How to Record Class Lectures with Ease

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Most students find attending class lectures tedious because of the conventional language spoken by professors, carrying heavy books, and some unwanted distractions. Other students prefer video or online video lectures over boring class lectures. This way, they can review their lectures and listen to them in a conducive and calm environment. Is this possible? Yes, this is pretty much easy for students who prefer to take lectures from a video. All you need is a laptop and recording software, either offline or online. This should help you prepare with your quizzes, assignments, and exams. This is also applicable to professors who want to acquire knowledge through video lectures. Luckily, several audio and video recorders encompass great features for students to record class lectures in high quality. Here are a few of the leading lecture recorders.

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Capture Class Lectures with Screen Grabber Pro

The best way to record lectures is to get a professional screen recorder. Here Screen Grabber Pro is recommended as the best desktop screen recording software for class lecture recording. It is a smooth and straightforward tool to record webcam video with high-quality audio. For teachers, it must be the first choice as it enhances its audio and video quality of the webcam and microphone of the system. If you’re using the Macintosh system, you can also use this program as the Mac version is provided.

Step1 Download and install the app

Download the application using the shortcut buttons below. Install it by following the set-up wizard, until the app is launched.

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Step2 Adjust the region and start recording

Next, after launching the app, click the “Record” button. Choose whether you want to record the whole screen of your computer or only specific parts of the lecture like the camera part or the module only. Once decided on the frame size, click the “Ok” button to initiate the recording. The tool will give 3 seconds to prepare or stop the recording.

Step3 Start and annotate while recording

While recording, you can also annotate by adding shapes, letters, and lines to emphasize some parts of the video. Click on the pen icon from the floating tools bat, and a set of markup drawings should show up. Click the “Red square button” from the floating bar to stop the recording. If you want to watch the video you just recorded, check the latest recording under file name on the interface. Use your mouse to hover and right-click, then choose to save.

annotate while recording

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Record Class Lectures Online for Free

Among online recorder for class lectures, Free Online Screen Recorder is the ultimate recording solution, especially for students. For those having no time to record audio by offline software, it is the solution. For lectures, visit the official website of Free Online Screen Recorder, select the red Start button to initiate the recording. Choose the input audio source as Microphone and start recording class lecture online. Free Online Screen Recorder works both for Windows and Macintosh Operating system; it automatically detects the OS and adjusts output settings accordingly. When it comes to using this tool, check the steps below:

Step1 Launch AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder

Before the lecture starts, set the size of the Lecture room. Decide if you are going to record some parts or record in full screen. Next, go to the website of the app to launch the Free Online Screen Recorder. Once the application is launched, go back to the lecture room to be recorded, adjust the frame size or do a full-screen recording.

tool interface

Step2 Set the recording settings

Prior the recording starts set the settings of the recorder. You must make sure that the system sound and microphone is “On” to record video and audio at the same time.

turn on system sound

Step3 Start and stop the recording

Once settings are configured, click the red circle that has a label “Rec” to start the recording. Once the recording begins, the red button becomes blue. Then a floating toolbar will show up. You can also annotate and while recording. Click the “Pencil” icon to add shapes, lines, and Texts. Click the blue “Stop” button then click the checkmark icon. You can preview the video prior to saving it. Click the “Check Mark” icon to save the file. A built-in player will show-up where you can play the preview of the recording. After the preview, click the “Upload” icon located at the bottom right-hand side of the player to save the file to your computer or directly share it to your social media accounts.



TinyTake is a very quick and light solution that still serves as a high class recording tool when it comes to online or real-time class viewing, as it can only record and moment from the class that is being played from the online educational video hosting website, or which is being processed by the video camera of the computer. This tool is known that can do a speedy recording with excellent audio as well as the video quality for the produced material, so you will be sure to have quality high definition videos about the lecture that is easy to be understood offline with all the details preserved later on.


BB FlashBack Express

An alternative and best way to video record lectures classes, is BB FlashBack Express. This tool can handle with the recording of this informational event no matter when it comes to recording the ongoing camera moments that is capturing what is happening real-time on the class that the student is attending with his or her computer, or it can also give a helping hand to recording online lectures that are being played on the computer, where the program will record the events that are happening around the particular area where the class is being shown on the display of the computer.



Screenflow is an additional mentionable solution that was designed to capture especially this sort of activity, that can directly be played on the display of the user’s computer when it comes to an online lecture being played via a video player, or a real-time lecture that is projected to the screen from the camera of the computer that is processing the actual event. Therefore Screenflow can afterward simply capture the ongoing event on display itself, that is the showing of the lecture that the user is interested in, so it will be saved as an available offline video in the very end which can further be edited via the built-in editor for the sake of the customer with annotation and various effects.


Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android Users

Mobizen is a big name among the known Android screen recorders. It has a clean recording mode that enables you to hide all control icons on the screen as you record your video. An essential pop up on the screen can handle the beginning and end of recordings. Another beautiful attribute built into the app is the walkthrough feature that points you to the next thing to do at every stage. You are never unsure of the following action to carry out, as the app has labeled options that show up at each point of the capture process. And when you are through recording, it affords you the opportunity of beginning a new recording or view the one you just completed. Mobizen, however, comes with certain premium features that you would have to pay for. Despite that, you certainly would be happy to give it a shot because of its reliable features.

mobizen screenshot

Vidyo Screen Recorder (iOS)

If you have been in search for a lecture recorder app that is compatible with iPad and iPhone, and can capture your camera (both front and rear), then you have just found it — it is the Vidyo Screen Recorder App . With an adjustable frame size and video resolution, this app can be the best thing that can happen to you. Also, it can record both internal and external audio. By internal audio imply audio that could be from games or keypad, while external audio is those that could be from a microphone recording your voice. You may even want to edit and adjust different aspects of the video. The app affords you the luxury of trying out various rates and play speed, as well as trimming the record. After making edits to the file, Vidyo allows you save the resulting file, or you could just append the edits to the original file.

vidyo screen recorder for ios


Although there are tons of screen recorders you can find on the internet, there are only a few who can bring you the best screen recording experience. That’s why this list was written to help you narrow down the options for you. If you prefer a tool that does not require any registration or payment, or the best way to record lectures, you can use the Free online recorder by Acethinker. The rest on the list are apps that you have to download and install on your PC. If you are looking for an easy to use interface, you can use Jing, Screen Grabber Pro, and EZVID. Also, if you have comments and suggestions, please help us improve by dropping us a message below.

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