A Quick Guide for Users to Record on Surface Pro

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The Surface Pro Series is a hybrid tablet that is developed and manufactured by Microsoft. This is a 2-in-1 detachable device, it is a portable computer that contains features of both tablets and laptops. With Surface Pro, it allows users to play games, stream movies, edit video, record the screen activity. We all know that screen recording is one of the important things to share knowledge with others that you can use in different ways. Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to obtain videos or movies from the internet that is not available for downloading is through screen recording. Furthermore, you can also utilize screen recorder for creating video tutorials, business proposals, and more. There are a lot of screen recorders available. However, some of them don’t work with Surface Pro Series. In this article, we recommend the 3 reliable and best screen recorders for Surface Pro.

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Things to Consider to Avoid Mistakes Before Recording

In performing screen video recording, most people want to ensure that the output will possess the highest quality. Even if it is video tutorials, gameplay demos, or business promotions, here are some tips to have a smooth experience while screen recording on your Surface Pro. Read down below to have a piece of knowledge on how to avoid mistakes during the recording process.


  • Close Unnecessary Apps: Manage your apps to keep your Surface Pro clean. Just retain the apps you will be using during the recording process.
  • Check Your Mic: Make sure to have a narration test run on your microphone even your using the built-in mic or an external. So you can control the audio levels before screen recording.
  • Remember All your Passwords: Recognize all the passwords that you will be using before the screen recording process to make it more interesting. Or you may show the first character of your username and password then jump to the “Log-in” so the audience will get an idea.
  • Limit Background Noises: Check if there is unnecessary noise around you while recording. The best way to do it is to go to a quiet room and put a “Please Don’t Disturb” sign on your door, so people will know that you are recording.
  • Turn Off Notifications: Double check all the software installed and social media accounts in your Surface Pro before you start. To avoid recording unnecessary system sound of your devices.
  • Speak Clearly: You need to narrate it more clearly while recording so the audience will not be confused. Also, try to be more specific in giving information in every time you move the cursor so the presentation will be more interesting.
  • Always be Ready: Lastly, make sure that you are ready before recording the screen. If you are trying to create a video tutorial, write a script and practice it before starting to produce more professional video.
Xbox Game Bar

Using Surface Pro or any Windows comptuers that runs Windows 10 has a built-in application that allows users to capture and record any activity on your computer screen. This is called Xbox Game Bar, which is designed for screen recording while playing well-known games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and more on your computer. Furthermore, gamers may use this software for streaming or creating gameplay tutorials. In addition, the good thing with this is that you can monitor the performance of your CPU, particularly the GPU, RAM, and FPS of your computer. It also allows you to share your screenshots directly to your Twitter account. Moreover, you can also add useful hotkeys for screen recording to control and make the specific function more efficiently.

Step1 Launch Xbox Game Bar

To start, click the “Search” icon on the taskbar on your Surface Pro. From here, just type “Xbox Game Bar” to look directly for the application. Once done, click the application shown on the list of results to launch the tool and to access its main interface.

game bar interface

Step2 Record the Screen Activity

After launching the application, click the “Camera” icon on the Tool Bar of the application to preview the capturing toolbar of the application. From the capturing toolbar, click the “Record” icon to start the recording process.

record video

Step3 Save the Video Recording

Once done recording your computer screen, you may now click the blue “Stop” button on the recording toolbar. The screen recording will save directly to the output folder of the application. Or you may click the “Show all captures” button on the bottom part of the capturing toolbar.

save video recording

Price & System Requirements

  • Operating system must be Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher.
  • PC’s video card must support one of these encoders like Intel Quick Sync H.264, NVidia NVENC and AMD VCE.
  • Free for Windows Platform running Windows 10 operating system

What does it best for?

