How to Record Omegle Video Chat with Ease

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How to Record Omegle Video Chat with Ease

Chatting with strangers online sometimes can be quite fun and you may want to record the video chat so as to keep a copy of the memories when you have a random video chat on Omegle. Generally, Screen Grabber Pro is the best choice to record your computer screen activity, including the Omegle video chat in both Windows and Mac.

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Omegle has been nowadays a very popular website for video calling and chatting where it is possible for users to have a conversation with a real and full stranger person about any type of topic of the users’ choice without the need to sign up to the website. In this website the users are randomly meeting each other where they can have individual chat with each other with text or video, where even their names are not disclosed, just named as You and Stranger. It can be any sort of conversation, your need can emerge that you want to record Omegle in order to have a saving about the great conversation to read it back later-on and share the funny parts with your friends. Or maybe you just want to share a funny video chat with your friends. As it is not always an easy case to do, in this article you can find the best 3 screen capture programs that we put together for yout to help you record your Omegle chat meetings.

Best Omegle Recorder - Screen Grabber Pro

omegle recorder

The easiest way to capture Omegle chat is to use the Screen Grabber Pro program, which is compatible with Windows and Mac. This smart recorder enables you to select a particular region to record, capture the whole screen and even record from your webcam. Moreover, it lets you record Omegle video chat along with the sound from system and your microphone. By following the intuitive interface, you can get the Omegle video recording task done in clicks without any fuss. While the recording process is going on, you can even make basic editing like adding texts. Different output formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MOV, etc. are provided for your choice. All in all, it’s a convenient package that offers versatile capabilities for Omegle capturing and is recommended as the best option.

In order to use this program, you can have a look at the detailed guideline below:

Step1 Download and install the program

First of all you can download the program from the official website or directly from the link provided below this step. Afterwards, simply follow the installation wizard to set up the tool on your computer.

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Step2 Set the audio options

When you open up the interface of the tool, you are offered to choose from from multiple panels where you can select the the audio input tab where you need to include the microphone audio to be recorded in case you wish give comments by yourself during the screen capturing, while in case you wish to record only the ongoing music or voice which is coming from the ongoing activity on the screen, just select the system sound to be recorded.

omegle recording

Step3 Initiate the recording process

Once the audio input is adjusted to your needs, you can decide what section of the screen you would like to record within the Record tab of the interface. Here you are offered to choose from options such as capturing only a specific region of your screen with only including the video player’s window where you wish to record the video, or you can also choose to record the full screen with all the activities included that are being done on your screen.

record omegle video

Step4 Do the recording

When you are ready to start, click on the “Start” button to start the recording. During the recording you have the ability to do real-time annotation from the appearing toolbar. Afterwards, once you finalized your recording, click on the “Stop” button, so the video will be automatically prepared to be ready.

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Record Omegle with the Great Screencast-O-Matic

screen o matic

You can do Omegle recording with Screencast-O-Matic too. This easy-to-use program works both on Windows and Mac. It is free but contains limited options. Snatch the video, system audio. If you want to comprise the microphone’s sound, you should have a premium version. The program does not offer constructioning tools, options in a version, called cost-free.

Look at these steps to use the program easily.

Step1 Go to the website

First, look at the official website, then push the Start Recording button. Now the recording had started if the Omegle video session began.

Step2 Organize the recording

The program will asks to choose the area what you want to capture with dragging the selector’s shape. It will be done over Omegle, but you can develop it too. Now you can record the screen and the webcam in same time. When it is completed, push the “Done” button to save on your system for like hard drive or upload it to YouTube or just save it for

Capture Omegle Video Using Camtasia

mouse click recorder

Use the Camtasia app which contains more premium features. This is one of the best program to capture screens. You can choose the screen’s region or use different editing options. After you saved the screencast, you can save it to a cloud or just share it online, but remember, you must pay premium price for these opportunities. Use the free trial option – which get limited capabilities – if you record videos more professionally and often to deal which program is the best for you.

Look at these steps to know more about the operation of this device.

Step1 Take a look for the official website

First, visit the official site to access the program, then download it and install to launch the recording.

Step2 Record with the program

After you opened the program, you can choose the camera or audio options through a big picture on the toolbar. Push the REC button. Now your recording had started. When it finished, save to your system.


To sum up, the above 3 screen recorders can all help you record the conversations on Omegle as each of them can capture anything happening on your computer screen. If you want easy operation with versatile functions, Screen Grabber Pro will be the best choice. If you just need simple Omegle recording, you can try Screencast-O-Matic. If you’re a professional video maker and frequently record videos, then the last Camtasia is recommended.

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