How to Record Omegle Video Chat with Ease

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Omegle has been nowadays a very popular website for video calling and chatting where it is possible for users to have a conversation with a real and full stranger person about any type of topic of the users’ choice without the need to sign up to the website. In this website the users are randomly meeting each other where they can have individual chat with each other with text or video, where even their names are not disclosed, just named as You and Stranger. You may want to record Omegle chats in order to have a saving about the great conversation to read it back later-on and share the funny parts with your friends. Or maybe you just want to share a funny video chat with your friends. As it is not always an easy case to do, in this article you can find the best 3 screen capture programs that we put together for yout to help you record your Omegle chat meetings.

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How to Record Omegle Chats on Windows/Mac

The easiest way to capture Omegle chat is to use the Screen Grabber Pro program, which is compatible with Windows and Mac. This smart recorder enables you to select a particular region to record, capture the whole screen and even record from your webcam. Moreover, it lets you record Omegle video chat along with the sound from system and your microphone. By following the intuitive interface, you can get the Omegle video recording task done in clicks without any fuss. While the recording process is going on, you can even make basic editing like adding texts. Different output formats like AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MOV, etc. are provided for your choice. All in all, it’s a convenient package that offers versatile capabilities for Omegle capturing and is recommended as the best option. You can have a look at the detailed guideline below to use this Omegle video capture:

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Step1 Download and Install the Program

First of all, click the “Download” button provided above that suits your operating system. Once done, open it to start the installation wizard and follow its guide properly. After the installation, launch Screen Grabber Pro to access its main interface.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Set up Recording Mode

Before you engage with the Omegle chat, hit “Audio input” and make sure to select “System sound and microphone.” After that, click “Record” to choose whether you’ll record in full screen or a particular part of it. Once set-up, hit the “OK” button to continue.

sgp recording mode step2

Step3 Start Recording

A countdown will appear, signaling that it will start the recording. At this time, you may engage in an Omegle video chat, and it will be recorded. From here, you may also click the “Pen-like” found at the recording toolbar to access the annotation options. You can add texts, shapes, or objects while recording.

sgp record omegle step3

Step4 Save Recording

Once the video chat has ended, click the “Stop” button located at the recording toolbar to save it automatically. The main interface of the software will pop-up automatically, showing the saved file. Right-click the file name and choose “Preview” to watch it.

sgp save omegle step4

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How to Record Omegle Video Chat on Android

Looking for a recording app that is not too complicated but efficient? The AZ Recorder isn’t to difficult to set up and is one of the best Omegle captures. It doesn’t have any time limits nor does it have watermarks and is pretty easy to use and effective for its purpose. Once you download the app and launch it you will find a sequence of circles on the display. You will have certain options like screen recording, screenshot capture and screencast for live stream, etc.

How to Use AZ Screen Recorder

  • Install the application by launching the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “AZ Screen Recorder” from the search bar and then tap the app.
  • Tap the “Install” button from the app page to install it on the device.
  • Launch Omegle on the Android device and then launch AZ Screen Recorder. Tap the “Record” button to start the Omegle chat recording.
  • To end the recording, swipe down from the top part of the screen and from the notification panel, tap “Stop” recording to save the video.

az screen recorder-step1

How to Capture Omegle Video on iPhone/iPad

Recordit! is one of the few working iOS screen recorders. The tool is capable of recording not only Omegle, but also other iOS screen activities like games, and social media. The good thing about this tool, is that it is free to install from the App Store. Also, it provides clear videos every time you use it. However, the app only works for iOS version 11 and later. The tool also has a video editor feature that you can use to enhance your videos. Additionally, the tool can directly upload the videos that you recorded to YouTube with its 1-tap upload button. To learn how to use the tool, follow the user guide below.

User Guide

  • Launch the App Store and then search for “Recordit!” from the search panel.
  • Tap the “Get” button from the app page to install the application on your mobile.
  • To record the Omegle, launch the app and then from the main interface, tap the “Record” button to start the Omegle recording.
  • To end the recording process, simply tap the “Stop Recording” button and the video will be then saved on the iOS device.

recordit screen recorder


To sum up, the above 3 screen recorders can all help you record the conversations on Omegle as each of them can capture anything happening on your computer screen. If you want easy operation with versatile functions, Screen Grabber Pro will be the best choice. If you just need simple Omegle recording, you can try Screencast-O-Matic. If you’re a professional video maker and frequently record videos, then the last Camtasia is recommended.

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