How to Easily Record Mouse Movements

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How to Easily Record Mouse Movements

If you’re a game lover, there must be many cases when you want to record the mouse actions. There are many tools can help you do that and here 3 ones are listed. Among the 3, Screen Grabber Pro is the best. You can just click the button below to get Screen Grabber Pro to record the mouse movements with ease!

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“I really love playing games, and I find myself thinking about creating videos on how to beat certain parts of games, and sharing my achievements with my friends and viewers. When recording a video game, there are plenty of mouse movements that must also be captured. That’s why I want a tool to record mouse movements and play them back. I tried lots of different software for this, but they didn’t create good quality videos. Is there a reliable tool that can record mouse clicks and create satisfied videos?”

Are you facing the same situation and looking for a good mouse movement recorder? Here are the top 2 screen recorders for capturing mouse actions according to our experience. Just have a look at the brief review and get the most suitable choice for yourself.

Record Mouse Movements with Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best one-click recorders that allows for the capture of mouse activity and plays it back for you. By following the intuitive interface, you can quickly get all your recording tasks done within a few clicks. Here is a look at how to record mouse actions with it. Both the Windows and Mac version of this screen capture solution is provided for your ease.

mouse movement recorder

Step1 Download the Application

To start using the application, download the desktop version and install it on your computer. Use the shortcut button below.

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Step2 Configure the Settings

If you need to change the style of the mouse cursor, you can use the program and access it through the Setting menu. From there, just click on “Options” then “Recording”. From the “Recording” tab, you can see the “Mouse Style Settings” on the lower left corner of the app. You can also use the pop-up dialog box to adjust the size and color of the cursor hot spot. Left clicks are shown in red color by default, while right clicks are shown in blue. You have the option of changing these colors to suit your taste.

mouse style settings

Step3 Customize the Capture Region and Start Recording

Perhaps you’re interested in recording the mouse movement in a set area. If so you should click on “Record” and then use the drop-down menu to choose “Around Mouse”. There’s a range of different size frames including 480×360, 640×360, 1280×720, and more. So choose the right frame size for you. As you choose the size of the capture area, the recording will start.

capture region

Step4 Finish and Save the Recording

After the recording is finished, the completed video will be saved in the default folder. Just click on the video to open it up and play it back.

save file

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Mouse Recorder on Windows

Mouse recorder on Windows is capable of recording any mouse movements. It is not only a mouse recorder but also a keyboard recorder. It can also export automation scripts to PhraseExpress. Because of its simple interface, it is very convenient to use. Below is a simple guide on how to use the software.

mouse recorder

Step1 Download the Software

Download the application from Mouse Recorder. Then install it on your Windows computer.

Step2 Start Recording

Once the application is installed, press the red “Circle” icon to start the recording. The mouse movements, clicks and keyboard input will be recorded.

Step3 End the Recording

Press the “Stop” button to stop the recording. Afterward, you can edit the actions using the built-in macro editor of this app.

Step4 Preview the Recording

To preview the recorded file, just simply press the “Play” button. You can also adjust the speed of the mouse movement while having a playback.

mouse recorder steps

Using Automator on Mac

Since Mac computer has a built-in software like Automator, it is now easy to record and playback your actions using the mouse pointer. You can create some workflows for automating repetitive tasks faster and at ease. See the steps below to start using the software.

Step1 Launch the Program

Go to Spotlight menu or Applications Folder on the left corner of your Mac computer. Then search for the Automator.

spotlight menu

Step2 Make a New Workflow

To create a new Workflow, click the “Workflow” icon from the Access Menu.

new workflow

Step3 Start Recording

Once all is set, click the red “circle” button to start recording.

record button

Step4 Finish Recording

In the Automator HUD, click the “Stop” button to stop the process of recording when done.

hud button

Step5 Playback the Recorded Video

To have a preview of your recording, use the “Run” button.

playback recording


If you need a great screen recorder for capturing mouse movements, then you don’t need to go as far as the three recommended that work perfectly. However, the Mouse Recorder is only available on Windows and the Automator is only for Mac. In this case, Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro makes it easier for you. It is convenient to use since it is available on both Windows and Mac. It’s also very user-friendly, meaning even new users can get to grips with it easily.

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