Movavi Screen Capture vs. Camtasia Studio

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Movavi Screen Capture vs. Camtasia Studio

Both MOVAVI Screen Capture and Camtasia Studio are popular screen recording programs. If you want to choose between the 2, you’d better have a look at this article about the comparison between MOVAVI and Camtasia in different areas. By the way, another great screen recorder is also recommended for you to record screen instead. You can get the free trial version below.

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Movavi Screen Capture vs. CamtasiaMovavi Screen Recorder and Camtasia are one of the top screen recorders for capturing games and desktop activities now a day. These programs will help you create your own video demonstration and tutorials. Thus, by utilizing these programs, you are able to capture your favorite moment in your action gameplay and enjoy sharing it with your game friends with live voice annotations. Unlike other screen recorders, Movavi and Camtasia are one of the few excellent and complete screen recorders that let you make a video with audiovisual content. Moreover, both programs feature a comprehensive video editing program that can turn your raw recordings into amazing and professional looking clips. These functions are the most important in choosing a desktop recorder.

In this article, it will mainly tackle how good Movavi Screen Recorder and Camtasia are. It will introduce their strengths and weaknesses to the readers by carefully inspecting various aspects of the two software.

Screen Recording Features

Both Movavi and Camtasia are well-known screen recorders. They are basically the best desktop capturing tool you can get on the market today. The 2 excellent programs are not much different from each other when it comes to screen recording. In both cases, you can choose what part of the screen you want to record and with Camtasia, you can also record video directly from your webcam. You can easily utilize their screen recording features in just a few clicks. You can expect them to perform and record in high quality.

Recording with Audio

One of the common problems of many screen recorders are they aren’t able to capture the audio from your system and mic which is very important is demonstrating steps and guiding the video viewers. But as for Movavi Game Capture and Camtasia, they are able to capture any sound coming from your computer and add an external microphone so that you can instruct and point out steps easily.

Record audio with Movavi:


Comparing the interface of these 2 programs. Movavi Screen Recorder is generally known for its very user-friendly interface. Its interface was designed to utilize each feature in just few clicks. On the other hand, Camtasia might at first seem a bit more complicated, but do not worry, it is just a matter of trial and error and some exploring that you have to do to familiarize yourself with the program’s hidden tools. In the case of both tools, using the screen recording interface is a whole lot easier to master than the video editing interface. If you have used video editing software of any kind previously, you are going to have an advantage as both Movavi’s and Camtasia’s editing environment is built very similarly to other common video editing programs.

Movavi recording interface:
movavi screen capture
Camtasia recording interface:
camtasia screen capture

Ease of Use

Movavi’s learning curve is very short, and if you are using it for the first time, pop-up tutorials will guide you through the steps of carrying out the task you want. The onscreen recording interface allows you to control your recording process easily and with precision by including only the most important functions in an intuitive, simple way. Camtasia, on the other hand, despite is a comprehensive set of recording tools and full-featured editing environment, learning to use the software is just as easy as learning to use Movavi. To help users with moderate computer skills, there are a number detailed, easily understandable tutorials available online from which you can master the use of both programs in no time.

Video Editor

Movavi Screen Capture and Camtasia have both comes with an amazing built-in video editor. For screen recorders, having a video editor is a great addition. This will allow the user to easily trim or add some parts, insert effects, add text or images and many more. Camtasia`s professional video editor lets it users to edit resolutions up to 4K to keep its videos on top. Aside from that, it takes advantage of your pc’s processor with 64-bit performance that will enhance your rendering process with exceptional speed. While Movavi Screen Recorder has an intuitive video editor where you can do basic editing to enhance your video.

Camtasia’s video editor:
camtasia video editor
Movavi’s video editor:
movavi video editor

Price Review

As for the price, you can get Camtasia for a shocking price of $299 while Movavi Screen Capture only cost $59.95. A lot cheaper than Camtasia with almost the same features and performs the same stuff. If you are considering the price, it is wise to say that it is better to choose Movavi in this aspect, especially if you do not want to do fancy things on top of creating screen recordings.


Movavi’s export options are limitless. You can choose the format of your output video from 11 common video formats and even more presets. There are a number of other configuration options to fine-tune the quality of your clip. You can also optimize your clip for sharing on various video streaming and social media sites, but unfortunately, you will have to do the uploading manually as the program does not offer direct upload. As with Camtasia, you can only export your clip in 5 different video formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, M4W, WMW). The quality of videos in both cases is excellent. Crispy and crystal clear with no pixelation.

Output setup for Movavi:
movavi output
Output formats supported by Camtasia:
camtasia supported output


Movavi, being one of the most comprehensive screen recording and video editing tools on the market, has a number of advantages over other everyday recording tools. The fact that its supports recording from virtually any source (system, mic, webcam) makes it a multi-purpose tool that can be used to record gameplays, tutorials with voice over, skype calls etc. Moreover, Movavi’s full-featured video editing tool lets you enhance your raw recordings and make professional looking clips. Movavi also includes some more advanced features such as video stabilization, chroma key and slow-motion effect which make Movavi stand out among other screen recorders on the market. Camtasia’s strength lies in its versatility, the range of functions it provides makes it one of the best if not the best screen recorder/video editor out there. With Camtasia’s screen recorder, you will be able to record anything on your screen, just like with Movavi. The video editor of Camtasia lets you create interactive clips full of annotations, animations and visual effects. Moreover, Camtasia integrates well with other programs and supports a wide range of file formats which makes importing and converting videos of various formats easier than ever.

Using Movavi’s Chroma Key Tool:
movavi advantages
Video annotation using Camtasia:
camtasia advantages


One of the main disadvantages of Movavi products is that the full version can only be used for a couple of days free of charge, after the trial expires you will have purchase the full version to continue using the service. It is the same case with Camtasia, if spending 300 Dollars for a recording software is too much for you, then you can only enjoy the service for a limited amount of time. A disadvantage that is only present in Movavi is the fact that you cannot share your finished clips to video sharing sites directly from the tool’s interface. But apart from the lack of this feature, which in the future will likely be added to the software, there aren’t really any other disadvantages to the two programs and the advantages seem to far outweigh the tiny drawback that mostly stem from personal preferences.

Comparison Chart

Movavi Screen Capture Studio Camtasia Studio
Screen CaptureYesYes
Screen RecordingYesYes
Audio Recording from MicYesYes
Share Videos OnlineYesNo
Video EditingYesYes


If you are mainly looking for a useful screen recorder that functions the same as Movavi Screen Capture and Camtasia, you can try AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This is a professional tool that will satisfy your needs in video converting and downloading, editing of videos, screen capturing and music video making. Like the Movavi Screen Capture and Camtasia, this tool will let your record any audio coming from your system and mic simultaneously and contains a build video editor that can greatly enhance your video capturing. What’s surprising with this tool is you can actually get it in cheaper price for as much as $39.95 for a lifetime and $29.95 for a year.


Both programs are excellent and helpful for the users. Camtasia is indeed powerful, but it is limited for the users who are willing to spend time practicing using it. Aside from that, it is very expensive compared to Movavi which is capable of almost exactly the same functions. As for Movavi, it is very easy to use and affordable, its learning curve is very short thanks to its user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, it is worth trying out and experimenting with all three programs for a couple of days to see which suits your needs better and choosing based on your experience.

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