Easy Ways to Record PowerPoint Presentation for YouTube

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Easy Ways to Record PowerPoint Presentation for YouTube

YouTube is an incredible learning website for youths to find things they like. For some teenagers, YouTube is utilized to watch music recordings, how-to guides, educational videos, hacks, and many more. PowerPoint is an expert device for making presentations, which has been around for a long time. Sometimes you may need to upload PowerPoint presentations to YouTube for instructive purposes, or as a prerequisite for school exercises, can be as simple as possible. However, YouTube only accepts videos. That means, you will need to convert PowerPoint presentation to video so as to upload and share it. In this article, we will share 4 methods to record PowerPoint for YouTube.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is an easy-to-use multimedia presentation software, which developed by Microsoft, and a kind of presentation software that has so many remarkable features. Moreover, this program uses slides to convey information that is rich in multimedia and can create a video, which enables the user to share it on YouTube. Throughout the years, Microsoft PowerPoint has improved quite a lot. This is especially true for PowerPoint versions 2016 and above. The reason is because version 2016 and later are now integrated within the Microsoft Sharepoint in Office365. This allows users to cooperatively edit a PowerPoint presentation, regardless of their location. To use this program, here are the steps on how to create a video from a PowerPoint software.

User Guide:

  • First, open your slides in “Microsoft PowerPoint”. Next, go to the “Slide Show” and the “Set Up” tab, then, select “Record Slide Show” to start recording your slides.
  • After, the presentation is finished, select the “File” menu in PowerPoint. Next, choose “Export” and click “Create a Video” then, choose a format to have. Lastly, click the “Create Video” button.
  • Once the video is created, a pop-up window will appear on your screen, to change the “File Name” and the “Save as Type” of the file. Then, click the “Save” button to store it in your chosen folder.
  • Then, visit your YouTube website to upload your PowerPoint video.

Export presentation as Video (MP4)

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

To record your presentation in a professional way, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is the best tool for you. This computer recorder that enables you to simply record, and save any activity that is happening on your PC’s screen. Moreover, this tool can also record audio, edit your screencast, capture screenshots, and schedule your recording. In addition, there are different screen recording mode provided for you to screencast a specific region, full-screen, or around mouse cursor, and other more. Furthermore, this tool can upload videos to YouTube and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To start recording your screen and upload your video from YouTube, follow the steps provided below.

Try It Free

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

First, download and install the app “AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro” by clicking the download button above. After download, launch the installer on the PC. After that, open your “Microsoft PowerPoint” to record your PowerPoint presentation. Next, click the “Record” button at the top-left corner of the interface and choose whether what mode you are going to use.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Record your presentation from PowerPoint and make annotations

Once decided, a 3-second countdown will pop-out to begin the recording process. The floating toolbar will then appear, with all the essential recording features. One of these options allows users to annotate while recording. This is useful, especially on PowerPoint recording because users will be able to provide notes and other things to enhance the video.

annotate while recording

Step3 Stop the recording process and save the video

Once the recording is over, click the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar. Then, your video will be automatically saved on the PC. Check the video from the recording list of the tool from the main-interface. Select the most recent video and then right-click on it then choose “Preview” from the menu that will appear.

preview recording

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

If you are looking for a free online recorder, AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online is the best tool for you. It is an easy yet very efficient screen capture tool that can launch online, and captures video and audio at the same time. In addition to this tool, you can choose if you want to capture in full screen or in a specific region only. Furthermore, it also enhances your recordings with their built-in editor and can save your recordings in a different file format.

Step1 Visit the website to launch the tool

To start using the tool, click this link to access its official website. Next, click the “Start Recording” button and wait for few moments until the interface launched on the screen.

access tool

Step2 Start to begin the recording

Select your chosen region mode whether it’s in full screen or in a specific region that you want to capture. After your recording area is set, all you need to do is click the “REC” button. Then, a 3-second countdown will pop-out and begin with your recording.

Start to begin the recording

Step3 Stop the recording process

Once the recording is finished, simply click the “Stop” button. Then, you can view your recorded PowerPoint in the Free Screen Recorder’s media player that will show out automatically. Lastly, you will have to save or share the PowerPoint you captured. Then, choose to “Upload YouTube” tab before exiting the online software.

Stop the recording process

Icecream Screen Recorder

With this screen recorder, it allows you to capture any area of your screen whether as a screenshot or a video file. Icecream Screen Recorder offers a complete set of tools and options with audio. Moreover, this software can record webinars, games, Skype videos in HD, and more, in a fast and easy way.

How to Use Icecream Screen Recorder

  • Go to its website to download the tool which is Ice Cream Screen Recorder.
  • Once downloaded, launch the app to start using. Next, click the “Capture video” then, choose what type of format you are going to use. Then, click the “Start” button to record the screen.
  • To finish the recording, click the “Stop” button.
  • After the recording is done, the captured video will be saved on your tool’s interface. Then, if you want to share it, just select “More” tab and click the “Upload to YouTube” tab.

Stop the recording button


There are programs with great-quality that allows us to record or capture our screen in an easy way. It also enables us to share and upload it on a video-sharing site like YouTube. If you are looking for an online and free recorder tool then, I would recommend the AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder. However, if you are looking for an application that can help you record your screen in a much better and professional way, I highly recommend the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro.

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