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Along with the release of personal PC, laptop was considered one of the premium options for those who wanted to compute on the go. It now has developed a great variety of brands and most computer manufacturers now produce laptops. Still, if you wish to record your screen for sharing with others efficiently, it may not give you best options without deep research. Luckily, there are other programs that can help.

Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows
2 - 4 Mins

This powerful screen capturing program not only lets you create videos on desktop and laptop computers, but it also provides the function to schedule screencasts. It might be considered for user-friendly than the above option because you do not need the Internet to make your screencast. It enjoys full compatibility with every version from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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Step 1. To create a screen video on your laptop, just follow these simple directions:

Step 2 . Download the Screen Recorder Pro software and install it on your tablet or computer. Then, open it up to use it right away. Click on "Options" to tweak the settings for your finished project. The "Audio Input" selection allows you to choose both sounds from your machine and an external microphone or one on its own.

Step 3 . Click on "Start" and select the screen region you want to record or choose full-screen to capture the whole thing.


Step 4 . Once all settings are complete, click on the "OK" button. This will begin the screen capturing process, during which you can add annotations and basic graphics as needed.


Step 5 . The "Stop" button should be used when you are done with the entire screencast. The file will save automatically to the location you specified earlier. You could also right-click on recorded file in the task list and then select "Play" or "Open Folder" to access it.

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This high-quality program allows you to do so much more than simply capture your laptop screen in video format. It also supports WebCam usage, powerful screenshot options, editing capabilities, text and graphic additions to existing projects and the ability to crop and merge video files.

Free Screen Recorder

camstudio interface
2 Mins
Very Easy

The Free Online Screen Recorder app provides a secure and always free method of capturing screencasts and other recordings on your computer or tablet. There are no compatibility issues with Win or Mac as it’s an Internet-based program. With it, you can create attractive and professional videos, capture movies that do not have download options and create your own presentations, tutorials and screen-based film clips.

This online app does require the download of a very small and secure launcher program the first time you use it. Follow these steps to complete the process successfully.

Step 1. Navigate to the Free Online Screen Recorder application website.

Step 2. Click on the "Start Recording" button.

Step 3. Locate the Options Menu to choose file format, hotkeys and other settings.

Step 4. Select which type of audio input you will use to record your screencast.

Step 5. Choose full screen or a particular region to film.

Step 6. After all options are complete, click on the "REC" button to begin without delay. While this process continues, add annotations, small graphics such as arrows and lines and even charts to provide more information to future audiences.

Online Recorder Processing

Step 7 . When you are done making the video, press the "Pause" button and then finalize the project. If you are satisfied with the screencast you made, click on the check mark. If not, click the cross and redo the entire process.

Step 8 . Before saving in one of the seven file formats or as a GIF, preview the video to make sure it is exactly as you want it. Then, save on your hard drive, external storage or to the cloud.

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