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In terms of online gaming the two biggest players in the game are World of Warcraft (WoW) and League of Legends (LoL). YouTube is packed full of videos of people playing LoL and showcasing their incredible skills and tricks. These videos have LoL fans chomping at the bit to see and learn more. It sounds great to bring in so many fans with gameplay videos but too many games are unaware of how to record LoL games. We’ve got three solutions that present the best tools for recording League of Legends gameplay.

Record LoL Games with Free Online Screen Recorder

Free Online Screen recorder is a great application you can use to record your entire screen. This tool is also able to record in HD quality which makes it a great way to record and showcase your LoL performances. There is also a quick editor built in to add annotations to your LoL video as you record it. The program also connects directly with YouTube to make for quick and efficient uploading when you’re done. Just follow our instructions below to record LoL gameplay using Free Online Screen Recorder.

  • 1. Open up the website and click the “Start Recording” button to get started. When you do this for the first time you will be asked to install a launcher to make this initial process smoother
  • 2. After you do this you have the chance to customise the hotkeys and recording options through the options menu. Then you need to choose the audio input between system sound, microphone, or both, depending on what you want to record
  • 3. Then you choose how much of the screen you want to record; to get the best experience though you should always use the full screen mode
  • 4. After you’ve finished all this load up the game and click REC to start recording
  • 5. You can add marks, arrows, and captions to personalise the video as you record and make it more attractive to your audience
  • 6. You can use the pause button to pause or stop recording. If there’s no problem then click the tick to go to the next step
  • 7. Here you have the chance to preview the video before saving it. You can save it in a range of different formats including seven video formats and as a GIF file
  • 8. Wait a moment for the video to process and it will be waiting for you in your output folder


If you’d like to avoid having to go through that whole process each time you play and record LoL then we recommend you get the desktop program – Screen Grabber Pro. It has a built in task scheduler that lets you schedule and create a recording task based on what you need. After the task starts up the screen is recorded at the designated time and in the designated recording format.

While recording the pro version features a more in-depth editing suite than the basic version. There are more methods for recording and you can even take a screenshot. You can use the video editor to chop up and merge the videos, apply image effects, and convert the video into a different format. Click the button below to download Screen Grabber Pro and see what you can do.

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Record League of Legends Using Bandicam

Bandicam is another common tool for recording League of Legends gameplay that is well-known in the world of video game recording. Bandicam is equipped with advanced hardware accelerator and encoder it gives you the option of recording your whole screen including your sound in good quality. You can save the video in either AVI or MP4 format which makes it a great tool recording LoL games. Just follow the process below:

  • 1. Launch Bandicam and adjust the settings to your preference
  • 2. Use the Record Settings to choose the audio input and recording frame
  • 3. Press the Record button to start recording
  • 4. Press the Stop button to finish recording

Bandicam is an efficient tool to recording gameplay. The only thing to keep in mind is that the trial version places a 10 minute time limit on recording. It’s great for short videos but for longer ones you’ll need the pro version.

Record LoL Matches via Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a screen and webcam recording application you can use to create MP4, FLV and AVI video files. Of course you can also use it to record your League of Legends gameplay. It features a built-in YouTube publisher to make it easy for you to upload your video to YouTube and show it to the world. It also enables you to record your screen to a GIF format that you can use for sharing on instant messenger programs. Here’s how to use Screenshot-O-Matic.

Start out by launching the program and you’ll be presented with some tips and tricks for using it. Then you need to choose the audio input. Click the Record button to start recording and press Stop when you’ve finished. Now you need to publish the video and choose which format it will be published in. You can also choose Publish to YouTube to have it published for you when done.

The downside is that you will need to pay to remove the 15-minute recording limit and watermark.

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