate as well as finalize a recording based on the input information that you’ve been setting for the scheduler.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Last but not least, there is Camtasia which is a great remote desktop session scheduler that is able to accept input made for the starting period of a program’s recording on the function, as it directly follows the preset command and you can surely sit back as you can know if your software will record all the content from the preset Skype meeting or previously handpicked online webinar at your advantage. This tool is therefore among those options to choose which are offering much better alternatives compared to ordinary screen recorders as this in-built tool is offering great freedom over your activities.


Nowadays remote desktop recording is become widely used as people are having less time than before but in the same time with this feature they are able to do their recording activity easily if they specify previously their starting and finishing time on such recorder program that allows them to have this option. Therefore many tools are available that serve as instant sharing, and you have to find your way among them to pick the one that is the most comfortable for operation in your case. While you check and try out the aforementioned solutions from our article, we definitely recommend that you have a glimpse at the AceThinker solution presented above that will come very handy for such activity.

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