Recording Live Streams in 2020

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It’s hard to find someone in the online gaming community today that isn’t a streamer. Such streamers use online platforms to stream their content, and viewers are free to access those platforms. The videos being broadcast are of the highest quality, giving you a decent Internet connection halfway through. These sites also allow you to comment or start an open room chat with other users, subscribe to your favorite creators, and even make your own content. Most corporations have begun streaming their meetings live so that consumers or workers in other parts of the world can get together to see the presentations. You can also use the apps to stream live TV shows directly on your cell phones and laptops. Live streaming services have taken the internet by a storm allowing users to access entertainment most conveniently and affordably possible. They allow you to access content ranging from gameplays, cooking shows, podcasts, etc. the possibilities are endless. The most widely used platforms are Twitch, Vimeo, Youtube, Hulu.

Now let’s assume you’ve seen a live cooking show streaming and you want to save this later for reference or you’re at a business meeting that’s taking place on a live stream and you want to record it for the future, well you can’t do that through streaming sites as they just don’t support this feature yet but don’t worry as this article gives you a few ways to get around. The listed methods will allow you to screen record the streams and save them into your desktop to review later on.

Choosing a good screen recorder is imperative as there are many recorders out there with the free or premium version. But be cautious as some of them might contain spam or be programmed to destroy your device by deleting files, file deletion, or hard drive reformatting.

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Screen Grabber Pro by AceThinker – Simple and Efficient

For all your desktop browser needs, this screen recorder helps you capture everything that happens on your web browser, and by default, it enables you to record any live stream that takes place. This application lets you edit your captured screen recording as well as upload it to the cloud. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro provides you with features unlike any other, and this is the reason its number one on this list. The following steps will guide you through the process of screen recording using the Screen Grabber Pro.

Step1 Download and install the software

Clicking the link below will guide you to the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro website where you will find a brief introduction and a download button to this program. You will begin the installation process by clicking on it. Follow the steps and you will have it running on your desktop.

Step2 Start recording

Once you have finished successfully installing the software, launch and you will see an interface like this:


2.1: Choose the stream you wish to record, launch the application and click on record. On clicking record you get a drop-down option that allows you to choose what portion of the screen you wish to record, either full screen, a selected portion or around the cursor. Also, you can choose to record audio-only and select whether or not add webcam.


2.2. Once you click on record, a pop up will ask you, “are you ready” click “ok” and begin recording, and a 3-second timer will begin after which the screen recording will begin.


2.3. At the bottom of your screen you will see a toolbar which provides you with a variety of options such as Play/pause recording, Stop recording, Add annotations, Add webcam, and Increase or decrease volume.


Step3 Save the recorded videos

Once you have stopped your recording by clicking on the “Stop” button, a window will open with the recording saved as:


By right-clicking the recorded video you get a drop-down of a few features such as Previewing the video, Editing the video, Uploading the videos, Deleting, and Renaming.


On clicking “Open Folder”, a folder in your desktop will open up wherein all your screen recordings will be saved by default.

Step4 Converting and Editing

By right clicking the video file you will see an option called edit that re-directs you to a separate window like this:


Click on the scissor icon on the video tab that will take you to a window like:


The video will be played back to you and one the top right side you will see options that allow you to Crop the video, change aspect ratio and rotate the video, Change saturation, brightness, volume, contrast, and speed of the video. Also, you also have the option of adding subtitles to the video, and you can also add a watermark to the video.


Once you have finalized your changes, you can click on convert and the file will be converted and saved into your desktop.

Features: This recorder’s outstanding attribute is it’s one of a kind of features not found in most that recorders. Available options are:

  • Audio input: This feature allows you add your own audio recording device or use the built-in microphone of the device you’re using.
  • It allows you to take screenshots.
  • One main feature offered by this software and no other is the ability to “Schedule” your recording for a time most convenient to you.

To use this feature follow the listed out steps:

  • On the top toolbar you will see “Task Schedule.”
  • By clicking it you will be directed to a window that looks like this.
  • You can now perform the following tasks: Choose whether or not to trigger this feature daily or only for a particular date. You can then set the time and date of when you want to perform the screen recording. You can set an end time to the recording. You can choose which portion of the screen to record and whether or not to include webcam footage as well.


Finally, you get to choose whether or not to shut down the PC once you are done with the scheduled recording.


Once all of the necessary parameters have been set, you can now click “OK” and the window will close. The recording will now take place at the time specified, and the recording will be saved to your desktop folder. This feature comes in handy when you are not physically present to record your desktop, you can opt to use this feature. Let’s say you wish to record a lecture from an online course, just set the “Schedule Recorder” to the time of the lecture and the software takes care of the rest.

ScreenRec – Unpretentious and Easy to Use

ScreenRec is a free to use screen recorder is perfect for your live stream recording needs. It allows you to record your live streams with no recording limits. It has a simple but intuitive user interface that will make screen recording as simple as it should be. It works just like any other screen recorder, once you download it, select the area of the screen you wish to record and hit the record button. It will keep recording everything on your computer until you want the recording to end. The saved video will be present on your computer at the location of the file you have selected. The distinctive feature of this app is that you can annotate, edit, and share the recording with friends. It makes ScreenRec a must-have device for your critical screen recording requirements.



  • Annotations can be made on your recordings
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Video can be shared through social media
  • Limitless recording capabilities
  • No spyware or ADs


  • Video editing is limited
Record It! – Best screen recorder for iOS

Start recording live stream videos on your iOS device using the Record It! app. Just one tap on your iOS device, this tool can record full-screen videos easily. You also use this app to record games, apps, video tutorials, and anything that appears on your phone screen. In fact, Record It allows you to add FaceCam Reaction to your recordings, and it lets you personalize your reaction by setting the shape, position, and size. Besides, you can record audio only to use it as a commentary for your videos. Another good thing about this tool is it enables you to trim your footage, add video filters, adjust playback speed, change the canvas, and background color. Adding reactions to your videos with Record It is a lot of fun than just recording it.



  • Editing recorded videos is possible with this app
  • It can record videos with few simple clicks


  • You need to pay first before you can save recordings
RecMe – Use the screen recorder for Android

RecMe is one of the screen recorders on Android devices that can record live stream videos in HD quality. This app can record without any time limit, no watermark, and works with an unrooted device. Besides, RecMe can record videos along with internal audio, microphone, or both to record. It can also display front or back camera overlay to your screen while recording with its PRO version. RecMe allows you to choose the video format to MP4 or MKV when you are saving the recording. You can also Pause and Resume the recording. With its aesthetic User Interface, the live recording stream will be much more relaxed with RecMe.



  • Improved audio/video synchronization
  • It records live stream videos on Android phones without lag


  • Ads appearing when recording videos
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