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Top 10 Best MP4 Recorder to Record Screen in MP4

Last updated on August 10, 2019 by Trafalgar Law

Videos are found everywhere on the internet. Be it social media or any other website, we always come across different types of videos all the time. Not only that but different video libraries like YouTube and Dailymotion contain hundreds of thousands of videos on different types of subjects. Keeping the extensive availability of videos on the internet, MP4 recorders are gaining a lot of popularity. These recorders basically are computer applications that allow users to directly record videos in the form of MP4 format to run it on different types of devices. Using such a tool, you can easily save any video on your computer and play them whenever you want to without the requirement of an active internet connection. There are several different types of MP4 recorders that are available in the market. A few details in this regard are discussed below.

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Screen Grabber Pro – Best MP4 Recorder

screen grabber pro Screen Grabber Pro is a high end MP4 screen recorder that allows you to record the activity of your screen and stores them in MP4 format. This program offers a variety of several features that make it easy for you to record the screen and create MP4 videos that suit all your requirements. Moreover, it allows you to record video and audio simultaneously and even enables you to edit the screencast in real time. To save your precious time, it comes with a task scheduler that lets you create scheduled video recording task ahead so you don’t need to stay in front of the computer during the recording process.

To record the screen activity of your computer using this MP4 recorder, you can first download and install the program and then follow the steps listed below.

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Step1 Choose the Recording Settings

First of all, you need to prepare or configure the MP4 recorder to work according to your requirements. Activate the program and set your video recording preferences by choosing the audio input, configuring the video output, etc.

Step2 Record the Ongoing Screen Activity

When you have completed the first part of preparing the MP4 screen recorder, you are all set with recording your ongoing screen activity. In order to do so, just click the Start button to initiate the recording process and then a toolbar will appear that offers activity control features. You can pause the recording any time by hitting the ‘Pause’ button.

video recorder mp4

This MP4 desktop recorder also offers annotations to help you edit the ongoing activity’s video so that it may be in exact accordance with your requirements. You can add circles, rectangles, lines, arrows, highlights, texts and more to annotate the video in real time.

Step3 Publish Recording

In the final step, you can complete your video editing and publish the recorded video to any online platform or save it to your computer to watch later.

sgp step 3

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Free Screen Recorder

free screen recorder Free Screen Recorder is an MP4 screen recorder designed to work in Windows platform. It allows you to take screenshots and record videos of the screen activity while you are typing, browsing, watching videos, etc. Free Screen Recorder is a powerful yet light weight tool and the best part is that it is available free of cost. To launch the tool without leaving this article, click the button below and it will launch automatically.


Step1 Setup the recorder

Prior recording, you may want to set some recording preferences from the “Settings” of the app. You can set the output location, output format, keyboard shortcuts and so on.

setup the recording

Step2 Start recording

Once all set, you can now begin recording your the screen activity of your computer. Click the “Rec” button and the recording will commence instantly. Whether you are playing games, streaming movies, or just scrolling through your new feed, the tool will record everything that is happening on your screen. If you wish, you could also make a real-time annotation.

start recording

Step3 Finish and save the recording

If you are satisfied and you want to stop the recording, just click the blue pause button followed by clicking the check mark button. After following these steps, the video will open the playback automatically and it will be saved on your local drive.


  • User friendly layout
  • Tools to make presentations
  • Free


  • Offers basic functionalities only
  • The menu is not that catchy
Icecream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorder Icecream Screen Recorder is yet another streamlined and professional MP4 recorder software that is just perfect for use especially when you are using more than one browsers while in the middle of a usual online session. It has an intuitive interface, letting you quickly navigate through the screencast settings and capture the screen. It also provides a few more media formats other than MP4 for saving your screencast.


  • Offers a number of high end features
  • Video recording ability
  • Allows saving standard images


  • The size of the video files may be as large as 49 MB only
  • Improper rendering for HD videos

action! Action! is another desktop recorder MP4 that allows you to record HD videos of games and other ongoing screen activities. This tool is great for recording live video experiences as the quality of the videos offered by Action is simply amazing. If you are a gamer and looking for a high quality tool to help your record your gaming activity, this program will be a great choice.


  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Offers high definition video quality at a frame rate of 60 frames per second
  • Allows sharing of files to multiple devices
  • User friendly layout


  • High quality videos eventually take up a lot of memory
  • The frame rate cannot be customized by users
iSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate

icon-iskysoftiSkysoft Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best recording software for Windows and Mac. It can record screen into MP4 and other popular formats easily. Despite being a converter, this tool also has a built-in editor that lets users crop, trim, and rotate video. You can also put metadata, subtitles, watermarks, and other effects on your video file. Another good thing about this tool is you can record, merge, and download a playlist from YouTube to your device. To start using iSkysoft, visit its official site to download its installer, and continue following the steps on installing the tool. Then, launch the tool, and go to the “Download” section and click the “Record” button to start. After that, choose the video output if it’s in full-screen or regional mode. You can also click the “Stop” button to pause the recording, and “ESC” key to exit. Once you are done recording, you can convert the recorded video by right-clicking it and choosing the MP4 format under the “Finish” tab.”



