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How to Easily Record PowerPoint with Audio

Last updated on October 28, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

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How to Easily Record PowerPoint with Audio

Sometimes you may need to record PowerPoint presentations so that you can still present them even without the PowerPoint program installed. Actually, it’s quite easy to get the work done with a professional screen recording program. Start downloading the trial version of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro below.

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record powerpointPowerPoint is the most popular software individuals use to create their presentation. But now more and more people are willing to record PowerPoint with audio for a better presentation. Anyway, it’s more elegant and persuasive to play a high quality video rather than presenting a simple PowerPoint slideshow, right? No matter you need to record PowerPoint presentation for sharing online, watching on portable devices, inserting soundtracks or other reasons, you will find the solutions here. In this article, the process to record and save a PowerPoint presentation as video is discussed. Just have a look!

Record PowerPoint Presentation as Video with Screen Grabber

Screen Grabber Pro is the top PowerPoint recording program to record PowerPoint presentation with audio either from the system, your microphone or both. Anything happening on your computer screen can be captured and you are free to customize the mouse style, output format, etc. Just download, install the program and have a look at the guide below to create a screencast from PowerPoint slideshow for playing and sharing anywhere you wish.

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Open the PowerPoint presentation you need to record and then run Screen Grabber Pro. Click on Start to set the recording way. You can click on the Region option and adjust the length and width dimensions to fit the PowerPoint presentation.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

You can also record PowerPoint presentation with audio by clicking on the Audio Input. Click on ‘None’ option to record the presentation without any audio. ‘System Sound’ will enable you to record the presentation with sounds from the computer system. The ‘Microphone’ option will allow you to record your voice with the PowerPoint presentation. This option enables the presenter to explain his power points as the presentation plays. The ‘System Sound and Microphone’ option is only used if you want to record both PC sounds and your voice.

configure audio settings

When you have created the right size, click on OK and your recording will begin in three seconds. You can pause, stop, adjust volume or switch to webcam as your recording continues. As soon as you finish recording, click on Stop and your PowerPoint recording will be saved automatically.

recording screen

Once you are done recording your PowerPoint presentation video, you can share it on YouTube or other social media platforms as you like.

Default Way to Save PPT as Video within PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint software is very versatile and has multiple features you can use to enhance your presentations. While creating PowerPoint presentations with images, picture and music is well commonly known, very few people are able to save their presentations as videos. Actually, the procedure to save PPT as video is quite simple:

Open PowerPoint and create a presentation. After creating the document, the next step is to save it as a video. Press ‘File’ on the upper left corner of the open document. Click on ‘Export’ and then ‘Create a video’.

convert PPT to video

The ‘Create a video’ option will bring two drop down boxes and a time value box. In the 1st drop down box, you can choose the quality of video you want. While the second drop down box is used to edit narrations or timings on the presentation. You can choose to include or exclude these narrations or timings with this option. This option is only available in presentations with timings and narrations.

record powerpoint

The time value box allows you to edit the amount of time each slide will last in the video. The default time is normally 5 seconds.

set time

Click on the ‘Create Video’ button. Under the save dialogue box, choose the file destination and click ‘Save’. Wait until the progress bar is done creating the video before you can view it.


PowerPoint presentation is still the preferred method of making proposals or passing knowledge to an audience. The conversion of a PPT presentation to a video enables the presentation to be viewed anywhere. If you want to record PowerPoint with audio and other effects, it’s better to get a PowerPoint recorder like Screen Grabber Pro. If you simply need to turn it to a video for sharing online, you can just use the default way to convert PPT to video.

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