Best 3 Ways to Record Google Earth Video

Last updated on October 23, 2017 by Cindy Smith

record google earth videoGoogle Earth is a spectacular application that really lets you to float into space and zoom back into any location on earth. When Google Earth was introduced, many were fascinated about how it can transport you into outer space and also to look into detail on any place in the world from the comfort of your system. People often wonder how to record Google Earth video as it would be wonderful to record the movements from one place in the world to another place in 3D view. You can even record at street view level or record a complete tour of your neighborhood for preparing a documentary video or for your academic purposes.

There are many Google Earth video recorders that can help you to record a tour in Google Earth, but only some applications can come up with the best quality video. Let’s look at the best 3 tools you can use to capture Google Earth videos.

Capture Google Earth Video with Free Screen Recorder

free screen recorder
Free Online Screen Recorder is recommended as the best Google Earth video recorder as it lets you record high resolution videos without any loss in quality of the videos. With it, you can record anything on your computer screen and people often utilize this application to capture movies, songs and Google Earth enthusiasts use this to record high quality Google Earth videos. This screen recorder captures both audio and video and helps you to record videos in real time and videos are captured along with the sound from the microphone or your computer. You can export the video to major video formats including FLV, MP4, WMV and AVI.

With it, you can record video from Google Earth easily as it comes with a user-friendly interface and you don’t need to study user manuals for hours to learn the software. Below are the simple steps to record video from Google Earth with this free online app.

Step1 Launch the Recorder and Select Recording Options

Move to the web page of this free online Google Earth recorder, and then click the Start Recording button to start the application. For your first visit, you need to download a simple launcher to make the tool active smoothly. The moment its interface pops up, make some necessary adjustments to some options such as the format of the input and also the format of the output.
configure settings for recording

Step2 Record Google Earth Video

Now you can initiate Google Earth and prepare for recording. Meanwhile, set the rectangular frame correctly for recording. After you have done that, start recording by clicking on the REC button and show your animations or tour on Google Earth. While recording, you can add various arrows, lines, and texts to the video.
record google earth tour

Step3 Save the Recording

Click pause button to finish, and check the tick icon. Preview your video and select to save as a video file or GIF. After that, it will automatically publish the file, and you can find your video in whatever folder you choose.
save google earth recording

Google Earth Pro

google earth pro

Google Earth Pro is a fascinating and interesting 3D software that can help you circumnavigate the globe from the comfort of your home. It is used in many places to make planning and decision making across various business and government houses across the world. It greatly reduces the cost of visiting the place in person, as you can see everything in your computer in real time. Google Earth Pro utilizes advanced drawing and measuring tools to provide accurate imagery and video. Builders and architects utilize the software to visualize a site to make initial decisions before coming to a final plan.

To record videos with Google Earth Pro, first navigate to the desired position in the earth and click start recording to record all your movements thereafter. It start recording all your zoom in, zoom outs along with your audio inputs as well and record a tour in Google Earth in the highest quality. The disadvantage is that it will take you much time to learn how to use it and the settings for recording video from Google Earth.

  • Open Google Earth and click Add Tour, or, in the ribbon over the globe, and then click Record.
  • To begin recording, go to the lower left corner of the media player and then click Record/Stop.
  • To record audio, click Microphone Record/Stop.
  • Move to any place you desire to tour or proceed to the panel at left-hand below “Places” and then click a place mark to travel to that area.
  • When you are done recording, go ahead and on click Record/Stop. In the right corner below, a media player will show up, and your tour will start playing.
  • Click Save, to store the tour, in the media player. Enter the title in the “name field” in the box that opens and make use of the Description and View tabs to add more info about the tour.
  • Click OK to save the file.
  • Fraps

    fraps recorder

    Whether you need to record you intense game-playing skills or need to record Google Earth video, then Fraps is another great option for you. It is a classic application that can capture high quality still-images or go on to capture full-motion videos without any problem with your system performance and still providing you with the highest quality in video. While capturing videos using the Google Earth Pro version needs to configure a lot of settings and takes some time, with Fraps, you can record a tour in Google Earth in just minutes.

    • Download and install the software and then load the application and use the hotkeys assigned to capture the video.
    • Once the hotkey is assigned, hit the hotkey to start recording Google Earth and slowly start zooming out.
    • Make sure you zoom out from your location in Earth and start zooming out to space and once you have a clear vision of the complete Earth, then you can stop recording.

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