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OoVoo is a video chatting and messaging facility. This app is available for all Android and iOS devices. It could also be used on both Windows and Mac desktop computers. Video chatting could be done with up to twelve people simultaneously and you will be able to have a visual of four people at the same time on your screen during the OoVoo video chat. Some users find that the built-in recorder with OoVoo has its own limitations while others have complained that they do not find it inconvenient to use the screen recorder. They do find the need to record the OoVoo video call or make a video for their friends as a surprise.

Drabbacks of ooVoo Built-in Recorder

Despite the OoVoo video chat offering an in-built recording facility, it has been observed that while people planned to save a video call while chatting with their friends, the recorder crashed for no reason. Often, it happens when the Wi-Fi connectivity is weak and people fail to memorize those cherished moments. On other occasions, people have found it difficult to locate the recording files at a later date. There are occasions when message alerts have ended up breaking the video recording of an OoVoo chat. It is wiser to opt for standalone screen recorders when recording these chats as recommended after the jump.

Using Screen Recorder Online

free online screen recorder
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It is available free of charge. This is a strong tool for screen recording that allows its users to record allow activity on the OoVoo screen. This is an application which is web-based and it will not take up the space on your computer disk. When recording OoVoo chat, you have to launch the online app. Chat video of high quality could be saved.

When you visit the page of this free screen recorder, you have to click on `Start; the user interface will pop up after you initialize. You can preset the source for audio input by choosing from either `System Sound’ or `Microphone’. Once you select the mode, you can tap on the `Record’ button to record the OoVoo chat. It will record the targeted area, automatically. The default WMV format could be converted after the recording is over. And if you prefer, you may also convert videos to other media formats with ease.

Specific Solution for Mac - Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for mac
2 - 4 Mins
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It is a versatile tool for capturing screen or recording videos. It offers various features:

  • 1. You can capture the screen activity in real time. This tool could be utilized to do a screen recording along with the microphone sound or with webcam.
  • 2. Settings could also be customized as per the specific needs that you may have before capturing the OoVoo screen.
  • 3. And if you prefer, you may also include cursor effects into capture and to enhance your demonstration.
  • 4. Experienced users can adjust the resolution and frame rate for exporting recorded videos.
  • 5. Despite screencast, you can have a quick workaround for your screenshots. It could be done either with a single click or you could use the hotkey to launch multiple screenshots. These images could be saved directly as files or they could be pasted to the clipboard. They can also be touched up with the image editor.
  • 6. The app supports multiple output formats, including MP4, MOV and others for screencasts, and PNG/JPG for screenshots.

Brief User Guide

For using this tool, you have to click on the icon that looks like a camera on the menu and select from the snapshot or the screen recorder. Screenshots will be completed in one click. Screen recordings would require configuration with some additional settings like the audio and the cursor before you start the recording. When the recording is complete, you could find the media files easily in the output directory selected by you. These files could also be delivered through the internet, quite easily.

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