How to Easily Record Facebook Video Calls

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How to Easily Record Facebook Video Calls

record facebook call videoFacebook is one of the most popular social media platform that lets billions of people send messages, photos, music. etc. Besides, it offers a video call service that allows individuals to talk face-to-face even when they are away from each other. Ever since Facebook video calling feature has been announced, many people are looking for ways to record Facebook video calls to keep important video chat info or save the unforgettable moments. However, there is no built-in Facebook video recorder that enables you to record the video chat. In order to achieve the task, you will need to get a third-part Facebook video recorder. Here 3 great methods to save Facebook calls are introduced to help you get out of the confusion.

Record Facebook Video Calls with Free Screen Recorder Online

facebook recorder

For Windows and Mac users, the easiest method to record video call on Facebook is to capture it with the help of Free Online Screen Recorder. It’s a web-based free screen recording program that can record any activities happening on your computer screen, including the video call you’re attending. Flexible recording modes and multiple audio input choices are provided to suit all your recording needs. Moreover, during the recording process, you can use the built-in editor to annotate the screen by adding texts, arrows, highlights, etc. instantly. After the video chat has been recorded, you can save it in popular formats like AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, etc. or upload it to Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. to share with the world. No registration, no time limitation and no watermark! Just visit its main page and capture your Facebook video conversation with ease!

In case you developed interest to have a look at how this app works in detail, refer to our guide below:

Step1 Set up your facebook video call

Firstly you can go to your browser and open your facebook page. If you start a facebook video call, there is always a new window which pops up where the video will be streamed to your screen. At this point set up your facebook video call, so the window with the call will pop up and you will have an idea about the size of the window.
facebook video

Step2 Open the AceThinker website

After you have your Facebook video ready, run your web browser and visit the official Acethinker free screen recorder online website ( This app is compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
acethinker recorder

Step3 Open the tool and set the recording

On the website you can directly set up the recording by clicking on the Start button. At this point the recording toolbar will appear. At this point, adjust the recording fame around the Facebook video, and click on Rec to start the recording.
acethinker toolbar

Step4 Create and finish your video

During the video recording you have the option to do real-time annotation and many more modifications on the ongoing video via the editing features of the toolbar. Modify the recorded video during the recording according to your taste, and once the Facebook video is finished, simply hit the same recording button again to stop the recording. At this point your video will be automatically saved.

Tips: There is a desktop version of this free online Facebook video recorder called Screen Grabber Pro. When using the desktop recorder to capture the Facebook video calls, you can even get it done without any Internet connection. Both the Windows and Mac versions are available and you can click the button below to get the suitable one.
red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Record Facebook Calls Using Facebook Video Call Recorder


The second solution for recording Facebook calls is Facebook Video Call Recorder. As per its name, this program is specially designed for Facebook and Skype users to capture and save the video chat. This tool share many similarities to the aforementioned AceThinker software, however also differences can be seen in its functions which are not the same with the other tool. The interface is very user-friendly and you can get all your work done in clicks. However, this program is not free – you will need to pay $19.95 to exclude the trial limitation and it’s only compatible with Windows.

Therefore to have a better view about how the program works and what you would get for your money, you can check our step by step guide below:

Step1 Set up the program

Compared with the first option, you will need to install this program on your computer from the official website before being able to use it. Before the recording starts, you can customize the settings like frame rate, video resolution, aspect ratio, etc. Afterwards, similarly to the AceThinker software, start the recording.

Step2 Start the Facebook video

After the recording is set, you can start the Facebook video which will be recorded on your computer with the chosen setting that are preset to make a totally customized content for your needs. You can also use it to record only audio as audio recording is available. The recorded video can be saved as MP4 or AVI files.

Step3 Finish the recording

In contrast with the AceThinker software you have limited possibility to modify the videos during and after the recording. Therefore once you are ready with the recording, simply save your video which will be automatically saved to your computer’s hard drive.

Record Facebook Video Chat from iPad/iPhone

iphone screen recorder

If you need to record Facebook video calls on your iOS devices without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad, iPhone Screen Recorder will be the ideal selection. With it, you can mirror and stream all the content from your iPhone/iPad to computer and display the screen of your iOS devices to the computer’s large screen. The connection can be accessed wirelessly via the AirPlay function as long as your iPhone/iPad and computer are under the same Wifi-network. After that, you can record any activity from iPhone/iPad on computer. Moreover, it allows you to customize the recording settings like output video format, resolution, audio input source, etc. With a single click, you can capture iPhone/iPad Facebook video call on PC/Mac.

