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Hangout, a service provided by Google, is predominantly used for group conversations. It is used instead of Skype or FaceTime. However, Hangout is different in many aspects. It is not an end-to-end video chat and people can do way more than that such as sharing files, YouTube videos etc. Users will also be able to record the hangout sessions they have and can share it with people who have missed out on it previously. In order to record a session of Google Hangout, there are three options available as listed below:

Online Recording App

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You can make use of the screen recorder online app to record a session of Google Hangout. This will not require the usage of any external application as it is online and easy to use. You can record both the audio and video of the session and it can be used on both Windows and Mac. The app does not set limit, so you do not worry about the duration of the session. If you plan to record a Google Hangout session, all that you will have to do is navigate to the online application and click on “Start” and your Hangout session will start getting recorded instantly.

Screen Grabber Pro

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By using the Pro version, to be used with on desktop, the video and chats can be recorded in high quality. The desktop version is preferred among several users due to the added features this version offers. There is a task scheduler feature in place which will allow you to preset the time to start and end the video recording. Due to this, there is no need to be physically present near the computer to start recording a session.

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Listed below are the steps:


  • This software is free to use and easily downloadable. Click on the Download button above or get it from its product page.
  • You can customize the recording preferences by navigating to ToolsàOptions and here, you will be able to set the keyboard shortcuts that are required to record the best quality video.
  • When you are about to start the recording session, ensure that you have configured the audio input source correctly for the sound recorder to start recording correctly.
  • Select the Region and start the recording. There is a full screen option or around the mouse to start recording. When you select the region, you can choose the exact area you wish to record and a countdown will start before the recording starts.
  • Editing is possible on a real time basis when you record and there are editing options which will allow you to embed circles, arrows, fonts etc. on the video on a real-time basis.
  • When you click on ‘Stop’ button present on the Control Bar, the video recording will be stopped and the file will be saved on your local drive.
  • If you wish to replay the video, go back to the main tab and here, you will be able to play, rename or convert the video.

Recording Google Hangout on Mac OS

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For Mac Users, a Google Hangout session can be easily recorded using the Mac Screen Recorder. By using this recorder, you can record anything playing on your screen. The best aspect about Mac Screen Recorder is that, it allows you to record the screen activity and also convert the recorded video to any format you desire.

There is another recorder named Jing on Mac OS X El Capitan. This recorder is capable of capturing images along with recording videos. The sound from microphone can also be recorded from this software. However, you cannot record both the audios simultaneously. You cannot speak and add to the recording session when you use this software. Also, one has to register prior to using this software.

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