  • You can connect your Xbox Social to different social networks like Facebook, Steam, Twitch and more.
AceThinker Online Screen Recorder

AceThinker Online Screen Recorder is a web-based program that is capable of recording any activity on your computer screen. This tool can access from different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. With this screen recorder, it allows you to record full screen or specific region on your computer. You can select from different audio sources you want to record, like System Sound, Microphone, or both. During the recording process, it allows you to add a webcam to screencast. Furthermore, the recording toolbar of this online tool has an annotation tool. Where you can add important information using shapes, lines, text, and more. Read down below to have an idea on how to record videos on Surface Pro.

Step1 Launch AceThinker Online Screen Recorder

Launch any web browser using your Surface Pro to visit the official website of AceThinker Online Screen Recorder. From the webpage of the online app, click the “Start Recording” button to access the recording toolbar of the online tool.

tool webpage

Step2 Set up Online Screen Recorder

On the recording toolbar of the tool, click the “Three Dot” icon and select the “Options” button. From here, you can configure the video settings of the recording like Bitrate, Frame rate, select desired output format, and more. Once done, click the “Ok” button to save the changes.

set up

Step3 Record the Screen

Click the “Microphone” icon to select from different audio sources you want to record. Then click the “Dropdown” menu on the recording toolbar to select “Full Screen” to record the whole activity on your Surface Pro screen. You can click the “Rec” button on the left part of the recording toolbar and click the “Ok” button to the window that will appear to start the recording process.

record screen

Step4 Add Annotations

During the recording process, you can click the “Webcam” icon to add a webcam video on the screen. Or you may click the “Pen” icon on the right part of the toolbar to add important information in the form of shapes, text, and lines.

add annotations

Step5 Save the Recorded Video

Once done recording, click the “Stop” icon on the recording toolbar, and the recorded video will appear directly. From here, click the “Save” icon on the lower right corner to select “Save as Video File,” and click the “Open Folder” button on the window that will appear to open the file location of the video recording.

save the video recordings

Price & System Requirements

  • Available from different Windows and Mac platforms for free.

What does it best for?

  • Can save the recordings directly to different cloud storage like Google Drive and Dropbox or can upload directly to different video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best screen recorders for Surface Pro to record the screen more professionally. This desktop screen recorder is available from using different Mac OS and Windows platforms, especially to Surface Pro. You can record the entire activity of the screen easily by clicking the “Record” button on the main interface of the tool. Unlike any other screen recorder, this tool has distinctive features where you can record the screen even your not around. By just configuring the Task Scheduler window and click the “Create” button on the lower right part to save the task. In addition, using this tool allows you to edit the screen recording directly by just downloading the editing plug-ins of the tool.

Step1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Pro

First of all, click the “Download” button below that is built for a Windows operating system. Then, follow the guide on the installation wizard to save the software on your Surface Pro. Once done, launch it to access its main interface.

Try it for Free

Free Download

win xp win7810

Secure Download

Free Download

OS X 10.10

Secure Download

main interface

Step2 Set up Initial Recording Settings

The, you can click the “Menu” option located at the upper-right corner of the interface to choose the “Settings” button. From here, you can configure settings like the output format, output folder, video quality, and more. Once done, click “Ok” to save all the changes.

set up screen grabber pro

Step3 Record the Screen Activity

Before recording the screen, you can also choose other option of different audio sources by clicking the “Audio input” on the main interface of the tool. And then, you can click the “Record” button to expand the drop-down list of the recording mode of the tool. Once done, click the “Ok” button on the window to start the recording process.

start thet recording process

Step4 Insert Annotations

You can click the “Pen” icon shown on the recording toolbar, and a drawing toolbar will appear. From here, you can add shapes, texts, and lines to the recording instantly. Aside from annotations, you can also add a webcam to the recording by clicking the “Webcam” icon on the toolbar.

add annotations

Step5 Watch the Recorded Video

Once you are done recording, click the “Stop” button located at the recording toolbar. And the recording will save directly to the main interface of the tool. From the main interface, right-click the file name and select “Preview” to watch the recorded video.

watch video

Price & System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10 (64 bit OS recommended), Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.8 or later.
  • Pay for $29.95/year to unlock all the premium features of Screen Grabber Pro.

What does it best for?

  • It features a task schedule for you to record the activity of your computer screen even your not around.
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