These are the steps to use this program for your convenience:

Step1 Download and install the program

You can download the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder program the most conveniently from the button provided below this step. After downloading, simply install it on your computer. Furthermore as this program is used to establish connection between your computer and phone for screen projection, it is also important to download the respective application onto your iPhone before starting the screen projection process.
free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step2 Establish connection between the two devices

Once the programs are all set up, you can establish the connection between the two devices. This can be accessed wirelessly via the AirPlay function as long as your iPhone/iPad and computer are under the same Wifi-network.
acethinker toolbar

Step3 Perform the recording

Once the connection is established, your iPhone screen activity will be projected real-time onto the big screen of your laptop via the application, where among different options you can choose to record any activity which is being show non your iPhone/iPad on the computer. At this point, you can start your Facebook video call on your phone with a more convenient process than on your computer, and afterwards with a single click, you can start capturing the iPhone/iPad Facebook video call on PC/Mac.
acethinker toolbar


tiny take recorder
TinyTake is a notable alternative that can be a great partner to fulfil all your recording needs that might arise when it comes to the replacement of the original QuickTime Recorder tool due to that this program is combining the professional benefits and accessibility of many features to the easy navigation and usage experience. In case you decide on using this program, it will give you the ability to have very smooth and enjoyable screen recordings with fast speed as well as option to record in high quality, while the creation is saved in MP4 or other popular format such as the AVI.
You can capture a videos of your screen or via webcam in multiple different ways mentioned here:

Step1 Launch the program

Right click TinyTake icon from the system tray then click on Capture video from screen or from webcam.
select to capture video

Step2 Use hotkeys

You can also Capture videos using shortcut keys configured in your TinyTake Settings under the Hot-Keys tab
Program Settings

Step3 Start Capturing

Launch TinyTake then click on Capture, you will be presented with the options to capture
Program Capture

Record Omegle with Screencast-O-Matic

SOM Page
Screencast-O-Matic is another great option for Omegle recording. It’s an easy-to-use free screen recorder for both Windows and Mac. However, this program’s free option has some limitations. You can grab the video and system audio. But if you need to include the microphone sound recording as well, you will have to get the premium version. Also, there are no editing tools or options offered in the cost-free version.
In order to use this tool, refer to the steps below.

Step1 Visit the website

To start up the recording process, you can just visit its official webpage and click on the Start Recording button to start recording your Omegle video session once the video begins.
screemcastomatic step1

Step2 Set up the recording

After starting the recording and after the appearance of the recording toolbar, you will be asked to select the area of the screen you wish to capture by dragging the selector shape. This is usually done over the Omegle chat window, but it can also be extended if you wish. It enables you to record the screen and the webcam at the same time. After the chat is complete, simply click on “Done” to end and save the recording. The resultant video file can be saved to your hard drive, external storage, uploaded to YouTube directly or saved on the site itself.
screencastomatic step2

IceCream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorder
The Icecream Screen Recorder is one of the few screen recorders where you can not only record your screen activity but also has an additional feature to take and edit screenshots instantly in your desktop screen. It also offers a unique attribute where you can add annotations when recording a video which is very handy in doing live streamings.
In case you wish to use this tool, check the guidelines below:

Step1 Download and install the application

Firstly, download Icecream Screen Recorder from this website. Save the installation file on your computer and then open this file to proceed with the program’s setup. Installation Wizard will help you complete the process in a few simple steps, and after that you can launch the program and familiarize yourself with its interface and options.

Step2 Configure program settings

Click the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner of the main window to prepare the program for recording by configuring the settings.
System – In this tab you can choose the language of the interface if you want, turn on and off the notifications given by program during the recording and area selection zoomer. If you’re planning to add a webcam recording to your video, select the webcam device in this tab as well.
Video – This tab offers you such important video settings as its format and quality. Also, you can select whether or not you wish to record mouse movements, highlight mouse when clicking, hide the icons from your desktop, disable the screensaver, show the countdown before the recording starts and record the hotkeys that you are going to use during the screen capture.
In this tab you can also add your own custom watermark, select its opacity level and the position in the video.
Icecream Screen Recorder Settings

