Easy and Feasible Ways to Record ooVoo Video Calls

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Easy and Feasible Ways to Record ooVoo Video Calls

Sometimes it’s necessary to record the video chat from ooVoo for various reasons. No matter why you need to do the recording, a screen recording program like Screen Grabber Pro is needed. Get the free trial and follow the tips to record your ooVoo video call with ease.

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record oovooooVoo is an online video chatting and messaging service that is available for all Android and iOS devices. It could also be used on both Windows and Mac desktop computers. Video chatting could be done with up to twelve people simultaneously and you will be able to have a visual of four people at the same time on your screen during the OoVoo video chat. It’s actually very easy to record ooVoo video calls as ooVoo offers a built-in recorder that allows you to record the videos and send them anyone who desires the calls. However, some users find built-in ooVoo recorder has many limitations and it’s inconvenient to use. That’s why many ooVoo subscribers are still looking for ways to capture video calls from ooVoo. Here 2 decent screen recorders for ooVoo video recording are introduced. Just check it out!

Record ooVoo Videos Calls Online for Free

free online screen recorder

The first recommended option for ooVoo calls recording is Free Screen Recorder Online. It’s an web-based online service so you don’t need to install anything on your computer to take up the disk space. Though this online recorder is totally free of charge, it’s strong for screen recording. With it, you can record any activity on the ooVoo screen and save the video call in high quality. Different options like the recording method, audio input sources, output video quality, etc. are provided to suit your specific needs. Moreover, during the recording process, you can add some annotations if needed.

To use this app to capture ooVoo videos, check the guidelines below.

Step1 Prepare the recording

Firstly you can visit the free screen recorder official site in your search engineand then click on the Start button directly. At this point the user interface will then pop up. If it’s the first time you use it, you will have to install a launcher. You can then preset the source for audio input by choosing from either System Sound or Microphone.

free screen recorder online

Step2 Initiate the recording process

Once you selected the mode, you can open your ooVoo video call in the background and after your ooVoo is in progress, go back to the toolbar and tap on the Record button to start recording the ooVoo chat. When the recording is OK, click Stop to stop and save the recording to your computer in your preferred format.

free screen recorder online

Capture ooVoo Video Calls with Screen Grabber Pro

world of tanks recorder

The second option for ooVoo video chat recording is Screen Grabber Pro, a professional desktop screen recording software that allows you to capture ooVoo video chat and call with ease. This program runs smoothly both on Windows and Mac. Thanks to the intuitive interface, you can get all the recording task done in seconds without having to learn. Here are some of its highlights:

  • 1. You can capture the screen activity in real time. This tool could be utilized to do a screen recording along with the microphone sound or with webcam.
  • 2. Settings could also be customized as per the specific needs that you may have before capturing the OoVoo screen.
  • 3. And if you prefer, you may also include cursor effects into capture and to enhance your demonstration.
  • 4. Experienced users can adjust the resolution and frame rate for exporting recorded videos.
  • 5. Despite screencast, you can have a quick workaround for your screenshots. It could be done either with a single click or you could use the hotkey to launch multiple screenshots. These images could be saved directly as files or they could be pasted to the clipboard. They can also be touched up with the image editor.
  • 6. The app supports multiple output formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV and others for screencasts, and PNG/JPG for screenshots.

It’s the top ooVoo screen recorder that you should try. In case your interest got aroused to try out this program, simply follow the steps below to record your ooVoo videos.

Step1 Download and install the program

First of all, click the button above to download Screen Grabber Pro and then install it on your computer. You can then click Settings > Options to configure some general recording settings like the output video format, hotkeys, output directory, etc.

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Step2 Set up the program settings

After that, click Audio Input to choose the audio source from System Sound, Microphone or both. For the ooVoo recording, System Sound and Microphone is recommended.

configure audio settings

Step3 Perform the recording

Next, click on Start to select a recording mode from Region, Full Screen, Webcam, etc. If you choose to record in region, the program will then ask you to drag the mouse cursor to specify the particular area you need. During the recording process of your ooVoo video call, you’re free to stop or presume the recording. When the recording is OK, click Stop to end the recording and save it to your computer hard drive.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

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As you can see several great alternatives are available for you to record ooVoo video calls with ease and without any hassles. However the available programs all have their own advantages and drawbacks and it is up to you whether you go with the lighter and more readily available online AceThinker program, or you decide on the more comprehensive offline AceThinker solution which will both be a great partner to your ooVoo recording.

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