Top 5 Best MP4 Recorder to Record Screen in MP4

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Top 5 Best MP4 Recorder to Record Screen in MP4

When you capture a screencast, you may want to save the recording in MP4 format as MP4 is well supported by online video sharing websites and mobile devices. We have talked about 5 MP4 video recorders you can try. You can get a free trial of one of them – Screen Grabber Pro by clicking the button below.

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Videos are found everywhere on the internet. Be it social media or any other website, we always come across different types of videos all the time. Not only that but different video libraries like YouTube and Dailymotion contain hundreds of thousands of videos on different types of subjects. Keeping the extensive availability of videos on the internet, MP4 recorders are gaining a lot of popularity. These recorders basically are computer applications that allow users to directly record videos in the form of MP4 format to run it on different types of devices. Using such a tool, you can easily save any video on your computer and play them whenever you want to without the requirement of an active internet connection. There are several different types of MP4 recorders that are available in the market. A few details in this regard are discussed below.

Screen Grabber Pro - Best MP4 Recorder

sgb cover

Screen Grabber Pro is a high end MP4 screen recorder that allows you to record the activity of your screen and stores them in MP4 format. This program offers a variety of several features that make it easy for you to record the screen and create MP4 videos that suit all your requirements. Moreover, it allows you to record video and audio simultaneously and even enables you to edit the screencast in real time. To save your precious time, it comes with a task scheduler that lets you create scheduled video recording task ahead so you don’t need to stay in front of the computer during the recording process.

To record the screen activity of your computer using this MP4 recorder, you can first download and install the program and then follow the steps listed below.

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Step1 Choose the Recording Settings

First of all, you need to prepare or configure the MP4 recorder to work according to your requirements. Activate the program and set your video recording preferences by choosing the audio input, configuring the video output, etc.

sgp step 1

Step2 Record the Ongoing Screen Activity

When you have completed the first part of preparing the MP4 screen recorder, you are all set with recording your ongoing screen activity. In order to do so, just click the Start button to initiate the recording process and then a toolbar will appear that offers activity control features. You can pause the recording any time by hitting the ‘Pause’ button.

video recorder mp4

This MP4 desktop recorder also offers annotations to help you edit the ongoing activity’s video so that it may be in exact accordance with your requirements. You can add circles, rectangles, lines, arrows, highlights, texts and more to annotate the video in real time.

Step3 Publish Recording

In the final step, you can complete your video editing and publish the recorded video to any online platform or save it to your computer to watch later.

sgp step 3

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Free Screen Recorder

free screen recorder

Free Screen Recorder is an MP4 screen recorder designed to work in Windows platform. It allows you to take screenshots and record videos of the screen activity while you are typing, browsing, watching videos, etc. Free Screen Recorder is a powerful yet light weight tool and the best part is that it is available free of cost.


– User friendly layout
– Tools to make presentations
– Free


– Offers basic functionalities only
– The menu is not that catchy

Icecream Screen Recorder

mp4 recorder

Icecream screen recorder is yet another streamlined and professional MP4 recorder software that is just perfect for use especially when you are using more than one browsers while in the middle of a usual online session.


– Offers a number of high end features
– Video recording ability
– Allows saving standard images


– The size of the video files may be as large as 49 MBs only
– Improper rendering for HD videos


mp4 screen recorder

Action! is another desktop recorder MP4 that allows you to record HD videos of games and other ongoing screen activities. This tool is great for recording live video experiences as the quality of the videos offered by Action is simply amazing. If you are a gamer and looking for a high quality tool to help your record your gaming activity, this program will be a great choice.


– Very easy and convenient to use
– Offers high definition video quality at a frame rate of 60 frames per second
– Allows sharing of files to multiple devices
– User friendly layout


– High quality videos eventually take up a lot of memory
– The frame rate cannot be customized by users

Video Keeper

Video Keeper is an all-in-one video downloader and screen capture tool that allows you to download videos from online and record videos from your computer screen activity. You can either grab MP4 videos from online or record videos from the Internet/desktop in MP4 format. The ability of the software to record high quality videos makes it ideal to record live videos sessions like TV shows and other similar feeds.


– Allows you to record and download the captured videos
– Supports downloading in the form of a batch
– Offers video conversion


– Settings are a bit hard to configure


There are not only the above 5 screen recorders that allow you to record screen in MP4 video format. These 5 ones are picked for their advantages over others according to our research. Both the free online ones and paid desktop recorders will do a great job in MP4 recording. The limits of each one has also been pointed out. And now it’s up to you which one you will select. If you think i have missed any better MP4 screen recorder, please let me know via the comments. Thank you!

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