record facebook call videoThe feature for video calling might not be Skype’s latest elegant technology. But, it is an attractive Facebook feature, a service for social network which was mostly created for individuals to link with their friends and others who reside or work near them, by sharing videos, stories and pictures. Since that period, Facebook has defined the extra feature for video calling and users of Facebook mostly use video calls in addition of usual communication. At times, they are searching for programs also, to record video calls on Facebook just like using other messenger tools. However, in what way can they attain it?

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Maybe the easiest method for recording Facebook video call is with the use of Free Online Screen Recorder. This application is accessible for free on the web. You can directly access it on the webpage. It differs from other screencast programs which require registration, installation or others, it does not take much of your time.

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When utilizing it, you could also add webcam into screen recording and include your narration into video simultaneously. In addition, you are able to record the entire screen as you are on video calls and share your activity on screen with different individuals. Apart from this, time restriction is not included in it and no watermark will be present during publication of video. It only requires you to install a simple launcher the first time in using it. Once done, you can access this app at any time you want later.

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However, if you’re looking for premium features to organize the recorded videos, edit screen in real time and more, you could opt to Screen Grabber Pro which works brilliantly in creating screencast. Despite the outstanding screencast capabilities, it also enables you to upload your work to YouTube or your server via ftp after recording. It’s quite convenient for you to deliver your videos over internet or to your social accounts.

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Apart from this, it also has a task scheduler function, which empowers you to perform a recording task in near future or even on regular basis (e.g., once per week, etc).

Facebook Video Call Recorder (Windows)

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Skype and Facebook

The second useful solution for recording Facebook video call is the Facebook Video Call Recorder. As per its name, it’s a program specially designed for Facebook users.When compared with the first solution, you’re required to install it in your computer before using it. It allows you to make a screencast on Facebook and save straightaway as files for MP4 and AVI on your computer. Audio recording is available in this app, too. Prior to recording, it is all right for you to customize settings like frame rate, video resolution, aspect ratio, etc, by choosing “Setting” from the menu for “Tools”. But, this program is not free and is charged $19.95 to exclude the trial limitation.

Record Video Chat on iPad/iPhone

iphone screen recorder
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If you wish to make a recording of Facebook video call on your devices for iOS, iOS Screen Recorder  is going to be the ideal selection. Since Apple Store Apple restricts the apps associated with screen recording, this application could be used as a nice workaround for projecting mobile screen to your computer screen and then recording it properly.

In addition to this, this tool offers a number of settings for output video also. You can tailor the resolution for recording (720P and 1080P), audio input (microphone, system sound, or the two), video format (AV1, MP4, FLV, WMV, GIF, etc) and a lot more.

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