Top 6 Methods to Record BBC iPlayer Stream

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The BBC is one of the most renowned and reputed news channels due to its credible news reporting and high-end production. That is why it has massive viewership all across the world. The BBC iPlayer Stream may be referred to as the live streaming channel for BBC UK. It is officially accessible only for the residents of the UK, but anyone residing in any part of the world can get access to it by using a VPN. People not only like to watch it, but they seem eager to record BBC iPlayer streams to watch later and share with their friends and family members. Here are the best iPlayer recording software and applications that can be used to record iPlayer streams on PCs and mobiles.

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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

When it comes to BBC iPlayer video and audio recording, Screen Grabber Pro is the best recording tool. It offers a large variety of high-end features that make it easy to record BBC iPlayer streams. It allows you to record video and audio simultaneously from your screen activity. During the recording process, you can even use the built-in editor to edit the screencast in real-time. Moreover, because some output formats are provided, you can share your screencasts anywhere you want. Last but not least, the task scheduler functions lets you set automatic screen recordings as per your schedule. Download the version of the program you require and follow the simple steps below to record iPlayer streams in a hassle-free way.

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Step1 Configure the Recording Settings

Open the program and configure a few basic settings before you start the iPlayer Go to Settings>Options and select hotkeys, video format, and output directory folder, and more. You can also choose the audio input source from the drop-down Audio Input menu and select a recording mode from the Record menu. Note that if you want to record BBC iPlayer radio for listening offline, you can choose the recording method Only Audio to capture only the audio.

bbc record step1

Step2 Start Recording BBC iPlayer Streams

Now you can navigate to find the iPlayer stream video you wish to record. When it’s ready to play, go back to Screen Grabber Pro and hit the “Record” button to begin the recording. While the recording is in progress, users can make real-time annotations to the video by clicking the “Pen” icon from the recording toolbar.

bbc iplayer

Step3 Complete the Recording

When you’re done with the recording, hit the Stop button, and the video will be saved to the folder you’ve preset, and it also will be displayed in the list on the main interface. You’re free to rename, locate or delete the file as you like.

bbc step 4

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Tip: If you do not want to go through the botheration of downloading and installing the screen recorder on your computer, you can also use the free online screen recorder to record the BBC iPlayer live stream. All you need to do is to open it up and hit the Start button to start with recording your screen activity.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is another excellent recording program. It is a professional screen recorder and video editor that not only allows you to record your screen activity but also enables you to carry out a variety of different editing tasks on your videos as well. The software is very user-friendly and easy to understand and can capture iPlayer videos quickly. That’s the reason why it does not require any prior experience and might be easily used by anyone. With it, you can record anything happening on your computer screen and also record videos through your webcam. Animations, transitions, voice narration, audio effects, visual effects, interactivity, etc. are provided to enhance your recording instantly. Moreover, you can import high-quality images and videos to your editing project.

record video with camtasia

User guide:

  • Before the recording, you can just visit the official website of Camtasia Studio and download the right version according to the operating system you’re using.
  • After that, run the setup file and install it on your computer by following the wizard.
  • Run the program and configure the recording options like the audio input, output video format, quality, and others by clicking the corresponding icon.
  • Once you’re done with all the settings, play the BBC iPlayer video you wish to record and click the REC button to start the recording.
  • Click the Stop button to end and finalize the recording. Afterwards, you can use the powerful video editing functions to edit and video content to create a fancy video as you want.

Jing is yet another screen recording tool that might be used to record the iPlayer stream. It is a high-end desktop application by tech smith and is being used by thousands of people across the world to carry out different basic video editing jobs, including screen activity recording as well. So if you are looking for a free screencast software, you might want to give Jing a try. The official website of Jing also offers free tutorials on how you might use it to carry out the essential kind of video editing on your computer.


