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How to Record LoL Games Video

Last updated on January 14, 2019 by Cindy Smith

This article talks about the popular game League of Legends and tells many different ways to record LOL gameplay videos. Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best tools to record League of Legends gameplay. You can now click the button below to get a free trial version of it.

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One of the most played and loved games in the world is the LOL. The series is quite infectious with several gamers using any available opportunity to upload the videos of their gameplay on video sites like YouTube. Most gamers want to show off their achievements and progress to the rest of the world and get feedbacks, reviews, and comments about their respective videos. Newbies to the game or seasoned pros all want a simple and effective way to record their gameplay. Below is a list of three effective methods to record League of Legends.

Best No Lag Screen Recorder - Screen Grabber Pro

If you’d like to avoid having to go through that whole process each time you play and record LOL then we recommend you get the desktop program Screen Grabber Pro. It has a built-in task scheduler that lets you schedule and create a recording task based on what you need. After the task starts up the screen is recorded at the designated time and in the designated recording format. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best tools to choose when it comes to LOL gameplay recording with no lags. With Screen Grabber Pro you will be able to record audio comments during the gameplay. Feel free to choose from the capturing options that can be found in the easy-to-use interface, to adjust the recording to your needs. Besides recording audio, you may add texts, lines, callouts and more to edit the video real-time. For the resulting video, you may choose from many different formats including MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI, and FLV. Feel free to play the recording anytime you like and share it on your Youtube channel.

Here is a quick guide to using Screen Grabber Pro:

Step1 Download and setup Screen Grabber Pro

Click on the buttons below to start your Screen Grabber Pro download. Once it is downloaded the installation wizard will help you through the process.

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Step2 Give your settings preferences

When you have downloaded and installed the program you will get to the main interface via opening it. Multiple panels will appear where you can adjust the settings before starting recording your LOL gameplay session. Make sure you select the preferred audio at the “Audio Input” option in the dropdown menu. If you want to have the game sound effects recorded, simply select “system sound”. Another option is to record your own voice to comment your gameplay. When doing this, do not forget to choose “microphone audio”, otherwise your comments will not be heard in the final video.

configure setting

Step3 Start the recording process

Having set your audio preferences, the next thing you need to do is to choose which part of the screen you wish to record. With a LOL gameplay session it is probably the best option to select the complete screen. To do this, go to “Record” in the drop-down menu and define a screen area or choose the full-screen recording option.

customize region

Step4 Record your LOL gameplay

Check if everything is set then select the “Start” option in order to begin the recording. Feel free to add real-time comments to your gameplay with the help of Screen Grabber Pro pop-up toolbar during recording. Having captured the desired moves, you may stop recording by hitting “Stop”. Get back to your video anytime by going to “Play”.

annotate video

Record LOL Games with Free Online Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder Online is a great application you can use to record your entire screen. This tool is also able to record in HD quality which makes it a great way to record and showcase your LOL performances. There is also a quick editor built in to add annotations to your LOL video as you record it. The program also connects directly to YouTube to make for quick and efficient uploading when you’re done. Just follow our instructions below to record LOL gameplay using Free Online Screen Recorder.

Please see the guide below for using Free Online Screen Recorder:

Step1 Go to AceThinker Official

Once you are ready to record content, visit the app directly from below by clicking on the “Start” button. When you do this for the first time you will be asked to install a launcher to make this initial process smoother. Once done, it won’t ask you again in future.


Step2 Start the recording

Once started, you may drag a frame for recording window on your game. Simply choose how much of the screen you want to record; to get the best experience though you should always use the full-screen mode. Press “Rec” anytime you are ready to record.

start the recording

Step3 Complete your video

During the recording process, you will have a chance to add custom content: marks, arrows, and captions to personalize the video as you record and make it more attractive to your audience. Real-time sound recording and highlighting information may help you customize the video and provide an enhanced visual experience for the viewer. Whenever you are ready with the modifications, just hit the recording button once again to finish capturing. Here you have the chance to preview the video before saving it. You can save it in a range of different formats including seven video formats and as a GIF file. In a short time, the video will be waiting for you in your output folder.

step 4


Bandicam is another common tool for recording League of Legends gameplay that is well-known in the world of video game recording. Bandicam is equipped with advanced hardware accelerator and encoder it gives you the option of recording your whole screen including your sound in good quality. You can save the video in either AVI or MP4 format which makes it a great tool recording LOL games. Just follow the process below:

In case you would like to try Bandicam for recording your LOL gaming session, please refer to our guideline below:

Step1 Download Bandicam install file and set up the program

You may get Bandicam by clicking this link. After downloading you will have to proceed manually with the process of installation.

