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How to Record Screen with Fraps

Last updated on October 6, 2018 by Trafalgar Law

Fraps is a famous free screen recording program that lets you capture screencast. This article is mainly a detailed guide on how to record desktop with Fraps. Meanwhile, if Fraps can’t meet your recording requirements, you can turn to the more advanced Screen Grabber Pro, which you can download from the button below.

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Fraps is a Windows application that helps you to capture your computer desktop easily. You can also record all the activities in your computer desktop. Game enthusiasts use it to record their gameplay action to share it with their friends and families. As of now, Fraps recording only supports games that uses OpenGL and DirectX graphics technology. Fraps record desktop application is widely used by many to capture screens to create presentations, record videos of their product to create product demos and also for creating instructional videos and user guides. Videos captured by Fraps have outstanding clarity and comes as high definition videos. Here we will show you the main features of Fraps and how to record desktop with Fraps.

What Can Frap Screen Recorder Do for You?

You can use Fraps either capture screenshots of your game or record the whole gameplay video to be shared among friends. With the free version, Fraps only saves your captured screenshots as BMP files and if you think of uploading or sharing it in social media channels, it is better to convert into more suitable formats like JPEG or GIF. Fraps can be used in many ways including:

Benchmarking Software

Fraps can also be used as a benchmarking software to identify how many frames per second between two points of a video. The FPS will be displayed on the corner of the screen. With Fraps you can also perform custom benchmarks. These details can be saved to the computer to be used later for reviews.

Screen Capture Software

Fraps is commonly used for capturing screens from your computer desktop. You can capture the screen with just a click of a button. All your captured screenshots are store in your computer disk automatically and time stamped.

Real-time Video Capture Software

Fraps can also be used as a real time video capture software that helps you to record all the activities happening in your computer desktop. If you want to record your gameplay while you are playing your favorite game to analyze your performance and where you make certain mistakes or why can’t reach the next level or to plan a strategy etc. Fraps is your go to software to record all your gaming activities with ease. With Fraps you can capture videos up to 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second!

How to Record Your Screen using Fraps Screen Recorder

Record desktop with Fraps is pretty simple and easy as you can capture your desktop with just a click of a button. Please follow the steps provided below to understand about how to record desktop with Fraps.

Step1 Download and Install Fraps

Once you have downloaded the Fraps application, please install the application on your computer by following the onscreen steps. After the application is installed, launch the application from your start menu and you will then see a small window that sits on top of all applications. This is the app that provides control over your Fraps software and this is where all custom settings are configured.

fraps window

Step2 Configure Video and Audio Settings

In the Fraps Window, select the Movies option to configure the settings if the video being captured including frames per second for the video to be recorded along with the video resolution etc. You can also select the folder where the video file will be downloaded. By default the videos will be stored the same folder as that of Fraps and you can always change this to the desired folder you wanted. You can also specify hotkeys to start and stop recording process. By default the hotkey that is set is F9.

fraps movies tab

Once the video settings has been configured it is time to configure the audio settings. You can choose whether the audio also need to be recorded while capturing the video and also allow you to choose the audio source, whether to use the microphone audio or record your system audio. It is always recommended to choose the both option so that the audio from your microphone and system audio are recorded along with the video.

Step3 Start Recording Your Video

So when you are all set after configuring all the needed audio and video settings, it is time to record the video. Now play the video you need to record or if you want to record your gameplay, open your game and start playing it. Now hit F9 to start the recording process and in the Fraps window you can see a confirmation that the recording is in process. If the game you are playing is not using OpenGL or DirectX technologies, then Fraps will notify you about the game not being supported and hence video capturing cannot be performed.

Once you are happy with the Fraps recording, you can again click F9 button to stop the recording process. The video output file will be stored in the folder that is configured in your settings. Fraps doesn’t encode your videos and so your videos will be of a larger size. But there are a lot of tools to encode your video if you want to upload the video to the internet. Encoding videos also helps to save space on your disk.

Record Screen with Fraps Alternative

screen grabber pro for windows

In case sometimes Fraps doesn’t work or it cannot record to your expectation, an alternative to Fraps for recording desktop screen is recommended. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is one of the best desktop recorder for Windows/Mac that allows you to record any activity on your computer screen with high quality. You can record the full screen or just a particular part of the screen. Flexible audio input options are also provided: you can record audio from computer, microphone or both. Simply download and install the program on your computer and follow the intuitive interface to get all work done in clicks!

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Closing Thoughts

As you can see Fraps record desktop application is easy to use and you can record your computer desktop with just a click of a button or capture screenshots with Fraps recorder in just seconds. Hope this user guide will help you answer all the questions regarding how to record desktop with Fraps. If Fraps can’t satisfy all your recording needs, you can also use AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro as an alternative option to record your computer screen. If you have any comments or suggestions about this user guide on how to record with Fraps, please email us as we always love to hear your feedback and will respond to you at the earliest.

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