How to Record Class Lectures with Ease

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record class lectures

Class lectures are boring for most of the students. And the worst thing about them is the tedious conventional language spoken by professors, heavy books, and strain caused by attending the lectures full of students and unwanted distractions. Some students prefer written or video notes or online video lectures over their class lectures the learning efficiency is higher. So, many people want to record class lectures and then listen to them in a calm and conducive environment? Yes, it’s possible and pretty much easy for all of the students reading at the other end. You just need a laptop with sufficient battery backup and a proper class lecture recording software offline or online, and there you are! With tons of knowledge stored forever in your computer memory that helps prepare for quizzes, assignments, and exams and is beneficial for students and teachers alike.

Several audio and video recorders encompass great features for students to record any lecture in high quality. Here are few of the leading tools to record lectures real-time with the excellent recording instruments.

Record Class Lectures Online for Free

Among online recorder for class lectures, Free Online Screen Recorder is the ultimate recording solution, especially for students. For those having no time to record audio by offline software, it is the solution. For lectures, visit the official website of Free Online Screen Recorder, select the red Start button to initiate the recording. Choose the input audio source as Microphone and start recording lecture online.

Free Online Screen Recorder works both for Windows and Macintosh Operating system, it automatically detects the OS and adjusts output settings accordingly.

Capture Class Lectures with Screen Grabber Pro

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The best way to record lectures is to get a professional screen recorder. Here Screen Grabber Pro is recommended as the best desktop screen recording software for class lecture recording. It is a smooth and straightforward tool to record webcam video with high-quality audio. For teachers, it must be the first choice as it enhances its audio and video quality of the webcam and microphone of the system. If you’re using the Macintosh system, you can also use this program as the Mac version is provided.

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Here’s how it is done:

1. Download and install the desktop version of Screen Recorder Pro, adjust the settings accordingly by selecting the audio and video output to maximum for quality results. You can also set the output folder destination and file format.

configure video settings

2. Select the Record button from the tool and start recording your webcam activity instantly. Hit Stop to execute the task, after finishing the video, it will be automatically saved to the output folder. The webcam video lectures can be uploaded on online portals and YouTube for students as well as preparation audiovisual notes for multiple classes.

Besides simple recording, it offers an enhanced task scheduler that automatically starts recording the screen even when you are away from you PC as long as you have preset the recording time and duration. During the recording process, you’re free to add notes, annotations, or sticky lines to the video to enhance it immediately in real time.

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