Step2 Pick your sound source

If you would like to record your LOL game sounds, make sure “Win8/Win7/Vista Sound (WASAPI)” is selected as “Primary Sound Device”. If this option and the microphone are simultaneously selected, you will get the sounds from both sources.

bandicam configure the audio source

Step3 Add your settings

Having picked the desired audio source you may proceed to video settings in order to adjust the resolution. To preset the quality of your captured gaming session, choose “Settings” that can be found under “Video” tab. Here you may not only adjust resolution but the format and bitrate of the resulting video clip.

video settings

Step4 Select a recording frame (if needed) for your LOL video

Bandicam allows you to select a recording frame for your video. It may happen that you only want to capture a certain part of you LOL gameplay. To do this, just adjust the edges of the recording window to the desired area.

chose the capture region

Step5 Start your LOL gameplay recording

To start sour LOL gameplay recording, simply click on “Rec” to begin. You can find “Rec” buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the interface or in the main interface of Bandicam.

start the recording

As you can see, Bandicam is an efficient tool for recording gameplay. The only thing to keep in mind is that the trial version places a 10 minutes time limit on recording. It’s great for short videos but for longer ones you’ll need the pro version.


The high-quality results and the highly interactive user interface has made Fraps a somewhat trustworthy game recorder over the years. The interface although limited in flexibility, allows users to capture their gameplay in real time. One of the telling features of the tool is the ability for users to select different audio recording device. Adjustments can be made to the frame rates between fps 25 to fps 120 to achieve smoother results.

distinctive features

The one downside is that there is no official forum for any assistance regarding Fraps, although users can get access to fan-made forums where meaningful discussions are held in regards to anything Fraps. To start recording with Fraps, just press the F9 key and begin your gameplay. When you are done, press the 69 keys again, and your video will be saved on your PC.


CamStudio is built explicitly so gamers can have an effective way to record their gaming activities. With a built-in friendly user interface along with easy to control settings, users will find Camstudio to be a winner got their gaming recording needs. The settings page can be customized to each users’ preferences, and also hotkeys can be assigned for easy navigation.

select recording area

CamStudio comes with a recording option of 60fps and 100fps. The 100fps comes in handy for users who want to record a slow-motion effect. Users also have the convenience of connecting to the software community.


Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) is an open source tool that can be accessed by anyone. It is a free service that provides live streaming and video recording. The tool works smoothly on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and the video generated is of top quality. There are a lot of features that come with the tool to help enhance the user experience and recording output. There are filters that help with colour correction, colour keying and also image masking application.

obs screen recorder step 4

Use a capture card to Record League of Legends

There are a couple of decent capture cards that can provide excellent solutions for fast game recording needs. Users can make custom settings, adjustments, and configuration choices to help make their recording and broadcasting process easy and straightforward.

a. Elgato Game Capture HD

Elgato provides the best choice to enjoy primary game capturing facilities. It offers smooth recording of the game screen and provides you with the option to save the recording for other purposes. Although the editing tools are a bit limited, they still provide you with a quick, easy export option. You can save your recordings with good sound and video quality in MP4 file extension.

game capture elgato

There is also a direct video upload function that connects users to iTunes, YouTube, and other video platforms. You can utilize Elgato on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360

b. Roxio Game Card

This capture card is specially designed, to capture video games. It is easy to use and produces great quality videos. The flexible design, along with essentials features like direct upload to the Internet, and easy settings, makes Roxio Game Capture and efficient capturing card. You can utilize it on PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. You can also use Roxio to capture video game on your PC. The only downside to this capturing tool is that it demands lots of storage space, other than that, it provides a high-quality video and audio recording for gamers.

Roxio game capture

c. AverMedia ExtremeCap

The only demerit of the Avermedia Extremecap is the fact that it doesn’t possess an HDMI pass through, the tool does a fantastic job of recording on your PC screen. The card easily integrates with windows and Mac giving users of these platforms a good gaming software for recording. Pro gamers will like this tool because of its high end streaming abilities.

game capture AveRmedia Extreme Cap

USB 3.0 port helps to support higher bit rates and fast data transfer. It comes with a convenient set of settings that make the tool suitable for beginners and seasoned pros.

Use the replay function to Record League of Legends:

  • Get your Replay downloaded from End off game screen or from Match history
  • Change to new replay mode as you watch your gameplay on current screen
  • Use the annotated timeline to search for the significant events: the list will include, kills, dragons as well as take down
  • Switch to built-in record feature to capture your gameplay
  • Each of your selected highlights will be saved on your hard drive as a webm extension, and then you can share on various social media platforms

Aver Media connect game capture cable


One clearly has a lot of products to choose from, once it comes to recording your LOL gameplay. However, it is recommended to do a little research before sticking with one of the most popular programs. Computer performance might be a defining power, among other features, that might give you a hint which tool to use. Choosing a product that is not fit for your system’s performance can cause lags that seriously ruin the visual experience of any gameplay video clip. Anyways, AceThinker, one of the best programs in its category, is always recommended as it is compatible with both high- and lower-performance systems. Try Ace Thinker now to enjoy a comfortable and easy recording with no lags.

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