Top 8 Online Video Recorder to Capture Videos in 2020

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Top 8 Online Video Recorder to Capture Videos in 2020

Nowadays, with the spread of more stable internet access, people everywhere have access to the possibility of high-quality video watching and sharing on the internet. Therefore many contents, news, entertainment activities, or explanations to problems or guidance to resolving different issues are all recorded by videos on the internet. In many of these cases, the situation can arise that you are badly in need of recording these online videos, in case the site is protected. It doesn’t allow video downloading, but you are aware that you will need these videos to share with your friends or watch them again and again and a later time when you are offline. Luckily these videos can be captured by a screen recording software. This article introduces the best 8 online free video recorder that can be used to capture video online in your browser without having to install the program on your computer.

Review of Apps

Free Screen Recorder Online

By far, the best desktop online video recorder is AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online, which you can directly access on the AceThinker official website. The tool brings you completely free unlimited recording options, only within one click of your reach. You can be sure that you can conveniently access it via both Windows and Mac, as this is a web application that runs from the AceThinker website, and it is an online video recorder free packed with an online converter and has designated keyboard shortcuts to make every function more efficient. Furthermore, its popularity comes from that it has a very user-friendly design with a simple interface. On the other hand, here is a simple instruction on how to use the tool.

Step1 Launch Acethinker Free Online Screen Recorder

To start using this tool, go the main website of this free screen recorder no watermark and click the “Start Recording” to run the tool. Before you start with the recording you need to configure the settings of the tool. You have an option to record the screen along with the system sound and the microphone. Click the “microphone” icon from the floating toolbar to adjust the audio settings. Simply put a checkmark beside it to enable. Once settings are set accordingly, find the video that you want to record.

free screen recorder homepage

Step2 Start and Stop the Recording

To begin with the recording, click the red “Circle button” to initiate the recording. Then the color of the button will change into blue while recording. To stop the recording just click the same button. Another feature that is noticeable with this tool is the annotation. You can easily add text, shapes, and lines while recording the video. Simply click the “pencil” icon from the toolbar.


Step3 Save the recorded Video

Finally, click the blue “Stop” button then click the checm mark to choose wether you wan to save the video on your Pc or share it directly to your social medial accounts.

save video

For a more professional recording approach, users can use AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This professional screen recorder is equipped with various recording options which are not available under the Free Online Screen Recorder. The tool offers advanced recording features like the “Task Scheduler” which automatically starts screen recording.

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Among the desktop tools intended to do an online screen capture, ScreenCast-O-Matic ScreenCast-O-Matic is one of the other mentionable tools, which is specially designed for handling this type of activity, as its name suggests. Furthermore, because of its simplicity, it has received much popularity recently, which is primarily due to that the designers of this app put a lot of emphasis to bring ease at using ScreenCast-O-Matic for online video recorders free. With this program, within just a few clicks, you can start recording your screen, and once you’re satisfied with your video, you can upload it directly from there to the internet, which makes the program very straightforward to be used for your needs.

screencast o matic recorder

Screencastify Screen Recorder

If you want to have an easy online screen video capture which also has a desktop launcher as the others and needs installation, Screencastify Screen Recorder is one option  on as a desktop recorder which we recommend you to think about, as compared to the other tools on the screen video capture market, this solution is developed to be a very easy-to-use app, with a lot of emphases placed on it to be user-friendly and straightforward in order to do online video capture. However, due to this many of the additional features were excluded from its development, and therefore this is a relatively basic app that will allow you to record screen activities inside a tab. Screencastify does not depend on any external software and the recording happens locally. It’s always considered as the best Chrome screen recorder to capture screencast within your browser.

Screencastify record chrome


Another straightforward and easy-to-navigate tool for online video capture is Webcamera, a tool developed by for webcam-only recording, which is basically a free online multimedia software that runs in your browser. This capturing app can be considered as a very simple and fast solution, where the 112apps website allows you to record video online and take pictures using your webcam in a one-click manner. Therefore the only thing which you really need to make high quality recordings is a fast internet connection, and that is all! Afterwards, all you need to do is just clicking on the Rec button and you can automatically start your video.

video recorder in webcamera

Clipchamp Video Recorder

In case you are looking for a very functional and to-the-point free webcam-only video screen recorder with handy features in a concentrated interface, Clipchamp lets you convert, compress and record video files in a functional way. You can save processed videos or upload them straight to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Google Drive, which allows for direct accessibility. Furthermore, it comes with other features, such as that this app reduces your input video’s file size at no visible quality loss, which allows that smaller files can be upload faster and can be shared more easily. Finally, this webcam recorder takes video in SD or HD, depending on the type of your webcam, which makes it possible to vary between different video quality and adjust it to your recording needs.

clipchamp video recorder


Toolster is another very efficient and useful webcam-only online video recorder application, which empowers your to be able to record from your webcam without downloading any special software and dealing with complicated installation instructions, which account for a direct and fast screen recording experience without any hassle. The only requirement for this tool is Adobe Flash player which is also freely available from the Adobe website for anybody who is in need to upgrade his or her browser before using this screen recorder application. In order to record, you have to grant access to your camera and microphone (for audio) and click on the Start recording button that will appear on your screen afterwards.

screen recorder no download toolster


Among the list of the best free online accessible screen recording tools for satisfying your webcam-only screen recording needs, Nimbb is another upcoming application which has been becoming famous among the users due to its option that users can easily record and submit videos using the webcam on their computer. One great feature of this tool is that the videos you receive from your users can be embedded onto your website or downloaded in FLV and MP4 format. Furthermore, additionally, it is a key characteristic that this tool also offers a mobile iOS app for screen video recorder online with your mobile device in case you want to discover other solutions than the online available tools.

nimbb video recorder

A-Z Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recording tools for Android devices. It features a user-friendly interface, flexibility, customizable settings for recording, and you can modify videos with its fantastic video editor. The smart functions of this tool are displayed on a pop-up window that is activated while recording a clip. You can also activate the microphone or screen touch features if needed. From the settings, there are options to improve the resolution of videos, frame rate, and adjust the orientation. Capture amazing videos with the time-lapse effect. It is an excellent screen recording tool for experienced and amateur Android users.

az android screen recorder


All the above online video recording services will help you do a great job in screen recording and capturing. Among them, the Free Online Screen Recorder from AceThinker is recommended as it leaves no watermark on the recorded video and there is nearly no limits on recording. Any way, you can try and compare the mentioned tools and get the one that suits you best. If you know other free online video recorders that are not listed here, please let us know by leaving a comment. It will be highly appreciated if you can share your idea with all of us.

screen recorder online

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