How to Record Google Hangout Video on Windows/Mac

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Google Hangout is an excellent service for launching one-on-one or group conversations like video chats, online meetings, learning courses, etc. Sometimes you may want to save the happy moments or essential info from the Google Hangout video calls for sharing or future use. However, Google Hangouts itself doesn’t offer a built-in option to record the video. Luckily, many third-party video recorders can help you record Google Hangout video easily with high quality. If you’re trying to figure out the easy way to record Hangouts calls, don’t miss this article about the best 7 options for recording Google Hangouts sessions.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber proThe other recommended Google Hangout video recorder is Screen Grabber Pro, a desktop recorder that enables you to record any activity happening on your computer screen. You can capture video and audio simultaneously in different recording modes like full screen, region, webcam, around the mouse, etc. Real-time editing functions and versatile output formats are also available. Compared with the free online recorder, this software comes with a task scheduler that allows you to preset the start time of the recording duration. It means that you can record your computer screen even when you’re not in front of the computer. This function is quite useful to record Hangouts video call when you’re busy doing other things.

Both the Windows and Mac versions are provided. Now you can click the button below to get the right version according to the operating system and then follow the steps below to record Hangouts video call with ease.

Try It Free

Step1 Customize the Recording Settings

After the program has been downloaded, double-click it, and follow the wizard to install it on your computer. Before start recording the Hangouts session, you can first configure the settings by clicking Tools > Options to set the keyboard shortcuts, output format, frame rate, etc. Meanwhile, click Audio Input on the main interface to set the audio input source correctly. After that, select Region from Start and drag to choose the exact area you wish to record, and a countdown will start before the recording begins.

set up sgp

Step2 Start Recording Google Hangout Video

Now you start the Hangout call and capture it. Editing is possible on a real-time basis during the recording process. You can insert circles, arrows, texts, etc. to annotate the video instantly if needed. You can also pause and resume the recording to ignore the parts you don’t need.

audio settings

Step3 Stop and Save the Screencast

When you’re happy with the recording, click Stop to end it. The video recording will then be stopped, and the file will be saved onto your local drive in the specified directory. On the main interface, there will be a list of all the screencasts you have created. You will be able to play or rename the video.

record google hangout

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

free screen recorder For the Google Hangout video recording, you can make use of the best free online screen recorder to complete the task. This web-based free tool doesn’t require the use of an external application and is quite easy to use. It allows you to record both the video and audio of the Hangouts session using all the major browsers on Windows/Mac. Besides, you can edit the recording in real-time to add some texts, highlights, arrows, etc. to annotate the video instantly. Moreover, different video output formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, and more are provided, making it possible to play the captured Google Hangout video almost anywhere you like. Look at these steps to know more about how to record Hangouts call:

Step1 Launch the Free Online Screen Recorder

First, visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder by clicking the link here. Then, click the “Start Recording” button to initiate the screen recording. Once the recording starts, you can launch and use the Google Hangout to record it.

launch the tool

Step2 Begin recording

After you launch the tool and use the Google Hangout, click the “REC” button, and choose the screen video output if it’s in full-screen or region mode. Once you select one, it will start the recording automatically.


Step3 Finish recording

You can also put annotations while recording to enhance the video. Just click the “Pen” icon button to show the built-in editing tools of the recorder. Then, you can end the recording by clicking the “Pause” button. It will ask you to save or delete the record after you pause it in the form of a check and X icon, select one to complete the recording.

google-hangout-recorder 3


Make screenshots, videos without any difficulties in capturing, then save them easily for your system with Jing application. This app contains three modes. The first, which you can find on the left side of the site’s screen once you installed the tool and the sun-shaped icon appeared in the recording mode, which will snap anything for the computer’s screen. Another one that you see on the right is the options toolbar. You can find the last one in the middle, which opens the earlier captured, recorded files. If you are a Jing user, you will get 2 GB free memory by the Techsmith server. The recording and saving only take five minutes. Install flash player to watch your files on the used system. There are a lot of advantages like the Jing Pro version that you can purchase for 11 GBP for one year, which is ad-free, and of course, it contains HD video options. Jing works with Windows or Macintosh too. Follow the steps below to create a video screencast with Jing and record the best video chat sites:

choose recording region

User Guide:

  • First of all, install Jing to your Mac or PC, then open it from the Start menu, and applications folder or just go to your drive to find it.
  • Push Jing’s sun on the top of the right side on the screen, then push “Capture” button. Then, using your mouse, drag the cursor until it covered the area you wish to record.
  • Wait three seconds for automatically beginning the capturing process. Now you can take your mouse to the area where you want to have it while the filming is under progress.
  • If you wish to see the audience, keep the mouse in the video capturing zone.
  • Continue filming while demonstrating the video that is being captured. You can add audio about what you are doing if the microphone is switched on.