  • It supports free templates when burning DVD or Blu-ray on your PC
  • It is compatible to older versions of Windows and Mac


  • You need to pay for its Pro version before you use its unique feature fully
VLC Media Player

vlc player3Another tool that can record screen into MP4 format is the VLC Media Player. It is indeed one of the most used video players on Windows today. Aside from being a video player, VLC can also record screen in excellent quality, and it can be done for both Windows and Mac platforms. You can fully use VLC without paying anything, and you need its app to use it. To begin, go to the VLC Media Player’s official website to download and install its app on your PC. Then, launch VLC, and click the “View” option and go to the “Advanced Controls” tab. After that, press “Ctrl + C” button and a new window will appear. From there, you can set the Capture Device to desktop, and you can also adjust the frame rate to 10 fps. Once done, click the “Play” button, and its floating toolbar will appear which you can use for recording. Just click the red “Record” button to start recording your screen into an MP4 format.



  • It is excellent for watching movies
  • It is expandable through plugins


  • Always asking to update to latest version

Bandicam Screen RecorderBandicam is advisable for techy users because of its advanced features. This tool allows users to record screen, take screenshots, and make videos coming from Webcams, IPTV, mobile devices, and even to console gaming platforms like PlayStation and Xbox on your PC. Also, you can surely record HD quality videos on gameplays that use DirectX, OpenGL, and Vulkan graphics. What’s more, Bandicam has a feature that lets you schedule for recording, which is helpful when you need to record activity on your screen within a timely manner. You can visit Bandicam’s website to download its installer by clicking the “Free Download” button. After you install the tool on your PC, run it, and select the “Rectangle on a screen” mode. Then, click the “REC” button to start recording. You can also click the hotkey “F12” to start or stop the recording.



  • It has a 30 day free trial
  • Various of options to use regarding the quality of the recording


  • Sometimes it produces corrupted videos when recording
Debut Video Capture

icon-debutOne of the newest and useful screen recorder today is the Debut Video Capture. This program allows users almost anything coming from your PC display. Also, there are no time limits on the recording, which means you can screen record as much as you like. Moreover, Debut Video Capture can record from webcams and CCTVs to keep a copy on your PC. Although this tool is a great screen recorder, it does not have a built-in editor that you can use to enhance your video. Thus, you can put filters, watermarks, and caption before you start the recording process. You can visit its website to download its installer. Just proceed on installing the tool on your PC by following the steps on how to install Debut Video Capture. After you install it on your computer, launch it, and choose the video format inside the “Option” section. Once done, click on the “Record” button to start the recording instantly.



  • This tool can provide HD quality recording with minimal file size
  • It is helpful when you are recording short clips


  • Does not support video editing
Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android

Mobizen Screen Recorder for Android As one reliable screen recording app for Android, Mobizen has every single feature you can think of when considering a capture application and then others such as clean recording that hides every on-screen control in the course of saving a footage. As it is frequently, a regular on screen display will take care of stopping and starting recordings. It is pleasant how the app directs you all through a capture process, so you never get confused about your next move (when you are done with a recording, you can commence another or even watch what you have captured). Should you want to carry out basic editing on your video, tools are available to help you out, and you could include outros and intros to your video clips. Some Mobizen features need in-app purchase, but you can still use the free version. Although it may not be as cohesive as some apps that have been tested by us, it is certainly equal to the task regarding reliability and availability of features, and is actually worth trying out if you seek a high-quality Android screen recorder (you could test its features with a seven day trial period.)

Record it!

record it! logoOn the other hand, if you want to record your screen using your iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, you may use Record it!. This is a video recording app to capture videos or screen activity on your iOS device. It supports iOS 11 or earlier as well as the latest iOS 12. By using this program, you can record popular mobile games, record video clips from different video streaming sites, or record app for tutorials. When you are done recording screen, you can further enhance it by adding video reactions. There’s are options for you to add facecam reactions, make it personalize adjusting the position, size and more. In addition to that, the tool allows you to insert voice-over to the recording in case you want to add audio commentary. After all the changes, the app has a direct link to YouTube so you can share the video to your channel.


There are not only the above 6 screen recorders that allow you to record screen in MP4 video format. These 6 ones are picked for their advantages over others according to our research. Both the free online ones and paid desktop recorders will do a great job in MP4 recording. The limits of each one has also been pointed out. And now it’s up to you which one you will select. If you think i have missed any better MP4 screen recorder, please let me know via the comments. Thank you!

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