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Optimal Ways to Record HBO GO Video

Last updated on January 14, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

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Optimal Ways to Record HBO GO Video

Everybody loves HBO GO and enjoy the movies, TV shows, etc. on it. However, HBO GO doesn’t offer a way for you to enjoy the media when you don’t have the Internet connection. If you want to record HBO GO movies and series for offline viewing, you can get Screen Grabber Pro to get the task done in clicks.

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record hbo goHBO Go is one of the most popular TV platforms out there and is the authentic streaming service that customers of HBO can get free of cost. It lets you access all of the programs, movies, sports and a lot more that is there on the HBO channel. You can access HBO Go on a range of devices, including TiVo, Apple TV, Roku and a lot more. However, it only offers online streaming service and there is no official way to save the video files for enjoying at your leisure time. If you want to download and watch those fancy HBO GO videos offline, you can record HBO GO using a screen recorder. Have a look at the top 4 screen recording software for HBO GO recording here.

Record HBO GO Video with Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows

I have tried many apps to record HBO GO video, and Screen Grabber Pro is my favourite choice to do the job. It’s a simple screen recording software that can capture anything on your computer screen such as the sound, annotations, webcam, activates and more. With Acethinker, you can record the full screen or capture a specific region with just one click. More than a video recorder, you can also take screenshots with Acethinker easily.

This screen recording program has a built-in a scheduler manager, so you can record HBO GO video at any time you want. Once you schedule the recording to a specific time, it will run automatically to record the screen, so you can go away to enjoy a coffee and let it record HBO GO video for you. It’s available for both Windows and Mac. And I will take the windows version as sample to show you how to record HBO GO video. Here are the steps in detail.

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Step1 Choose Recording Settings

Download Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro, double click on the icon to run the installation. Afterwards it is ready, launch the program and open the Options menu in Settings to confirm the general settings like the output format and folder, hotkeys for recording, the style of the mouse cursor, etc. Also choose the recording mode an audio input source that works for you.

configure audio settings

Step2 Record HBO GO Video

Open the HBO GO video you want to record, and start playing the video. Now it’s time to click on the Start button to the left of the interface to begin recording. You are able to pause and resume the recording any time you want. You even have the option of creating picture-in-picture effects by inserting video from your webcam.

Step3 Stop and Save the Recording

After you finish recording, just end it by clicking on the red Stop button. The program will then start processing and publishing the video. Your video will show up in the main interface after this. You are able to play, rename, locate, and do more to the file from here.

If you need to schedule the recording,  click on the Settings and go to the Task Scheduler. In this panel, you can set the schedule task. Enter the task name, start time, length, stop time and select a capturing mode. Furthermore, Acethinker comes with a simple video editor that can help you combine all the recorded video clips into one single video, as well as add watermark or video effects.

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Free Online Screen Recorder

free screen recorder

Free Online Screen Recorder is a web-based free screen recording tool that you can use on its webpage directly. This device can record any portion of the screen. Also, it can equally record the sound system. Furthermore, in this free device, there is no video recording time limit, which means that you are able to record fancy HBO Go movies as long as you wish to. Follow the steps below to make use of this app.

Step1 Activate the App and Choose the Settings

Visit the page of the website that contains this HBO Go video recorder. Click on the button for Start Recording and launch the application (For the first-time visit; you will be required to download a simple launcher to make the tool active. Go ahead and download it and then install it on your PC.) Next, open up the options menu and preset the hotkeys for instant recording and some other adjustable settings such as the output formats. At the same time, open the audio input menu drop-down and select to record system sound.

configure settings for recording

Step2 Start Recording Video from HBO Go

Go to HBO Go site and watch your favorite show online. After that, drag the rectangular window to customize the recording area. Or you can choose to record the full screen. Then click on REC to begin the recording.

Step3 Save the Captured Video

When the video is over, just click on the pause button to stop recording and check the tick icon to go ahead. Preview the video effect and if it’s OK, simply click the button on the lower right corner to save it as a video file.



Another screen recorder which can be used for recording HBO Go streaming is Bandicam. Just like the first 2 options, this tool does not have a time limit in recording video either. It can also record both video and audio track at the same time. However, this tool does not have task scheduler which means you have to wait for the show to begin and to record it on your computer in a timely manner. Moreover, the video will be published with obvious watermark at the top centre.

  • Download it in the Bandicam page. Install and run it on your computer.
  • The moment you launched it, open the HBO Go application you need to record and configure the hotkeys as well as the output format.
  • Click on the button “Record” on the interface of the tool. Afterwards you can simply let the program do the process while it’s recording and you can go ahead.
  • Go back once you feel that it has finished and then click on Stop to end the recording.

Record Video from HBO GO Using Ezvid Screen Recorder

ezid free recorder

Another way you can record your favourite shows from the HBO Go website is Ezvid. This easy to use and fast screen recording application will capture whatever is being played on your screen without any issues. Ezvid works with all Windows versions from XP SP3 and above. Since it records the content on your Laptop/PC’s screen, there are no hassles regarding the compatibility to any file or website. However, it is not just a software for recording your favourite HBO Go shows. It is a powerful video editor as well, which comes with a range of other features and effects that you can make use of.

Using Ezvid is one of the simplest and most effective things you can do. It makes use of your computer’s power for delivering sharp and high-res videos of whatever is there on your screen. Once it has recorded them, it gives you the options of editing the videos, modifying their speed, adding texts or doing much more. Unlike other software solutions that work with videos, Ezvid is capable of delivering results in minutes, and not hours.

  • Go to the Ezvid website to download and install the program on your PC.
  • After completion of the installation process, double-click on the Ezvid icon to start the software.
  • Now play the HBO Go video/movie you want to record and click the Capture Screen icon on the main interface to start recording your screen.
  • Press Stop to end the recording and the program will start to process the video.


Streaming a live show is hassle– especially for the regular viewers. HBO Go did not let you record its shows until now, but that is only because you were not aware of the correct way to do so. Now, with two of the best techniques for recording HBO Go in your mind, you should be able to get your HBO Go shows with you without any hassle!

If any good way to capture and save HBO go videos are not mentioned here, you can let me know by leaving a comment below. I will check and add the solution if it’s indeed a great one. Thank you!

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