Top 6 Open Source Screen Video Recorder in 2020

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An open source software is a type of program that gives access to its source-code for free. You can consider the source-code as the foundation of a program, which is responsible for almost every function of the software. Unlike proprietary software that needs license, open source software are most of the time free. In case you’re looking for free open source screen recorder to record video tutorial, gameplay, live streaming video, etc., here we have collected the best 6 open source screen recording software for Windows, Mac and Linux. Read the reviews and select the one you like most to start capturing computer screen without any fuss!

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Free Screen Recorder Online – Capture Win/Mac Screen

Amount of Disk-space consumed: N/A
System OS: Windows and Mac OS
Can add annotations to video? Yes
Distinctive Feature: AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online allows you to upload your videos directly on YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, with a one-click upload button.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online, as suggested by its name, is an online open source screen video recorder. You can access it virtually from any computer device, because it supports major web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can record whatever activities you have on your screen, including webcamera. Aside from that, it supports recording videos, and save it in different video formats such as MP4, MKV, and AVI. You can also narrate your own video while you are recording, by using a microphone. This is beneficial for creating instructional contents that you can upload online later on.

Aside from that, you can add real-time annotation while recording. You can add shapes, figures and texts, which is useful in creating subtitles and notes on the video. Besides the fact that you won’t need to install the tool physically on your desktop, you will also be able to use it from almost anywhere because it is web based.

Step1 Launch AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Open your web browser, visit the homepage of the online recorder. From the homepage, click the “Start Recording” button and the tool interface will appear. On the other hand, for first time users, they will be able to launch the tool once they install the online launcher.

launch the tool

Step2 Configure the Recording Settings

Before recording, you may want to toggle the recording settings of the tool to suit your preference. To do so, click the menu button which is represented by the “three dots” icon. From the said menu, click options and then change the settings as you wish.

settings panel

Step3 Start the Recording Process

To start recording, adjust the recording frame, to fit the screen that you want to cover. After that, hit the “Record” button and the tool will start the 3 second countdown. After that, the recording toolbar will appear. From there, you can click the “Pen” icon to open the editing panel and add any annotations that you want. Once done recording, you can end the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button from the same recording toolbar.

record the video

Step4 Save and Upload the Video

After clicking the “Stop” button, the “Preview” window will appear. From the preview window, click the “Floppy disk” icon to save the save the video on your hard-disk. On the other hand, click the “Share” button if you want to upload the video online.

watch the video


  • The tool does not consume any disk-space on your computer.
  • Save the video on a cloud storage service to keep it secure.

CONs: The tool add watermarks to the output videos that you record.

OBS Studio – Produce Professional Videos for Free

Amount of Disk-space consumed: 248MB
System OS: Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Can add annotations to video? No
Distinctive Feature: Produce videos with high-quality audio using the “Audio Mixer” of OBS Studio.

OBS Studio is a cross-platform free open source desktop recorder that is even available on Linux. The tool is considered one of the best open-source software because it can record, stream and broadcast the desktop screen at the same time. You can record a video of your screen activities, and then save them in different formats like MP4, TS, and MOV. You can also control the recording-quality and the file size of the output video.

OBS Studio is available in 41 different languages to ensure that users will be able to use it efficiently. Aside from the usual screen recording feature, OBS Studio also has a “Studio Mode.” On this mode, users will be able to create professional looking videos using its double-preview window.

obs studio

PROs: OBS Studio is supported by various video encoding engines like Nvidia NVENC and Intel Quick Sync Video, which is responsible for the graphics of the computer.

CONs:The user-interface needs a lot of improvement in the aesthetic department to entice more users.

Camstudio – Lightweight Screen Recorder

Amount of Disk-space consumed: 39.6 MB
System OS: Windows
Can add annotations to video? Yes
Distinctive Feature: Camstudio can automatically pan the video while you are recording.

