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This article talks about the popular game League of Legends and tells many different ways to record LOL gameplay videos. Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best tools to record League of Legends gameplay. You can now click the button below to get a free trial version of it.

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One of the most played and loved games in the world is LOL. The series is quite infectious, with several gamers using any available opportunity to upload the videos of their gameplay on video sites like YouTube. Most players want to show off their achievements and progress to the rest of the world and get feedback, reviews, and comments about their videos. Newbies to the game or seasoned pros all want a simple and effective way to record their gameplay. Below is a list of three effective methods to record the League of Legends.

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LoL Built-in Recorder

One of the best methods to record League of Legends gameplay is to use its built-in replay function. A unique thing on using this recorder is that users would not need to adjust any settings before they record the game. After playing the game, users will only need to access the replay button. Regarding this, users can choose from different points of view of each champion or freely roam to the recorded file. However, this tool lacks other functions like adding annotation, which is an essential feature for a screen recorder. Still, this would be a great alternative and one of the most natural ways since users would not need to download other apps. Also, the game is being recorded while you are playing it.

record lol

User Guide:

  • Play any match mode available until you finish a game.
  • After the match ended, hit the “Download” button found at the top-right corner of the screen next to “Advanced Options.”
  • Wait for a few minutes and let the tool download the recorded game. To play the video, go to your local file storage and find the “League of Legends Highlights” folder wherein you installed the game on your computer.
Best No Lag Screen Recorder – Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro features a built-in task scheduler that lets you schedule and creates a recording task based on what you need. After the job starts up, the screen is recorded at the designated time and in the selected recording format. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best tools to choose when it comes to LOL gameplay recording with no lags. With Screen Grabber Pro, you will be able to record audio comments during the gameplay. Feel free to choose from the capturing options that can be found in the easy-to-use interface to adjust the recording to your needs. Besides recording audio, you may add texts, lines, callouts, and more to edit the video in real-time. For the resulting video, you may choose from many different formats, including MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI, and FLV.

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Step1 Download and Install the Program

Click one of the buttons above to start downloading the software on your computer. Once it is downloaded, follow the installation wizard, then launch it afterward.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Configure Settings

Next, click the “Menu” option located at the top-right portion of the interface. Select “Settings” from the list of options, and a window will appear. From here, you can adjust some settings like the output format, output folder, and more. Click “OK” to save all the changes made.

set up sgp

Step3 Record LoL Gameplay

After you saved the settings, hit “Audio Input” and make sure that “System Sound” is selected to capture the background music. Then, click the “Region” to choose which recording mode you prefer. For this instance, it is recommended to choose “Full Screen” since an LoL gameplay will usually occupy your entire screen. Once set-up, click “OK” to start recording. If you want to add a webcam window while recording, click the “Webcam” icon which is also located at the recording toolbar. Using this, it will record the LoL gameplay alongside with the scene captured in the webcam simultaneously.

start recording

Step4 Add Annotations

While playing the game, you can also insert annotations into it, which will show on the recorded video. Click the “Pen-like” icon from the recording toolbar, and a drawing toolbar will appear, allowing you to add texts, lines, shapes, and more in real-time.

insert annotations

Step5 Save the Recorded Gameplay

Once the game is finished, go to the recording toolbar of Screen Grabber Pro and click the “Stop” button from here. After that, the main interface of the software will pop up. Right-click the file name and select “Preview” to play the recording. You could also right-click the file and choose “Open Folder” and it will launch the output folder wherein the recorded video is saved.

play the lol recording

Record LOL Games with Free Online Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder Online is a great application you can use to record your entire screen. This tool is also able to record in HD quality, which makes it a great way to record and showcase your LOL performances. There is also a quick editor built in to add annotations to your LOL video as you record it. The program also connects directly to YouTube to make for fast and efficient uploading when you’re done. Just follow our instructions below to record LOL gameplay using Free Online Screen Recorder. Please see the guide below for using Free Online Screen Recorder:

Step1 Launch the Online Recorder

Open the LoL game for the meantime and let it load properly. Then, open your browser to go to the official website of Free Online Screen Recorder. From the page, click the “Start Recording” button to access the main interface of the tool. For future use, it is recommended to bookmark the page to access it quickly.

access website

Step2 Start the Recording

For LoL Gameplay, it would be better to do large scale recording or full-screen to capture most of the action. Drag the frame that would fit perfectly for the content you want to record. Once set up, click the “Rec” button to start the process. While on it, you can add objects, shapes, and texts by clicking the Pencil-like button.

record lol gameplay

Step3 Save the Recording

Once the game is done or you are satisfied with the recording, click the “Stop” button. Here you have the chance to preview the video before saving it. You can save it in a range of different formats, including seven video formats and as a GIF file. In a short time, the video will be waiting for you in your output folder.

save lol recording


Bandicam is another standard tool for recording the League of Legends gameplay that is well-known in the world of video game recording. Bandicam is equipped with an advanced hardware accelerator and encoder; it gives you the option of recording your whole screen, including your sound in good quality. You can save the video in either AVI or MP4 format, which makes it a great tool recording LOL games. In case you would like to try Bandicam for recording your LOL gaming session, please refer to our guideline below:

video settings

How to Use Bandicam

  • You may get Bandicam by clicking this link. After downloading you will have to proceed manually with the process of installation.
  • If you would like to record your LOL game sounds, make sure “Win8/Win7/Vista Sound (WASAPI)” is selected as “Primary Sound Device”.
  • If this option and the microphone are simultaneously selected, you will get the sounds from both sources. Having picked the desired audio source you may proceed to video settings in order to adjust the resolution.
  • To preset the quality of your captured gaming session, choose “Settings” that can be found under “Video” tab. Here you may not only adjust resolution but the format and bitrate of the resulting video clip.
  • Bandicam allows you to select a recording frame for your video. It may happen that you only want to capture a certain part of you LOL gameplay.
  • To do this, just adjust the edges of the recording window to the desired area.
  • To start sour LOL gameplay recording, simply click on “Rec” to begin. You can find “Rec” buttons in the upper right-hand corner of the interface or in the main interface of Bandicam.

start the recording

Note: As you can see, Bandicam is an efficient tool for recording gameplay. The only thing to keep in mind is that the trial version places a 10 minutes time limit on recording. It’s great for short videos but for longer ones you’ll need the pro version.


Open Broadcaster Studio (OBS) is an open-source tool that can be accessed by anyone. It is a free service that provides live streaming and video recording. The tool works smoothly on Mac, Linux, and Windows, and the video generated is of top quality. There are a lot of features that come with the tool to help enhance the user experience and recording output. Some filters help with color correction, color keying, and also image masking application.

obs screen recorder step 4


One has a lot of products to choose from, once it comes to recording your LOL gameplay. However, it is recommended to do a little research before sticking with one of the most popular programs. Computer performance might be a defining power, among other features, that might give you a hint which tool to use. Choosing a product that is not fit for your system’s performance can cause lags that severely ruin the visual experience of any gameplay video clip. Anyways, AceThinker, one of the best programs in its category, is always recommended as it is compatible with both high- and lower-performance systems. Try Ace Thinker now to enjoy a comfortable and natural recording with no lags.

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