How to Easily Record PS4 Gameplay

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PS4 (PlayStation 4) has gained so much popularity since it’s published and brings lots of joy to gamers all around the world. Being a PS4 gamer, you must want to record the gameplay video either to capture your favorite plot, to share your tips & tricks, or to show your achievements to your fans, family members or friends. If you’re just looking for ways to record PS4 gameplay, look no further! Here the 2 most feasible and efficient ways to capture PS4 gameplay video are introduced. Have a look at the brief guide on how to perform PS4 game recording easily and effectively.

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Record PS4 Gameplay with Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber proThe recommended way to record PS4 gameplay video is to project your game to computer screen using the HDMI cable and capture card. After that, you can use some PS4 screen recorder like AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro to complete the PS4 recording task. You can record as long as you like and even add your own voice and commentary. Plus, you can save the recorded video in various formats, including MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, etc. After the PS4 gameplay has been captured, you can directly upload it to YouTube to share with the world. Get the program installed on your computer and follow the steps below to record PS4 gameplay with ease.

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Step1 Cast PS4 to Computer Screen and Confirm Recording Settings

First of all, connect PlayStation 4, the HDMI cable and the capture card to computer to project the gameplay to your PC monitor. After that, you can launch the PS4 game recorder and configure the settings for the recording. You can click Settings > Options to make some general settings like the recording hotkey, destination folder, output video format, etc. Meanwhile, choose an audio input source: you can record gameplay on PS4 with a voice from the system, your microphone or both to add some voice narrations.

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Step2 Record Your PS4 Gameplay on Computer

Now you can start the gameplay in PlayStation 4. To record the PS4 gameplay screen, just choose a recording mode and the recording will start instantly. As you see, you are free to record in full screen or just capture a customized area by selecting Region. If needed, you can select to record screen with facecam. During the recording process, you can pause and resume at any time to ignore some unnecessary part. This screen recorder provides some basic editing functions, letting you add texts, highlights, circles, arrows and more to the screen in real time.

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Step3 Save and Share Your Gameplay Video

To end the PS4 game recording, just click the red Stop button and this tool will start to process the video and display it in the list of the main interface. You can then rename, locate or play the video freely. If you’re making the video for YouTube, you can click Upload to enter your YouTube account name and password to share the video to YouTube immediately.

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Record Gameplay on PS4 with the Built-in DVR

ps4 iconThankfully PlayStation 4 has many qualities and it is very beloved for all users, now it has come with built-in DVR (digital video recorder) that lets you record and share your PS4 gameplay footage directly from the console. This feature allows users record the screen while playing any game. Here is how to record gameplay on PS4 without capture card – just within PS4.

How to Use Built-in PS4 Recorder

  • First, you will need to choose the share button control types from the Standard and Easy Screenshots. Generally, the latter one is preferred as that one is able to give you the chance to capture screenshots as well as perform the recording of the gameplay with higher ease.
  • To select between the 2 types of share button controls, you can hit the share button in order to have the menu for Sharing emerged and afterward click on Options > Share Settings > Share Button Control Type in order to pick the better one among the appearing sharing button control types.

Step1 Video Settings

First, hold down the Share button on your controller to open up the Share menu here adjust all necessary seetings.

ps4 record gameplay

Step2 Start to record

A small notification will then pop up in the top left corner to tell you that the recording has started already. If you want to save the video,
you can go to the share menu and press the square button to save it.

record gameplay on ps4

Note: However, this built-in PS4 game recording method has some limitations. It only allows you to record the gameplay video up to 15 minutes in 720p with a frame rate of 30fps. And you get access to it only after you log into the game, which means that you can’t record the home screen. That’s why still many people are looking at ways to record PlayStation 4 gameplay, either to record longer than 15 minutes, get better quality or include more contents. If you’re one of them, simply turn to method 2 to use an efficient PS4 game recorder to record PS4 gameplay on the computer.


The above 2 ways are both workable for ps4 gameplay recording. If you want to record a short gameplay video instantly, you can just use the default built-in video recorder. However, if you want to skip the 15-minutes limitation and record in higher quality with more features, it’s better to record PS4 gameplay on PC with a desktop recorder. Just choose the one you prefer to record and upload your best PS4 moments with no fuss if you also want to know how to record ps4 gameplay for YouTube!

If you have got any idea on how to record PlayStation 4 gameplay, you can share your solution in the comment. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

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