User Guide on Recording Google Hangout Calls and Meetings

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Google Hangout is a video call and messaging application launched by Google in 2013. The app lets you contact and communicate with other users around the world. It is a great app to conduct a meeting since it allows you to create a group video chat with up to 10 members. One of the best things about using this app is that its video call and messaging features are free. Recording these video chat conversations and meetings is useful nowadays so that we can watch it anytime. Keeping a record of a meeting is more efficient than writing the essential details in a piece of paper. In this article, expect to learn the best ways to record Google Hangout conversations and also some crucial keynotes to remember before recording. Meanwhile, we will explore 3 software that works on computers and mobile devices.

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Check this Before you Start Recording

There are things we need to consider before we can execute a perfect screen recording. For capturing video calls, it is best to have good equipment for web camera, microphone, headset, and others. Check the list provided to learn more.

things to consider

Things to Consider:

  • Device Condition: Since we are trying to record Hangout calls, two apps will run on the device at the same time. Close unnecessary apps that might be running on the device, to make sure that you will have an optimized experience.
  • Check your Lighting: For meetings, it is necessary that your colleagues can also see you properly. It is better that the room where you would record webcam is well-lit and or you can add extra lighting to be sure.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Noises: There is always a possibility that background noise will occur while you are engaged in a video call. It is the best to inside a room without disturbing sounds or echo.
  • Good Screen Recorder: Finally, it is best to have a screen recorder that can capture the video and audio in HD quality. Everything is wasted if the tool that you will use is not good enough to meet proper requirements on a good screen recording. For this, you can rely on the list below and find out the best one.
Best Way to Record Hangout Video Calls

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro offers the best way to record a Google Hangout meeting since it allows you to also edit and annotate the recording in real-time. The software provides multiple recording modes to choose from that lets you capture any part of your screen quickly. Additionally, it can also record your webcam and show its window on the computer screen at the same time. A unique function of the software is that it will even allow you to record the screen automatically. Thanks to its “Task Scheduler” function, capture any on-going live stream or movies that you need to watch later even when you’re away from the computer. More information about the software is provided below.

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Step1 Download the Screen Recorder

First and foremost, click the “Download” button located above that suits your designated operating system. Next, launch the installation guide and follow it to save the software on your computer completely. Once the software is installed, open it so we can access its main interface.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Set-up the Recorder and Google Hangout

From the main interface of the software, go to the “Audio input” and be sure that the “System sound and microphone” option is selected. Then, launch Google Hangout to access it and try to engage on a video call with any of your contacts available. Next, go to the “Record” tab of Screen Grabber Pro to choose the recording mode you prefer. For this instance, it is best to select “Region” and capture the exact window of Google Hangout.

configure settings

Step3 Start the Process and Annotate while Recording

After you set-up, the recording mode, click the “OK” button to start. Then, any activity inside the recording border is automatically captured. While recording, click the “Pen” icon from the recording toolbar to launch the annotation toolbar. From here, you can add different shapes, texts, lines, and you can choose any color you want.

insert annotations

Step4 Stop and Save Recording

Once you are done recording, click the “Stop” button found on the recording toolbar. The main interface of the software will pop-up then once you did it. Next, right-click the file name and select “Preview” to watch the entire recording.

play the recording

Step5 Share your Recording

If you are interested, it is possible to upload the recorded file into other platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and more. Right-click the file name to select “Upload” and then “Others”. Finally, select the platform you want to share the file and wait for a few minutes for it to be uploaded.

share the recording

Price and System Requirements:

  • $29.95 for 1 year subscription
  • Windows 7/ Windows 8/Windows 10 (64 bit OS recommended)
  • Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.8 or later

What does it best for?

  • AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is widely used for creating infomercials, presentations, and tutorials since you can insert annotations in real-time.
Use Snagit to Record Video Calls

If you are looking for an all-in-one recorder that also consists of a video editor, Snagit would be a perfect choice for you. After you record a Google Hangout conversation, the software will provide you an option to enhance it using a lot of preset templates it consists. Additionally, it can also save the recorded file into animated photos or GIFs if you prefer. Aside from screen recording, you can also capture snapshots of the video call and save it as an image file. Please read the guide provided below to know it better.

