Top 5 Alternative To Movavi Screen Capture

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Top 5 Alternative To Movavi Screen Capture

Movavi Screen Capture is a lightweight yet powerful video recording software which has been used by many people due to its offering of a great screen capture experience. However there are many other suitable alternative video capture solutions on the market which can offer the same or even better capturing process for you, which you might not have heard of previously. Therefore in this article we are going to present you the top 5 alternative recording solutions that can replace the Movavi Screen Capture software and are also designed to help help you record streaming video, music from websites, Skype calls, as well as create training videos, gameplay and other content with ease and confidence. Just check the compiled list below and find out more about the available alternatives directly.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro – The Best Movavi Alternative

When it comes to screen recorders as Movavi alternatives, one of the most recited and recommended screen recorder is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro solution that allows you to record videos from online, capture live meetings, save video chats, and perform many other recording options instead of using Movavi. This screen recorder tool offers you great recording experience and advanced features such as the simultaneous recording of video and audio, different capture modes which can be tailored to the personal need, and a user-friendly and clean interface. Moreover, as a distinctive feature, this program allows you to schedule a recording task ahead in time, when the program will capture your screen without the need that you operate the recording process by yourself, so you can be away and enjoy all the benefits.

Interested? See the steps below.

Step1 Download and install the program

Before the recording it is important to download the Screen Recorder Pro program for your Mac or Windows computer from the button provided below, and install it accordingly.

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Step2 Set up the option points

When you are done with downloading and installation, on the interface the audio panel needs to be adjusted before the ercording, where in the Audio Input dropdown menu the perferred audio option must be selected.

Step3 Initiate the recording

After figuring out the best audio option to your need, on the “Record” drop down menu you can choose the most suitable recording option, that is either a specific part or the full size of your screen, where everything is captured in the latter option.

Step4 Perform the recording

When you are done with all the options, click on the “Start” button to start the recording, where you can further advance the professional look of your recording by adding additional real-time annotation from the tools of the toolbar during the recording.

Once you have finished the recording by clicking on the Stop button, you are able to watch the recording by clicking on the “Play” option.


When it comes to other highly relevant alternative solutions, Fraps is one of the oldest and most widely used screen recorders for the PC that are also enjoyed by many users nowadays. Although it possesses many useful features, however, it the interface of this program is usually experienced as a drawback as it can create a lot of problems for inexperienced users with its difficulty in navigation and finding the right option what you are looking for. However on the other side it does exactly what it needs to do, especially when it comes to capturing gameplay which it is mainly used for.


When it comes to the best Movavi alternatives on the market, Camtasia is another mentionable alternative which can give you all the necessary features which Movavi is famous for, as well as that it is able to enhance this experience for you in many ways. Although Camtasia is a more expensive program than Movavi, this drawback is compensated in many side in the program, as the users who decide on using this program are offered a very good and smooth user experience on the interface of the program, and can record their activity of any kind on their screen within high quality and smooth recording speed and process, which is a good point for deciding on using this tool.


When it comes to other alternatives, a reputable screen recording tool on the market is Snagit, which is developed by the same developers who aired Jing, and who are famous for adding a lot of effort to improved user experience, and has also strong focus on maintaining the smoothness of the recording and having a very easy to navigate interface. Although this program is also a bit more expensive that Movavi, these differences in the layout and experience, as well as the provided features will also put this tool to the list of mentionable alternatives which can be a preferred option for screen recording.


As an interesting and widely different alternative solution to replace the Movavi screen capture tool with a better and faster program, Screencastify is a mentionable tool which might worth to have a try and a look on the list. This screen capturing tool is practically a screen recording extension for Google Chrome which can therefore be used from the Chrome browser, and it is the Chrome browser which must be installed first to the desktop or laptop computer of your choice. This tool offers solutions to create tutorial, customer support, product demo, and training videos among other activities on the screen, and therefore can be a great support to create the recording of the activity of your need.


The Movavi Screen Capture tool is in general a great screen recorder, however many alternatives are available on the market which can provide you the same or better recording experience, as especially the ones which are mentioned above on the list of our top 5 selection. However all of these programs have their own advantage or disadvantage when you compare them with the other, therefore it is important to be clear with what benefit they can provide, and that you choose the one which is the most suitable to you. In either way we recommend you to try out the AceThinker software as one of the best available solution at hand that will definitely leave a good impression on you.

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