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record browser on screen

Recording your browser is useful in a variety of cases. You can create screenshots and tutorial videos, capture clicks and responses for a plug-in that you may be testing and even record videos that cannot be downloaded directly by recording the browser. Recording your browser is a simple feature- and our guide will teach you 2 methods to do just that!

Use Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows
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Step1 Initializing Screen Grabber Pro for Recording

You can download Screen Grabber Pro from above field. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you should open the browser window and the particular URL from where you want to record. After that, go to the Screen Grabber Pro User Interface.


From here, you can perform a range of customizations to suit your recording needs, including:

  • 1. Configuring audio source: You can either go with system sounds or add your own mic narration for tutorials;
  • 2. Select a particular region of the screen to be recorded;
  • 3. Record using the web camera;
  • 4. Record only audio
  • 5. Once you have configured all the settings here, move onto the next step.

Step2 Recording the browser

Step 2 of Method 1

Once you click on start, the recording will begin and you can begin performing the actions that you want to record.

  • 1. A toolbar is there that you can use to pause and stop the recording .This bar will not be there in the recorded video.
  • 2. You can adjust the volume as per your preference.
  • 3. Pausing the recording allows you to skip recording a few steps or some instances and continue later.
  • 4. Click on the stop button once you are done with the recording.

Step3 Publishing your recording

Once the video is recorded, publishing it is the last step. Go to the upload button, and select Youtube or FTP depending on how you want to publish it.

Step 3 of Method 2

Enter the user name and password if you are uploading it to YouTube. This user name and password is the one that you use with your YouTube account. Before you upload videos directly from Screen Grabber, you will have to enable the ‘Access for less secure apps’ in your YouTube account settings.

Enter the FTP settings if you are uploading it to an FTP server and click on Ok. These include the FTP host name, port, user name, password and remote directory access.

Using Screencast O Matic

screen o matic

Step1 Initializing the recorder

Step 1 of Method 2

  • 1. Log on to and click on ‘Allow’ if your browser prompts you for permissions.
  • 2. In case the online recorder does not work or if you want more features, then you can download the launcher for recording your browser.

Step2 Readying the screen and recording

Once the launcher is downloaded/the online tool is configured, beginning he recording is the next step.

Step 2 of Method 2

  • 1. You can the full screen or a particular area of the screen.
  • 2. Before you begin the recording, ensure that the mic volume is set to an optimum level.
  • 3. The recording quality and size can be set from the options tablet.
  • 4. The free version records computer audio by default and the maximum size is limited to 15 minutes.

Step3 Publishing/downloading the recorded browser

Once the recording is complete, you can download it (if you are on the online tool), save it to your PC, publish it to YouTube or upload it to any other FTP or cloud storage website. With just these simple steps, your recorded browser video will be ready in no time!

Step 3 of Method 2

Thus, you now know 2 different and effective ways of recording your browser. While what software/ethos you choose is up to you, we can guarantee great results with both!

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