Top 5 Ways to Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions

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Top 5 Ways to Record Mouse and Keyboard Actions

Recording screen activity is on-trend because of the emerging popularity for live stream gamers, vloggers, and more. Regarding this, it is important to capture every part of the screen. One evolving action is to capture your mouse movements and repeat them to do and repeat some particular tasks. Usually, gamers do this so their viewers can teach them on how to best a specific game without breaking a sweat. Or mostly for online games, this is important in case users want to defeat a boss and attack them multiple times repeatedly. So, in this article, let us find out the best mouse and keyboard recorder to help you do some work quickly.

Review of Apps

Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder is considered to be one of the best software that can record mouse and keyboard actions. Aside from offering all of the essential tools to do it, it also possesses an EXE-compiler and an automation tool. Furthermore, all recorded mouse and keyboard activities are available to save as a hotkey to easily repeat a specific task. Additionally, it features an intuitive and straightforward user interface making it easier for beginners to familiarize the software. Moreover, it can also set-up macro commands to automatically launch software or fill in any forms. However, one major drawback of this excellent software is that other services require a premium license to enjoy all of its services.

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Robot Soft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder

The next software on this list is the Robot Soft Mouse and Keyboard Recorder. This recording tool is beneficial and helps users to save a lot of time since it can record mouse and keyboard actions and repeat them accurately. Aside from that, it also features a mouse clicker and a key presser, which is suitable for recording a “Paint” process and redo it afterward. One unique function of this recorder also features a task scheduler option. Regarding this, users are allowed to perform such tasks automatically, even without touching their device. However, this essential mouse recorder is available for Windows users only. Also, the trial version could repeat a particular task for only 5 times.

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Another software that can record screen keyboard and mouse movements is ReMouse. Compare to other apps here; it is one of the most accessible tools since it only features a small interface with no complicated buttons appearing. Regarding this, it can record and save the keyboard and mouse movements using three clicks. Additionally, it offers a powerful and smart recording option that can create several macros and runs on the background via the task manager. Moreover, users can also schedule some tasks like launching a web browser so users can save time and energy and do the recorded task automatically. Despite that, it still lacks other exceptional recording functions due to its lightweight interface.

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TinyTask is another minimalist app used to repeat mouse and keyboard actions. This automation app promises to be one of the most uncomplicated and fastest free mouse recorders as it only takes 36KB of your local storage. Besides, it allows users to save and compile all of their mouse and keyboard recordings into a .exe file. Unlike some other tools mentioned here, it would not require to create any script or macros to capture the mouse and keyboard movements. Also, all saved recordings can play without opening any default media player; the mouse cursor will move on its own as recorded. However, due to its very intuitive and straightforward interface, it has limited functions and doesn’t feature a task scheduler option.

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Automator for Mac

The last mouse and keyboard recorder on this list is the Automator, which is available for Mac devices. What is best about this tool is that it is pre-installed for Mac devices. Regarding this, users would not need to download and follow any complicated installation process before using it. Also, it allows users to do basic Mac tasks like taking a picture and playing a song in a playlist with the help of its “Workflow” feature. Regarding this, every keystroke and mouse movement made is recorded and available to repeat anytime. For advanced users, they can add or create their scripts by using AppleScript and JavaScript codes to create other commands not included in the default Workflow. This is one major drawback of Automator since creating these scripts would require basic programming skills.

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Saving time and effort is one of the achievements we need to take once there is change. So, it would be great to record everything and let the tool repeat them for you. Luckily, these 5 apps that can record screen keyboard and mouse movements are here to save the day. Aside from playing games, these tools can also help you finish repetitive tasks for work. In case you do have any more suggestions, feel free to fill in the comment box below. Thank you!

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November 7, 2019

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