Step3 Configure program settings

 Audio – Obviously, you want to capture streaming video with the sound. To enable this option, check the “Record audio” box. In case you don’t need the sound to be recorded, simply leave the box unchecked. It’s also possible to use a mic to comment on the video, in such a case select the “Record microphone” option. The volume levels of both audio and mic can be customized with the help of the scrollbars.
Click the “Open mixer” button to check sound configurations for system sounds and the microphone.
To select the right microphone and audio device to record sound and mic from make sure that the right devices are selected in the “Microphone device” and “Audio device” settings. In case the program doesn’t recognize a newly added device, hit the “REFRESH DEVICES” button.
audio settings

Step4 Prepare for capturing

Open the streaming video that you want to capture and click the “Capture video” button in the upper left corner of the program. Then select the “Area auto detection” recording mode. This mode offers easy auto selection of the recording area by the program.
Capturing Step

Step5 Start recording and annotate the video

The “Draw” panel contains several drawing tools. Usually, it’s unnecessary while capturing streaming video, but in certain cases users may want to use this option. You can choose from brush or tools like oval, rectangle, arrow, step tool or text. You can cancel the changes by using the “Undo” and “Clear all” buttons on the right hand side of the Draw panel.
Capture Progress

Capture Omegle Video Using Camtasia

Camtasia Banner
If you need more premium features when recording Omegle chat sessions, you can take Camtasia as the first choice. It is considered one of the best screen capturing programs available today. You can select the region of the screen you want to capture and even edit the final version using various editing options. After the screencast has been saved, you can share it online or save it in the cloud in a super easy way. Unfortunately, with these advanced features, you have to pay a premium price. It’s suggested that people who are interested in recording videos more frequently or professionally can give the free trial a chance though. You will get limited capabilities, but still be able to determine if it is the right program for you.
In order to explore the operation of this tool, check this guideline below:

Step1 Visit the official website

Before the recording can be done, firstly you need to go to the official website to get access to the program. Here you can download the program itself and set it up in order to initiate the recording.
camtasia page

Step2 Do the recording with the program

Once you open the interface, you can set the basic options regarding the camera usage and the audio input via the big picture like icons on the toolbar, and once you are ready with the settings, click on the REC button to start the recording. Afterwards, when your recording is finalized, you can simply end it and save the created content to your computer.
Recording Process

AZ Screen Recorder - Android Screen Recorder for Minecraft PE

az screen recorder for android
This program is also very capable of capturing Minecraft PE; however, it is limited to Android devices unfortunately. Similar to the iPhone Screen Recorder, the AZ Screen Recorder does not require you to root your Android device. Not only are you able to record smooth videos, but you are able to screenshot too. While this is a program that provides you with all the best recording tools, it can’t read your mind! Before you jump straight into recording, take a few moments to alter the settings that are provided to your preferences. This will ensure that you get a recording you are happy with.
In order to use this app, follow the guideline below.

Step1 Install the app

Firstly, you can directly install the app from your Google Play store where you can simply find this app by typing in the name into the store’s search bar.

Step2 Use the app

Once the app is installed on your phone, you can start it where you will directly see a small toolbar appearing on your phone which you can use to control the recording of your screen activity, and therefore you can use it to initiate the recording with it. At this point you can start playing your Minecraft PE where all your gameplay will also be captured.
Screen Record

Step3 Watch your recording

After you finalized your recording your new video will be saved on your phone, where you can directly watch your creation in the list of recorded videos which are accessible through the app’s gallery itself.


As you can see there are several available alternative solutions on the market to capture your Facebook video. However it can bring difficulties to find out that among all these potential options which is the one which suits most of your recording needs, therefore we present this table below to have a better overview about the features of these programs:

AT Free Screen Recorder OnlineFaceBook Video Call RecorderAT iPhone Screen Recorder
Type of programFree$19.95$29.95
Steps involvedRecording can be done in 3 simple clicksMultiple steps involvedSimple steps, but steps need to be taken on both phone and computer
Ease of useUser friendly, straightforward recording optionUser friendlyUser friendly, makes it even more easier that the phone screen is projected to the big computer screen
Recording windowYou can change flexibly according to your recording needsChangeable window from full screen to regionChange windows of recording flexibly on the big screen
Recording qualityProvides high quality recordingProvides good quality recordingProvides very high quality recording of small phone screen
Speed of recordingYesYesYes

As you can see, all of these solutions are professional tools which can facilitate your recording experience and provide means to create professional videos with ease, and it is just up to you which solution you will go with in the very end which is the most suitable for your need. However, in case you are looking for very high quality recording and good control over your recording process, you can be sure the get the most efficient way of recording by choosing either the lighter AceThinker Free Screen Recorder online tool, or the more comprehensive AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder solution, which would both be a great partner to your recording.

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