Step1 Download Snagit

Click the link provided here to visit the official website of Snagit and download it on your computer. Next, run and follow the installation process carefully to save it on your computer. After installation, open it so that we can access the software.

launch the recorder

Step2 Launch Google Hangout

Next, launch the Google Hangout app on your computer so you can start a video call. Find the contact you want to start a conversation with and click the “Video Call” icon to start. A new window will launch then showing the video call.

initiate video call

Step3 Record the Hangout Call

After you launched Google Hangout, go back to Snagit to click the “Capture” button. After you set-up the recording mode, click the “Rec” button on the recording toolbar to begin. From the recording toolbar, you can pause, mute, or adjust the volume captured on the video call.

start recording

Step4 Save the Hangout Call

After you recorded the video chat, click the “Stop” button located at the recording toolbar. The video editor will appear, and you can check or play the file here. To save it, click the “Share” option located at the upper-right corner of the editor and select “File”. Choose the output folder and hit “Save” to keep it on your local drive.

save the recording

Price and System Requirements:

  • $37.44 that includes 1-year maintenance from its developers
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Requires 1GB of free storage space for installation on Windows
  • Mac OS Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra
  • Needs 400 MB or storage space

What does it best for?

  • Snagit is suitable for making visual instructions because of the templates it provides on its video editing function.
Use an Online Screen Recorder

Recording using Screencast-O-Matic is a good alternative if you are lazy to download and install additional software that will eat your local storage space. The online tool can record a microphone plugged-in to your computer that allows you to add narrations on a recorded video. Moreover, it proposes a basic editing tool that enables you to trim or cut any unnecessary parts or dead airs from the recorded video call. Apart from that, it offers an advanced screen recording feature like zoom and inserting annotations if you will subscribe to its premium version. However, the online tool can only record for a maximum of 15 minutes per session. To learn more about it further, check the additional info located below.

Step1 Access the Online Application

Visit the official website of Screencast-O-Matic to access its main page. From here, click “Launch Free Recorder,” and it will ask you to download its launcher for first-time users. Once you installed the launcher, the main interface will appear automatically.

visit the website

Step2 Set-up Google Hangout

Once you launched the online tool, open your Google Hangout first so we can start the video call. From the interface of Hangout, choose which contact you want to call and hit the “Video Call” icon begin the conversation. Make sure that your web camera is also plugged-in so the other party can also see you.

start video call

Step3 Start Recording

Now, go back to the recording toolbar of Screencast-O-Matic. Adjust the size of the frame to fit it in with the window of the Hangout video call. Once set-up, click the “Rec” button to start recording the conversation.

start recording

Step4 Save the Recorded Video

After the conversation, click the “Pause” option from the recorded toolbar and select “Done” afterward. Then, a preview window will appear and choose “Save as Video File”. From here, select the output folder, file name, and the video format then click “Publish” to save it on your local drive.

save the recording

Price and System Requirements:

  • The online tool is for free, but if you need its advanced features, pay $4.00/month.
  • Available on Mac, Chromebook, and Windows computers

What does it best for?

  • The online tool is created for making presentations and slide shows using videos and adding narrations or voice-over.
Record Hangout on Android Phones using Mobizen

Mobizen Screen Recorder is famous for capturing screen activity for Android smartphones in full HD quality. The mobile app allows you to record long videos and save them in your local storage or an SD card. Additionally, it can record Hangout meetings without watermarks with the help of its “Clean Recording Mode”. Aside from that, it can also record the phone’s camera and capture your reactions, which is essential for recording gameplays. However, there are some instances that the recording will freeze or crash while in process. Check more useful details about this mobile application by reading the guide below.

Step1 Install Mobizen on your Smartphone

Open Google Play Store from the main menu of your phone and use the search bar to type in Mobizen Screen Recorder, or you could tap the link provided directly. Select the app from the list of results, then tap “Install” to begin. Once installed, the app’s icon will appear as an overlay on your phone screen.

access the mobile app

Step2 Open Google Hangout

After you installed Mobizen, launch Google Hangout to open it on your Android smartphone. Next, select which contact you need to converse with and tap the “Video Call” icon to initiate the conversation. After that, it will open the video call window so you can communicate with the other party.

start video call

Step3 Record the Video Conversation

While engaged in the video chat, tap the “Mobizen” icon on the screen and select the “Video” icon. A prompt will appear and select “Start Now” from here to record the video call. Next, a 3-second countdown will commence, and it will record your entire phone screen automatically.

start recording

Step4 Save the Video Call

You can “Pause” or take a “Screenshot” on it while recording if you tap the Mobizen icon. Once the video call is finished, hit the “Mobizen” icon floating on the phone screen and tap the “Stop” icon to save it. From here, a prompt will appear, asking you to preview or delete the recorded file. The recorded conversation is saved automatically in the phone’s gallery.

save the recording

Price and System Requirements

  • The app is free to install but it also offers in-app purchases ranging from $1.00 – $46.30
  • Android Devices with software version 4.4 and above.
  • The app is not available in the iOS App Store

What does it best for?

  • Mobizen is famous for recording gameplay for popular mobile games like Mobile Legends since it can also record your front camera which is necessary for gaming vlogs.
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