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Proper communication is important no matter what type of classes you teach. Some educators focus on long lectures or basic displays. Not paying attention to the interesting possibilities of new technology is a mistake. Students are more likely to pay attention and learn things if they are inspired and entertained. Recording class lectures and adding interesting annotations has become an increasingly popular way for people to get their education. This means that a teacher who takes the time to make a winning presentation can save it to show again and again. This is better for both the teacher and the students.

Using the best video recording for class recording makes this simple. The Screen Recorder program helps you do this with HD quality graphics. It is simple to use and completely free.

Screen Grabber Pro (Win)

screen grabber pro for windows
2 - 4 mins

Recording lessons, lectures or whole classes can be very useful for teachers who handle more than one class topic. This not only makes each lesson more exciting and engaging, it can save you tons of preparation time. On a Windows computer, you can use Screen Recorder premium program for the Windows OS. Just follow these simple steps to make a useful and attention-grabbing lesson video.


Step 1 – Position yourself properly in front of the webcam lens so you can be included in the tutorial video. This will help students understand more clearly if they can see the board or demonstration and you at the same time.

Step 2 – Install the Screen Recorder Pro application, launch it, and choose all appropriate settings for the video of a class you are about to teach. Things such as audio source (microphone or system) and file format and where to save the video can be chosen at this time.


Step 3 – Click on "Record" to start the process of video creation. Everything that happens on your computer screen plus your webcam and audio source will be recorded and saved.

Even if your main purpose for getting this program is to save classes for the future, there are other great options as well. Save video conversations, meetings, video game sessions, online movies and television shows. It also helps you convert file formats to whatever you need.

Online Recorder App

free online screen recorder
2 mins
Very Easy

Online Screen Recorder is a great first choice for most people who want to record class lectures without paying for professional programs. Everything is handled online, so it makes it easy to use and powerful. Both video and audio can be captured in high quality format. All you need to do is visit its website and select “Start Recording” to begin the process. A small download of the launcher program is necessary the first time you use it. Tweak a few simple settings to get the options you want and then get ready to record an unlimited amount of screen capture videos.


This software works well on both Windows and Mac computers. It even figures out which operating system you are currently using and will open up the correct recorder for it. There is a desktop version of the program if you would rather not go to the website each time. This lets you make a video recording or your screen even if you are not online at the time.

Screen Grabber Pro (Mac)

screen grabber pro for mac
2 - 4 mins

If you use a Mac and not a Windows PC, you can use the Mac Screen Recorder version to save classes and other videos. This top-quality program lets the video and audio synchronize well as you record. You can save in many formats when you are done.


An interesting feature is the ability to include sound, webcam and more into the screen capture. This tool will remind you to configure these settings before start recording.

2 Record in Real Time

Record your own courses?

With the above tools, you can not only record the lectures shared by others on web, you may also record you only courses or tuorials, too. By utilizing the functions to record your screen along with annotation, voice, webcam, you’re able to create comprehensive courseware with ease. Not only can your students watch the lesson whenever you want to share it with them, you can add extra features to make it even more interesting. Overall, being able to record classes and lessons is a great way to encourage more learning.

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