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How to Record Class Lectures with Ease

record class lecturesMost students find attending class lectures tedious because of the conventional language spoken by professors, carrying heavy books, and some unwanted distractions. Other students prefer video or online video lectures over boring class lectures. This way, they can review their lectures and listen to them in a conducive and calm environment. Is this possible? Yes, this is pretty much easy for students who prefer to take lectures from a video. All you need is a laptop and recording software, either offline or online. This should help you prepare with your quizzes, assignments, and exams. This is also applicable to professors who want to acquire knowledge through video lectures. Luckily, several audio and video recorders encompass great features for students to record class lectures in high quality. Here are a few of the leading lecture recorders.

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Best Way to Record Class Lecture on Windows and Mac

There are a few solutions available when it comes to record screens in general, but the best way to record lectures is to get a professional screen recorder. Screen Grabber Premium is recommended as the best desktop screen recording software for class lecture recording. It is an easy and straightforward tool to record either your computer screen or webcam with high-quality audio. For teachers, it must be the first choice as it enhances its audio and video quality of the webcam and microphone of the system. This powerful tool also has some awesome features: an annotation toolbar during recording, upload options on YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, FTP, and others. The best feature to record lecture classes is the "Task Schedule" function. Check below how to use this powerful tool to record your lecture classes:

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Step 1 Download and Install the Class Lecture Recorder

Click the "Download" button provided above according to the operating system of your computer. Then, open the installer and follow the set-up guide to save it completely on your Windows or Mac computer. Once done, open it to access its main interface.

sgpremium interface

Step 2 Configure the Settings

The main interface hit the "3 lines" found at the top-right corner and chose "Settings." Now you can configure the recording quality, format, output folder, record mouse movements, and more. Then, hit "Audio input" and make sure to select "System Sound," then hit "Record" and select the recording mode. Hit "OK" to start recording.

sgpremium configure step2

Step 3 Annotate Class Lectures Recording

You can now play the online class lecture to capture. While on it, click the "Pen" icon from the recording toolbar to access the annotation tool. Using it, you can insert texts, lines, or shapes while recording.

sgpremium annotate lecture

Step 4 Save/Play the Recording

Once done, hit the "Stop" button, and the preview window will appear automatically. Play the class lecture video to check it. Click the "Save" button located at the bottom-left part of the window to save it on your output folder.

sgpremium save lecture

Tips to Create Engaging Lecture Videos

Of course, you need to consider some things before you create a perfect online lecture video recording. Please continue reading below as we will give you some tips or pointers you need to remember before creating lecture videos.

things to consider

1. Ready all your materials

Make sure that you are well-prepared with your content like your script, videos, presentations, or any materials that you'll discuss. Also, make sure that you'll present the important notes in bullets and avoid repeating them.

2. Include your Audience

A classroom or a learning session will always be boring if it is one-sided. To avoid that, you have to be more interactive and make sure you'll add activities in your online lecture video like pop-up quiz, poll, or others.

3. Prepare your Devices

Ensure that you're equipment or gadgets like cameras, laptops are fully charged. Also, you have to be in a room with minimal noises to avoid any unnecessary background noise. Lastly, you must have a good source of light, especially if you're planning to show your face in the recording.

4. Show the Exact Process

If you're creating a tutorial video on how to use certain software or play an online game, show the process. It is better to record your screen activity rather than just explaining the whole scenario by talking.

5. Install an Excellent Screen Recorder

To wrap it up, a powerful screen recording software should be installed on your computer or laptop. The recorder must capture your screen in HD quality for up to 4K resolution. It must also allow you to save the recording in various formats so you can upload or share your video to different devices or streaming platforms.


Although there are tons of screen recorders you can find on the internet, there are only a few who can bring you the best screen recording experience. That's why this list was written to help you narrow down the options for you. The best solution for you is the Screen Grabber Premium. If you have comments and suggestions, please help us improve by dropping us a message below.

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