How to Use OBS Screen Recorder

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How to Use OBS Screen Recorder

OBS screen recorderOpen Broadcaster Software is an open and entirely free software for video recording and live streaming. It is a powerful video and audio recorder that can give you the professional results you want to achieve. The OBS screen recorder supports Windows, macOS 10.11+, and even Linux. Along with its ability to record gameplay and being able to switch windows at a time, it can also let you do video and audio enhancements. However, the interface of OBS is kind of hard to operate and it might give you a hard time to familiarize familiarizing yourself with its functions.

How to Use OBS to Record Video

Step1 Download and Configure the Settings

Download the Open Broadcaster Software installer from their official website. After downloading it, wait for a few minutes for it to be installed. When you launch the application, under the “File” tab on the interface, click “Settings” to configure the settings of your video.

obs screen recorder step 1

Step2 Choose the Desired Path of the video

After configuring the video and audio output for your OBS recording, you can now choose the desired path of your video output under the same category from the interface.

obs screen recorder step 2

Step3 Name the Scene and Sources boxes

From the main black screen of the video, you can right-click the “Scene” box and click “Add” to input the name under which you would like it to be saved later. You can now go to the “Sources” box and right-click to see the “Add” option. From “Add”,you can now choose what type of video you want to capture: Display Capture, Game Capture, Image Slide Show, etc. Then, a window pops up that lets you change the name of your capture. Finally, click “OK”.

obs screen recorder step 3

Step4 Record the Screen

Whatever is being displayed now on your computer is being recorded once you have clicked the “Start Recording” button. When done, click “Stop Recording” and “Exit”. Your recorded screen file is now in the folder of your desired path. You may also edit, add, or replace anything on your video output in OBS recorder.

obs screen recorder step 4

Record Video with OBS Screen Recorder Alternative

As it has been mentioned above, OBS is not easy to use for newbies and that’s probably why there are so many people looking for alternatives to OBS screen recorder. Here AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is recommended as the best option to replace OBS for easy and quick video recording. With it, you will be able to record any screen activity from your computer with sound simultaneously, including videos, movies, webinars, mouse cursors and more. By following the intuitive interface, you can finish your recording task without having to learn. Different output formats are provided for your reference so that you can play the recorded video almost anywhere you like. Below is a detailed guide about how to use Screen Grabber Pro to capture video, just check.

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Step1 Download and Configure the Settings

After downloading and installing the software, you can go to Settings > Options then click the “Recording” tab. You can configure the settings according to what is most suitable for your purpose; video format, destination folder, recording hotkeys, mouse cursor style, etc.

configure video settings

Step2 Change Other Settings

When you are about to start recording, you can choose whether to capture the full screen or just a region of your screen .To record a certain region, you click the “Region” under the “Record” tab and use your cursor to highlight the area you want to record. This is better than OBS’ built-in editing and cropping function for editing output videos.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

Step3 Record the Screen

Now, you can do the activity you want, and all your on-screen happenings in the selected region will be captured. The recording will start once you clicked the “OK” button.

sgp step3

Step4 Add Narration

If you would like to insert some narration while capturing your screen, you can set the audio input to be your microphone. This way, you can have your video output with the audio recording you input from your microphone.

screen grabber pro audio settings

Step5 Video Output

When you are done with your recording, you can click the “Stop” icon. The file will be saved to the folder that you have specified before you started the recording. You can locate, rename, freely play it. You are also allowed to share the video output to YouTube or FTP using the built-in uploading function.

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OBS might be the best choice for users who are used to it, but some beginners may find it difficult to configure and get the grasp of things. Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is the best alternative tool for you because of its easy-to-use interface and versatile functions. Record any portion of your activity on your computer screen with an audio and do your narrations at the same time. You can even schedule your recording task, which is great for people who have a packed schedule and can’t afford to be in front of their computers all the time. Download it now and try to record any of your on-screen activity with no complicated configuration settings.

July 28, 2018
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