How to Record PC Gameplay with Ease

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How to Record PC Gameplay with Ease

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In recent years, video games have taken the world by storm and it isn’t hard to see why. As technology has improved, the games and games consoles themselves have gone from strength to strength. Instead of playing a simple game like pac-man all day, there are now complex open-world games with graphics that almost look real. As a result of this, we have seen these games come to PC. Whereas before PCs would have main functions and the ability to play games on the side, there are now PCs purely designed for gaming.

As this industry has progressed, there is now an overwhelming need to record PC gameplay either to keep, share with friends and family, or even to the world via sites like YouTube. With this in mind, how do you actually go about recording PC gameplay?

Methods to Record Gameplay on PC

In truth, there are many different ways to capture gameplay on PC; as well as online applications, you will also find stand-alone software to do the job. However, because there are just so many options, you might find it hard to come across a program that meets your expectations. For this reason, we will show you the two main methods we prefer.

Record PC Gameplay with Free Online Screen Recorder

As a recording application, this is a great tool to capture anything on your screen including gameplays. Essentially, it looks to record and save the full motion of what appears on your screen and the end result is often better than other tools found online. Let’s take a look at the many benefits on offer;

  • Users can edit the input which allows for commentaries over games and video tutorials
  • Absolutely free to use
  • No limit to each recording
  • No advertising or watermark on your creations
  • Can be used on Mac as well as Windows

To get started, you simply visit the site and hit the ‘Start Recording’ button to get going. If you are using this tool for the first time, you will have to install a launcher but this is both safe and secure. Once you have started recording, you can even add a webcam to your footage which becomes extremely useful if you wish to show your reactions during a video.

After finishing a recording, you can utilize various transitions, callouts, effects, and more. With a video editing tool at hand, you can make changes to your video and create the end result you desire. Luckily, this program has a fantastic video editor that you use to make simple cuts or add unique effects to make your video stand out from the crowd.

recording on computer screen

If you like the tool and find it to be useful for your needs, there is a desktop pro version which has even more features when compared to the online tool. As well as more recording modes, you can also make use of schedules for recording and even uploading straight from the program. Although you do have to pay a fee for the program, there is a free trial so you can test it beforehand.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Record PC Gameplay with Fraps

For our second option, we are going to suggest Fraps. Although this has been around for many years now, the fact that it is still going strong and many people still use it shows how good it can be. Rather than being online, Fraps is a program that you need to download but it will capture screen activity for OpenGL and DirectX games. Away from the recording side of things, you can even take a simple screenshot in JPG, PNG, and BMP.

If you are using the free version, you will be limited to recording in 30 second chunks and you will have a watermark. However, a pro version is available for full features. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks;


  • Users have access to high-quality recordings
  • Compatible with many operating systems on Windows


  • Known to slow down a computer which can be frustrating when playing games
  • End files will be large
  • Currently, there is no option for Mac users


Since both of the options we have discussed have free versions, there is no reason why you can’t try them out before making your decision. For recording PC gameplay, these are two fantastic tools as long as you remember their drawbacks. Soon enough, you will be recording your gameplays and sharing them with your intended audience!

November 24, 2016
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Last updated on June 1, 2017

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