Steps on how to use JING

  • First, visit the official website of Jing. Then, download the app and launch the installer by following the setup wizard. When a yellow-colored sun-like icon appear at the top or bottom of your screen border, then the app was installed properly.
  • Next, click on the Jing icon and hover your computer mouse on its dropdown menu. Choose “Capture” to record a specific area or cover your whole screen. Once set, click on the “Rec” button to record a video from your PC screen.
  • Once done recording, click on the “Stop” button on the lower-left corner of the toolbar, and it will direct you to its main interface for playback.
  • From there, you can customize your video by clicking on the “Setting” button and rename your recorded video.
  • Finally, when you are happy with your video output, click on the “Save” button.

ScreenFlow is a high-end screen recording and video editing software that might serve the purpose of being an iPlayer recording software for your computer (It’s only available for Mac, and there is no ScreenFlow for Windows). It is a paid software that offers high-end results when it comes to recording the screen activity of your computer and performing a variety of basic video editing tasks. It not only allows you to record any action on your computer; you can then perform the basic editing operations on your recorded data.

ScreenFlow new recording

Here’s how you use ScreenFlow

  • At the beginning, go to the website of ScreenFlow, download and install it on your Mac and then double click its icon to launch the application.
  • If you’re ready to start the video recording, you can then choose New Recording to proceed.
  • From the “Configure Recording” window that will appear, select the recording mode, audio input, etc. and then you can specify some more specific parameters like the frame rate, recording time and more in the following window.
  • When you’re ready to go, select a particular region by dragging the mouse cursor across the part of the screen that needs to be recorded, or start capturing in full screen by clicking the record button.
  • The recording will begin after a countdown. To stop the recording, you can either press Shift-Command-2 or choose the Stop Record option from the helper menu.

If you are wondering how to record BBC iPlayer on your computer, you might want to check out the TinyTake screen recorder for Windows. It is a comparatively newer software that was recently launched with an entirely fresh look. It allows you to capture an ongoing activity on your computer screen as well as from your webcam. You can also annotate any images or video data. After the recording, you can save as well as share the stuff you created via links or upload your video captures directly onto YouTube.

TinyTake recording video

Steps on using TinyTake

  • First of all, download and install TinyTake on your computer and run the program after successful installation.
  • You will have to log in, to use TinyTake to capture videos. If you already have an account, you can just enter the username and password to log in.
  • If you don’t have one, you can register one with your email address, which takes only a few seconds. When you have logged in, select “Capture Video” to use the shortcut CTRL + V to start the recording.
  • Play the BBC iPlayer video and then select the region you want to be included in the final video by dragging the mouse cursor across the screen. After that, click the “Start Recording” button to start capturing the video from BBC iPlayer.
  • Click Finish to end the recording and then press Save to store the video onto your local drive.
DU Recorder

DU Recorder is a free, reliable, and popular screen recording app for iOS that can help you record BBC videos on iPhone and iPad. You can use this app to record or stream live content on your device like gameplay, tutorials, live shows, etc. This fantastic app gives users complete control of video quality, whether you are live streaming or recording your screen. The app also features a built-in video editing tool that allows you to edit your videos to your desired taste. You can trim, cut, crop, add text, add audio, and much more. And this app also has an Android version.

Start the broadcast

Quick guide on using DU Recorder

  • Play the BBC iPlayer stream on your iOS device.
  • If you want to save the recording to your photos, tap Record to Local Device.
  • Then select Start Recording, click DU Recorder, and select Start Broadcast.
  • A red bar will appear at the top of your screen when you start recording.
  • Click on the red bar if you want to stop recording and then touch the stop button to confirm. You will receive a notification that your footage was saved to your device.

Tip: If interested, you can check this article if you want to know on how to download BBC videos.


The above 6 tools are the top screen recorders for BBC iPlayer video and audio recording in Windows and Mac. Each has its advantages and disadvantages as illustrated. If you need to record a small part of BBC iPlayer stream, you can have a try on TinyTake and Jing as they offer a free version with limited time recording. If you need to edit the video in deep, than Camtasia Studio and ScreenFlow will a better choice. If you want easy and high quality video recording, Screen Grabber Pro might be the best option among the 5 ones.

If i have missed some great tools that can be used to record streaming videos from BBC iPlayer, please let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you!

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