Camstudio is a small but reliable open source screen recorder for Windows. The tool can convert videos in SWF format, and saves recorded videos into AVI by default. Despite being a simple recorder, you can perform basic editing with Camstudio. Also, there are other essential features, like being able to highlight the mouse cursor movements and others. The tool can also capture screenshots but it needs you to set the right frame rate, which is a bit complicated.

Our first impression with Camstudio after we installed it, is the ergonomic design. The interface itself doesn’t consume too much space on the desktop. Also aside from that, you can record audio from a microphone, which you can use to add voice-over to a video. The only distracting part of the tool, is the blinking recording frame while recording is in progress.

record screen

PROs: You can create simple demo videos with different style, and format using Camstudio’s various filters.

CONs: The tool can only capture videos in AVI format by default.

ShareX – Record and Upload Desktop Activities with Ease

Amount of Disk-space consumed: N/A
System OS: Windows Only
Can add annotations to video? Yes
Distinctive Feature: ShareX is a screenshot tool that can automatically export the captured screenshots directly to a printer. Aside from that, it can also directly add the files as an email attachment.

ShareX is one of the top choices when it comes to open source screen capture software. Aside from being free, ShareX doesn’t consume too much too much disk-space on the hard-disk. The tool is written in C++ and the source-code is available online. ShareX offers multiple capture methods for both images and videos. One of them is the “Active Monitor” option that lets you record a specific monitor, if you have more than one. Aside from that, recorded videos are automatically saved in MP4 format , and can be transformed into GIF format instantly from within the tool. ShareX is also useful in creating digital versions of paper documents. This is by using its OCR feature that can scan text documents and import them digitally on the PC.

ShareX supports over 80 social media and video sharing websites, where you can share your screenshots and videos. Additionally, it has a built-in post-editing feature, where you can immediately edit your images and videos before uploading them online.

sharex capture


  • ShareX only consumes 31MB of space on your PC.
  • It only stays in the notification tray, and is always ready to use.
  • You can set what actions it must take right after every recording, with the “After recording task” feature.

CONs: Recent updates included bugs that can cause minor issues that can affect the output files.

Screenrec – Cross-platform Screen Recorder

Amount of Disk-space consumed: 265MB
System OS: Windows, Mac OS and Linux
Can add annotations to video? No
Distinctive Feature: Screenrec instantly provides URL for every videos that you recorded. This way, you will be able to immediately share them on social media and other websites.

Screenrec is a new addition to the long line of open source video screen capture programs. This tool has the same recording capabilities like any other screen recorders, but provides more security to your videos. This is because the tool provides password protected URL to every videos, which lets you choose who can view the video. Screenrec also provides 2GB of private cloud storage for free. In general, anyone can use this tool but in order to use most of its features, you must create an account first. After creating an account, you will be able to use your personal cloud storage, together with the “Private URL” feature. Screenrec can also be used to capture clear screenshots that you can use on your video. Aside from that, the tool is only located on the notification tray, saving space on your desktop.

screenrec interface

PROs: Unlimited recording time, and watermark free videos are available for free.

CONs: You can’t edit the video while you are recording.

SimpleScreenRecorder – Record Screen on Linux

Amount of Disk-space consumed: 66.2 MB
System OS: Linux
Can add annotations to video? No
Distinctive Feature: SimpleScreenRecorder automatically adjusts the framerate while recording from a slow computer.

SimpleScreenRecorder is an open source screen capture that was developed to provide screen recording solutions to Linux users. The recorder can capture videos in 4 different modes, like full screen, fixed screen area, OpenGL which is for game recording and more. It can support videos in MP4, MKV and WebM, which are playable on most devices outside Linux. SimpleScreenRecorder is one of the most reliable tools that you can use, because it supports Linux computers with low-specs. The reason is because the tool automatically lowers down the framerate for slow computers.

simplescreenrecorder interface

PROs: Provides different fine tuning options to get high-quality videos every time.

CONs: SimpleScreenRecorder, as its name suggests can only capture desktop activities, and it doesn’t support webcam recording.

free music recorder

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