Feasible Ways to Record Amazon Instant Video

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Feasible Ways to Record Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Instant Video has become a commendable service that many people of different races pay attention to it and enjoy watching videos on the internet. Though, there are times when you want to record Amazon Instant Video simply to watch at your convenience. Moreover, the members of the Amazon Prime are able to watch more than 40,000 films and TV episodes for free. Furthermore, Amazon Instant Video is already available on Nintendo Wii, Smartphones, Windows, and more. Now you can enjoy movies and TV shows on different devices. Below are efficient methods that would save instant videos from Amazon on the desktop and mobile, respectively.

Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber Pro is a helpful device for recording any activity with versatile functions on your screen. Moreover, this desktop recorder allows you to easily record and save any activity on your computer screen. Different screen recording modes are provided for you to screencast specific regions, full screen, and around the mouse cursor to meet your needs. Thus, with this screen recorder, you can easily record live streaming videos from popular streaming websites like BBC, YouTube, Twitch and many more. You can also capture web meetings for viewing afterward by settings a task. And you don’t have to wait until all the recording is done, as this desktop recorder comes with such an editor that enables you to edit the recording in real-time. You can even use the other editor to improve the recorded video and make it look more professional. To get this handy tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Activate the Program

First, download the app, by clicking the download button below and introduce it on your PC. You will see the fundamental interface as represented underneath.

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Step2 Configure the Audio Input and Video Output

Get started with the screen recording after choosing an appropriate setting for your audio input and video output. These settings include system sounds and the microphone audio to make a suitable recording with some background music. Moreover, you can adjust the volume to guarantee your voice is not covered out by the music. Next, if you like to save your video on different tools, you can pick the format that related to your device. Then, select from MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and many more.

sgp step 2

Step3 Record Your Screen

After you have confirmed your capture region, click Start in the top menu to initialize recording. You will see a pop- up time counter now to get ready. Moreover, you will see a frame around the capture region with a toolbar below. You can control the progress of recording using the options in this toolbar.

sgp step 3

Step4 Finish, Publish, and Share Recording

Once you have finished recording and annotating, click the Publish button (red rectangle) to finish the screencast. After published, it will be loaded to the main interface task list where you can play the video, upload new content, locate the file and more. Thus, if you have recorded multiple videos, you can manage them in a list or rename them according to your own desires. Hence, if you need to share the recorded video on YouTube or your FTP, you can access the upload option. By entering the info of your YouTube or FTP account, you can publish your video to the area assigned. Therefore, once configured, the software will memorize your settings, so you can upload your video by clicking one button only the next time.

sgp step 4

Free Online Recorder

Hence a basic, compact and quite intuitive screen recording tool! Then, you really can even get the video in your chosen format. Then, you can even get the video in your chosen format. Ace Thinker Free Online Recorder can record both audio and video to achieve the perfect screen recording by also using your webcam. Moreover, you can also include or exclude system sounds and configures audio input alternatives to use the audio from the system or by using a microphone. So many things allow you to create any kind of screen recording- including instructional videos, gameplay or even record your online conferences. Capture an entire screen or just a part when it comes to the recording area, there is nothing you can’t do. Different capture modes are provided so that you can create the records as you need them. Thus, what makes it even beneficial is that you don’t have to be in front of your system all the time.

Step1 To Sart the Program

Simply download the program by hitting the API button below.


Step2 Setup the Recorder

After you start the program, you need to set up the different alternatives you need, such as the recording region, output type, location saving, etc-for your recording.

setup your recorder

Step3 Begin the Recording

Once everything is set, click “Rec” to start recording. Moreover, you still can edit in real time while the recording goes on.

begin recording

Step4 Save the Screencast

After the activity finishes, click on the pause and the check mark. Furthermore, the recording will be saved to your chosen location.

save your screencast


Those are the feasible and alternative ways to record Amazon Instant Video on a different device. Furthermore, you can choose the optimal tool based upon which device you need. Thus, there is no need to fret about the time schedule for those streaming videos you like, and you can record your favorite shows and watch them easily.

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