Tips for Creating Video without Camera

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Tips for Creating Video without Camera

record video without camera

Any desire to create high-quality videos but got no camera? Have ever been in a situation where you wanted to create a video and then post it on YouTube without the utilization of digital cam or webcam? Of course, it’s possible and easy to accomplish. What you have to do is to download Screen Grabber Pro and you can create videos, even a lot of videos without bothering yourself about cameras. This software helps you take a screen video recording of the videos you prefer. If you want you could browse or stream videos and during the process of streaming is possible to capture the video by yourself. It also gives you the privilege to create a video with still images. The way it does this is by using the Add Media button and importing all your images, it can create a complete movie with this alone.

Screen Grabber for Window

screen grabber pro for windows

It makes you do it the professional way. As a screen recording tool, it can monitor and capture any activity that occurs on your screen from cursor movements to videos streaming to online gameplay. It’s good to know that presently recording audio simultaneously is being created. So whatever the case may be, whether there are some beautiful pictures you want to make video for or maybe there are some educative tutorials you wish to make, just not forget that there are some gameplay that one may like to record, this software has the capacity to deliver all these jobs.


Once you are through with the installation on your system, the next call to action will be following the few steps below to record a video conferencing.

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  • 1. Before you start recording, click Audio Input and choose your option.
  • 2. Click Record and click Full Screen if you want to record the entire screen or Region if you wish to select a particular area. It’s advised that you maximize the video conference window to full screen – this enables you to record the entire window for better quality.
  • configure audio settings

  • 3. Click on the Start button to begin the recording process you wish to start. You will see a toolbar below the recording region. From here you’re able to annotate with pen, texts, arrows and more elements. You may also pause when you need to break a while or click on “Stop” to finish recording. Once done, the recorded video will be loaded on the task list of main interface and you’re able to play or locate it.


In addition, Screen Grabber Pro also has a scheduling feature that enables you to set the start time and duration of recording. With this software, you can also perform tasks like capturing screenshots, video editing, as well as converting recorded videos to other formats including MKV, 3GP, MPEG, FLV, MP4, AVI, and SWF.

screen recorder scheduler

Screen Grabber for Mac

screen grabber pro for mac

For those using Mac they can search for the Mac version of the product:

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  • 1. Download and install this Mac screencast program from below, then install and run it.
  • 2. Before you start the recording process, you may want to configure the settings in Options that best suit what you intend to do, for instance, you can select the desirable output folder, frame rate, hotkeys for recording, etc.
  • 3. Then simply drop down Audio menu and choose the audio input source (If what you want to do is to capture game along with the conversation from you and other players, then “Both system sound and microphone” is recommended.)
  • recording settings of screen grabber pro mac

  • 4. Once you are through with your preferred settings, you can click on the Record button and choose a recording mode, then start the capturing process.
  • 5. Click the Stop button to end the recording and your video will be saved in the output folder automatically.

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