Movavi Screen Capture vs. Camtasia Studio

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Movavi Screen Capture vs. CamtasiaHaving your important memories shared with others is easier now than it has ever been before. Designers, gamers and all sorts of other digital professionals who want to share their audio-visual desktop contents may be able to achieve this by using a software solution that can help you make and share contents of audios and videos with likeminded people from all over the world. Movavi and Camtasia Screen Capture Studio are some example of programs which can help you record the action from your gameplay, as well as air your videos or tutorials in the form of videos with just some clicks. Footage can also be loaded from your video camera and the videos you captured can easily be edited. The question, which screen capture software should be utilized remains.

Movavi and Camtasia are possibly part of the most famous and useful ones in the market today, while selecting one or the other will solely be dependent on your needs. Here we make a Movavi VS Camtasia comparsion to help you get all the necessary information about the 2 screen recording programs and bring the final answer of which of them is actually capable of producing a better overall performance.

System Requirements and interface comparison

Comparing the difference between the screens of the such solutions that do the capturing and image-editing with such large profile has never been easy, especially now that both of them have user-friendly interfaces. If you decide to get Movavi installed on your PC, ensure that you’ve at least a Windows XP, Windows 8 or Vista system with the recent patches as well as with the at least a 1GHz Intel or AMD processor. You’ll need Intel multi-core processor for the best performance of the software such as i7 since Movavi fastens the speed of the video recording via making use of each core of your CPU. Moreover, you will require at least install of about 32 bit, display of at least 1024X768 resolution and about 50MB of hard drive free space. Movavi’s has an easy Interface, and its main window has capture, Effects, Audio, Screencast, Tools and Support/Help options the options button allows you to demote the section of your monitor that you want to discover, while record button allows you to start recording the visual content.

movavi screen recorder interface

However, Camtasia is not as demanding as the other since this screen capturing program only requires that you have just 30MB or free hard disc space. Furthermore Camtasia can be run on any version of windows since windows 98 which implies that you can make use of it even when you lack the latest technology. 500MHz processor and at minimum 64MB of RAM are in need if the users want the software to function perfectly. The interface of the Camtasia is carefully designed and well-organized so that the user who is not used to or experienced with screen capturing should learn their way around in no distance time. The main windows give them an option between Camtasia producer, Camtasia recorder, Camtasia player and several editing options.

camtasia studio interface

Comparison between screen capturing functions and features

Techsmith’s Movavi and Camtasia solutions are both great screens capturing tools which allow users to put all parameters in harmony in line with their needs. Any of this programs enables you to put the size of the area you’d like to capture to any custom size, and set the resolution including any other parameters to deliver high-quality images that can be shared online comfortably.

1. Capturing video and still frames

Capturing a still frame in Movavi is as simple as it can be. You just need to pick one of the presets from the capture area list. You can select Widescreen, Full-Screen standard options among many others or you just easily drag the rectangle with your mouse to your desired location and set it to the side of the screen where you intend to capture and make a still frame by clicking on the capture button.

movavi capture video

The video capturing process can be carried out in three distinct modes which are designed to be available to capture, including Screencast, Capture Online Video or Capture Game that can be seen in the drop-down menu of the Screencast. Then click on the select button in the capture area and denote the part of your display that you intend to record by customizing the highlighting frame’s location and size. The Game mode is regularly on full screen, and the select button is not accessible. For you to record audio simply locate the audio checkbox and choose the recording source. Once all parameters have been selected just click on the record button.

record with camtasia

Capturing a video and still frames with Camtasia is a fairly likely process. Unlike Movavi that generate MREC files, recordings that are done with Camtasia are always in AVI file format implying that you can directly upload them to the internet from the Camtasia Recorder due to their universal compatibility, and afterwards select and set the Capture/input option to explain the part of the screen you want to record. The software permits you in recording several windows concurrently, or whatever desktop actions you can imagine that can be recorded. After every parameter have been defined, you can simply click the button for initiating the recording process. Despite that there’re some differences between Movavi and Camtasia, the process involve in screen capturing is alike and easy in any of this programs.

2. Audio Capturing

Every software provides features for audio recording, however, recording video and audio differently in Camtasia might demand some progressive thinking and effort to be done in order to make the maximum out of it. The users will be able to use the in-built microphone and also include an external source microphone in order to raise the recording quality. If you intend to make Camtasia audio files with the program, you just simply have to open the Audio editor, choose the “create a New Audio File” option and click on record. The Audio editor will keep recording until you click on the stop button to finalize the process. In Movavi your voice can be recorded in addition to choosing that you record any other audio content that you’d love in just a few simple steps. Locate and click on capture Audio and choose the device you’d love to utilize for recording aswell as select recording source then you just click on Record in the end. Then, afterwards once you are done with the recording, the file will (audio) open right in the Movavi’s Timeline panel.

Audio and Video editing features comparison

Once the period for the recording has ended, the post-production process can start. The screen capture software in Camtasia allows you to share videos, without you having to convert them to a file format individually which is able to be processed by online video players, since all the files are saved in the comfortably compatible AVI format in the software. In the meantime it also offers regent editing tools for users who wish to cut down video clips or make some corrections in color. Every editing in this software is carried out using a producer characteristic that provides a wide range of both audio and video editing options, while the ScreenPad menu can also be used by users to include visual effects as you are recording. The editing features of Movavi’s video and audio are also favorable. Nevertheless, the recorded files in this software cannot directly be erased from the program and conversion into any of the many file formats that are available must first take place before this activity. Each of the screen capturing software backs up a large range of audio and video formats that gives users access to select the video file format that best matches their needs. Both Camtasia and Movavi allows for users to make videos that are professional on in regard that they provide so many different types of tools for editing and visual effects.

Sharing and price

After recording and editing your captured footage, the final step is to share it with the world. Your videos can be uploaded to Facebook, Vimeo, or YouTube, as well as other important file sharing sites on the internet, straight from the interface of Movavi, but first of all, you should ensure to have an account on these social media platforms. Movavi Share Online option helps you upload files with 100MB as the maximum size. Movavi’s Business package price tag is $99 which makes it of low cost to all sorts of users.

movavi share video

Camtasia is more costly in its comparison and comes at the price of $199.00, but the content of its sharing features are remarkable as they let users share videos straight from the program and sharing your videos with other users of Camtasia is quite easy.

camtasia share video

Other Options

If you are searching for a much lower-cost solution which at the same time is also an excellent option for your professional needs, Screen Grabber Pro might be a perfect option for you. Just at the rate of $39.95, a lifetime license can be given to you to utilize a screen capturing software that allows you to capture whatever you like. It can also cost you just $29.95 to get a license for one-year. This screen recording app is perfect for recording video games that are fast-paced for the reason that between 15 and 120 frames are captured each second, while it also proffers a full editing suite. A characteristic such as ‘Picture in Picture’ that helps you include another image to your video or 2 devices option that lets you record with two various cameras happening at the same time makes Screen Grabber Pro a very wonderful other option to screen recording software like Camtasia or Movavi.

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