How to Record Live Streaming Video with Ease

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record live streaming video

Live stream video is the video and audio content broadcast in real-time on the Internet. With the development of streaming technology, now live streams have become quite common. You can enjoy live TV shows, educational tutorials, special events, game matches, episodes, broadcasts and more online at leisure. However, sometimes you may miss some live events due to your busy schedule. Or you want to save the video to local disk either for preservation, sharing or watching later any time you like without the Internet connection. Unfortunately, almost all the live streaming videos are not available to download or purchase, making it difficult to capture streaming videos. The good news is that you can still make use of recording programs to record streaming video so as to save it to your hard drive. Here we will shows you how to record live streaming video in different methods.

Record Live Streaming Video with Screen Grabber Pro

There are numerous live stream recorders that can help you achieve the live video recording task. However, some of them make it a little tricky to operate. Here AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is considered as the best live stream recorder that allows you to capture and save live streams from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon on Demand and more easily. Simply download and install the program on your computer (both Windows and Mac version are available), then follow the steps below to record live stream with no hassles.

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1. How to Record Live Stream Easily and Effectively

Step1 Configure the recording settings

To start recording, run Screen Grabber Pro and choose the recording mode, audio input, output format, etc. As you see, different recording modes are provided. Here Region is recommended as the way to capture video streams since you can drag & drop to record the exact area you need. If your Internet is quite stable, you can turn the media player into full screen mode and choose Full Screen recording to record online videos.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

Step2 Record live video stream

Now, play the live streaming video you want to record and click the Start button on the top menu to initialize the recording. This live stream recorder will start recording the screen in the specified area immediately.

recording screen

As you may notice, some editing features are provided during the recording process. You can click the pen icon on the right-end to expand a list of editing functions. You can add rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, texts, highlights and many more to make the recording more vivid.

Step3 Finish and Save recording

When the recording work is done, you can click the Stop button to finish the video recording. Once published, the video will be loaded to the task list on the main interface. And you’re free to play, upload, locate the file and more.

finish recording screen

2. Record Live Streaming Video Automatically

It’s to be noted that Screen Grabber Pro gives you the ability to schedule recording, which means that you don’t have to stay in front of the computer to wait for the live broadcast begins. This function is quite useful for recording live streaming videos when you’re away. You can simply create a scheduled recording task ahead and then leave your computer, letting it record the video you need automatically.

  • 1. Run the program, navigate to Settings and click Task Scheduler.
  • 2. On the Task Scheduler window, create your task and set the time point when the recording starts. Also adjust the recording duration and set the stop time.
  • 3. Select the recording mode (full screen or custom area) and click Create > OK to finish the schedule settings.

configure date of task scheduler

You can then leave your computer and let the software record live shows, webinars, movies, etc. when you stay away from your computer.

Record Live Stream Using Free Screen Recorders

To record live video stream for free, the top choice can be CamStudio – a screen recording tool from TechSmith. It’s designed with the ability to record anything that is shown on your screen so that you can record any streaming video, TV Series, episodes. Just keep the live streaming video playing and you will get exactly the content you want. Regional and full-screen recording modes are provided for convenient screencast making. You can also adjust the frame rate, resolution, sound volume and others to achieve the best results. In addition, it records camera as well, meaning that you can easily add your demonstration to the video for explaining things being recorded. But for this free tool, the interface is a little obsolete and real-time editing functions are not available.

Capture Streaming Videos via Online Live Stream Recorder

Another alternative to capture live streaming video is to use a free screen recorder that allows you to record what display on your computer. It doesn’t require any installation of Java Applet only that you will need to install a launcher if you’re using it for the first time. What you need to do is to click the Start Recording button, choose the recording mode and start recording the live videos. You can not only record video and audio simultaneously with this free tool, but also add webcam in your recording in case you’re creating videos for instruction. In addition, some editing features, including annotating the videos with line, callouts, texts, highlights, etc., are provided to meet your editing needs during the recording process.


As there are many workable live stream video recorders, saving streaming videos from most popular video sharing sites will no more be a problem. You can just choose one you like for your video streaming online. When you are recording streaming media, just be aware that some streamed content is copyrighted, which means that the recording may violate the copyright laws. So it’s recommended that you only record non-copyright material.

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