app icon screencast o maticScreencast-O-Matic is another good option to record Hangouts video call as well as to record Hangout meeting. You can use it comfortably for Mac, Windows, or both of that with an easy-to-use screen. You can get the Screencast-O-Matic free version, but it has limited options. With the limited choice, you can get the system and the video audio, but if you want to include the microphone’s sound in good quality, you should be a premium user. In the cost-free version, you cannot have modes, editing tools, and other features that also have limited offers that actively make it desirable to go with the advanced version. Look at these steps to know more about Screencast-O-Matic:

screencastomatic step2

User Guide:

  • First of all, go to the website. Push “Start recording” button. You might do your recording after the video of your meeting has begun.
  • You will see a selecting area where you should choose what type of the screen you want to capture by dragging the selector shape.You can extend the area of your recording or have it done in the chat window. You can record the webcam and the screen at once.
  • Push “Done” button to end and automatically save your recording if you have finished chatting.
  • You can save it for external storage, hard drive, upload it to YouTube or just save it to website.
ScreenFlow for Mac

screenflow logoScreenFlow is an excellent option to capture your screen if you have Mac. This program can record full screen or just a piece of the screen with system and webcam microphone and audio at the same time. It has an option called Timer, which records while you do other activities. There is another option called built-in editor, which changes the recorded videos via that you add texts, music, effects, pictures, etc. After the video recording has finished, you can upload it, for example, to YouTube or Vimeo by only one click. Also, you may use this program to record Hangouts video call. ScreenFlow is a bit harder than the other programs, and it only works with Mac. Look at these steps to know more about ScreenFlow:

Screenflow set up recording

User Guide

  • First, you need to download, install and after that open ScreenFlow. You should choose the recording mode like what you want to record on the screen.
  • You can start a new recording by click on the small camera icon on the top of the right side of the toolbar.
  • Set up recording options by choosing the right options for your needs. After you have chosen the right options, tick the boxes for your needs, then push the”Recording” button.
  • Push the camera icon after your recording has done, then push “Stop record” button. After that, you can see the main editing where you will find your recorded video on the right.

snagit logo Another screencast tool that can record a Google Hangouts video call is Snagit. This screen recording software provides a lot of options to record Skype, and Hangouts calls quickly. Additionally, it also lets users capture the audio of the entire conversation. Moreover, for meetings, Snagit can easily record the PowerPoint slides so users would not miss any important info. All saved recordings can be transferred to your local folder or share it with your colleagues. Besides, it lets users to edit and annotate snapshots or recorded outputs real quick. It offers a full suite of editing tools that can create an image, graphics, texts, and more.

record google hangouts

User Guide:

  • Click the link located in the description above to access the download site of Snagit. Follow the installation process then launch it afterward.
  • From the main interface, click on the “Video” tab to set up the recording settings like hotkeys, audio source, and screen mode.
  • Next, click the red “Capture” button to specify the region or specific area of the screen you wish to record. Once set-up, click the “Record” button to begin the process.
  • Once done, click the “Stop” button to launch the “Editing” window. From here, you can edit, annotate, or preview the recorded Google Hangouts call.
  • Lastly, click the “Share” button to either save the file into your local storage or upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, etc.
YouTube’s Gaming App for Android

If you are the kind that enjoys gaming and would like to record those perfect gaming moments for future’s sake, then this Android app is your go-to aid. Apart from working correctly for games, it also does well in recording other applications. With it, you will be able to record Hangouts video call from your mobile phone comfortably. It also records screen for the YouTube app as well; in fact, it is one of the bests available to do so.

youtube gaming app

The app is loaded with features that make for you to quickly get what you want in your recording. You can track how much more time you have left to keep recording based on the space you have in your device. With this YouTube Gaming app, you can choose the game or app you wish to screencast and start the app. While using the app, you can turn on a feature that lets the front camera of the phone make recordings that appear in a bubble on the screen. Some users may not be receptive to this feature, and they cannot do much to it in the settings. But that is very much compensated for with the easiness with which videos can be shared on YouTube as well as the fancy video edits users enjoy the luxury of making.


As you know, Google made the Android OS, and they also made this app. So you are certain of absolute compatibility and record Hangouts call without any problem. There is almost zero likelihood of any OS/App issues like freezing and the rest.


As you can see, there are many programs to record Hangouts video calls, which are all excellent but different types. Find the most comfortable and the most useful program for your needs by trying more and more video recorders. AceThinker program is one of the best programs in this regard, and it offers the most valuable services for users that somebody might look for in the case of Google Hangouts recording. Therefore it is a mentionable program that needs to be checked out in case you are seeking an excellent solution. You can also check this post to learn the best screen recorder with sound.

screen grabber pro

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