3 Efficient Solutions to Capture and Record Flash Video Stream

3 Methods to Record Flash Video from Website

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There are numerous Flash videos have been uploaded and shared online every minute in video streaming websites, blogs, etc. If you want to record Flash videos, you can just get Screen Grabber Pro by clicking the button below. Or you can read on to learn more Flash video recorders that you can try to save Flash videos successfully.

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Most of the videos you watch on websites are in a Flash or FLV format. There are millions of interesting and fascinating Flash streaming videos on the internet waiting to be enjoyed. Even though you can view these videos over the Internet, there’s no way to watch them offline or show your friends without having a connection. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to save those videos onto your computer so you can watch it as many times you want without being online. However, some videos cannot be downloaded directly and that’s why many people are looking for ways to record flash videos to their computer. To help you choose the best software to capture Flash video, we’ve analyzed the best methods below.

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Screen Grabber Pro – Best Solution to Record Flash Video

small logo of screen grabber proScreen Grabber Pro is one of the best pieces of software to capture Flash videos from a website. With it, you can easily record Flash streams from any kind of website in just a click of a button. It allows you to record video and audio simultaneously: it records the video being played on your computer screen along with capturing the audio from your system or microphone. Besides recording online Flash streams, you can also record anything happening on your computer screen. You can save the recorded video in many video formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV etc. Also, the task scheduler enables you to schedule video recording tasks and the program will record what you need automatically even when you’re not in front of the computer. Download the program below and follow the tips below to get the Flash video you need.

Step1 Configure recording settings

First of all, please make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the software and install the software on your system. The installation is quick and once the software is installed, open the software and you can see all the major options to record videos displayed on the screen. Before recording videos, make sure that you’ve configured the settings correctly by selecting the appropriate frame rate, resolution, audio input etc.

configure settings sgp

Step2 Start the recording

You can then either record videos in full screen mode or region mode. Full screen mode means the whole video from the entire screen will be recorded or with the region mode, the area you’ve selected will be only recorded. Now Select the capture mode and click “OK” to start the capturing process.

sgp recording mode

Step3 End the recording

When the recording is done, click Stop and the program will start to finalize the video. After a few seconds, it will be saved to the folder you’ve set and be displayed in the video list on the main interface.

stop recording sgp

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Camtasia – Professional Flash Video Recorder

camtasia logoCamtasia is another great option to record streamed Flash videos from the Internet. It is actually a multi-purpose piece of software as it acts as a program to capture Flash videos as well as an intelligent video creator and editor. It is one of the most popular software to create presentations, how-to videos, product demos and sales presentations. When it comes to editing or customizing your videos, Camtasia is way ahead of the competition as it offers not only the basic tools but also many advanced tasks like adding special effects, adjusting the audio, inserting annotations and captions and also add transition effects, animations and a lot of other features. It also provides you with a lot of preset options for recording your videos in terms of audio quality, video quality, frame rate etc. You can either select these preset options or customize them to suit your requirements.

screen recording on camtasia

Jing – Easy Tool to Capture Flash Video

jing logoJing is another popular free piece of software that helps you to record Flash video streams from the web easily and quickly. It also provides free online storage to store all your recorded videos in Screencast and also equipped with a lot of image and video capture facilities. The user interface is pretty simple with three main options where one option lets you to record videos, another option allows you to see all the recorded videos so far and the next option is to configure your settings like choosing your frame rate, video resolution etc. Jing is also different from other video capture software as you can share the recorded videos easily with your friends and family. You can also add text, highlight certain sections and also add arrows to your screen capture. You can also capture a specific region in your computer screen using this program.

screen recording on jing


Eye-catching and fascinating Flash videos now are anywhere on the web. If you encounter a video that you want to save for offline viewing or just for future reference, but the video is not supported for downloading, then these ways to record online Flash videos will be useful for you. Each Flash video recorder recommended here allows you to capture Flash videos with optimal quality. You can simply choose one and start to play the Flash video and grab it! If you happen to know any other good Flash video recording programs or have any question about this article, please leave a comment below to tell us. Thank you!

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3 Methods to Record Flash Video from Website

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