Top 5 Apps to Record Screen in Linux

Last updated on June 1, 2017 by Cindy Smith

linux screen recorderRecording your computer screen is really simple in Linux, if you have the best Linux screen recorder. With a Linux screen capture software you can do a lot of things like creating a video presentation, product demo or a tutorial. With this you can guide newbie Linux users or just record your gameplaying skills and share it with your friends and family. Screencasts are really cool, especially if you want to help someone in demonstrating how to do something. It is not necessary to stream your recording live to the other user but just record the video, save it to your desktop and upload in to your social media channel. There is plenty of Linux video recording software out there but how do you know what is the best? Here they are explained:

Kazam Screen Recorder

Kazam Screen Recorder

Kazam is a rather new piece of software for Linux screen recording. Unfortunately, this software has only been made available for Ubuntu Linux. The reason Kazam screen recorder has made into the top of the list is because it is easy to use software and makes recording easy. Along with this, it also saves your video file in Vp8 or webM formats. With these output formats, you can definitely manage your video files for a long time without any issues.

Apart from the basic recording features, Kazam Linux desktop recorder also comes loaded with a lot of features. Some of the features including showing a countdown timer before the recording starts and options to export your videos to YouTube directly from the software. You can also add a titles and descriptions to your videos. Overall, Kazam Linux video recorder software has been considered as one of the best Linux record screen software and is worth trying.



recordMyDesktop is also another great linux screen recorder software that makes recording your Linux computer screen easy and simple. It also comes loaded with a lot of features including a command line utility tool. Unfortunately, when you go for a command line recording, you cannot select a portion of the screen or choose the output quality. With the GUI version, you can select a window, set the output quality and sound quality. It has a very minimalistic interface with only a few buttons.

With recordMyDesktop your basic requirement for screen casting is fulfilled completely. You can also record high quality videos like full-HD videos with recordMyDesktop, even though it has been reported to have some issues in full-HD recording. One limitation with recordMyDesktop is that you have very limited output video formats. You can only save your files in Theora video format and Vorbis audio format. This is worth using if you’re looking for something minimal that is very easy to use.

Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen Recorder

If recordMyDesktop is a basic but efficient linux screen recording software, then Simple Screen Recorder is the opposite with a lot of advanced features. With Simple Screen Recorder you can easily record videos that are heavy in graphics and also your normal Linux desktop activities easily. Earlier in Linux there were lots of clumsy pieces of software to record your desktop, but with the introduction of Simple Screen recorder everything was made simple and easy. It also provides options to configure the software with respect to your system configuration, so that there is no lag while recording your Linux desktop.

When it comes to features, Simple Screen recorder software is loaded with a lot including recording the entire screen or only a portion of the screen. Even though it is still in beta stage, you can also record openGL content. The Simple Screen Recorder linux desktop recorder also provides options to configure your settings like setting your frame rate and video scaling. You can also define the audio source like adding an audio from another source.



ScreenStudio is another piece of software which allows you to easily record your screen in Linux. When compared to the other software listed above, ScreenStudio is one of the most professional looking software to record screen linux with completely advanced user interface loaded with a lot of features. It has some of the basic screen recording capabilities along with full-HD video recording as well. You can also set various video output formats before starting your video recording process.

The interface is pretty simple and easy to use, as you can start your linux video recording with just a push of a button. Once you have configured the basic setting like setting the video output format, video frame rate, video quality, presets, streaming options and audio source you can start your recording process. Some of the other features with ScreenStudio is that it allows you to select the required video source and also allows you to add video subtitles and also add content overlay as well.


Vokoscreen recorder

Vokoscreen is another useful Linux screen recording software that helps you in recording all the activities in your Linux desktop screen. It also comes with various recording modes allowing you to capture the entire screen or capture only the active window or capture only a portion of your Linux desktop. It has hotkeys enabled to record your screen easily. You can also save video files in different formats including AVI, MKV and various other formats. It is also available in 25 languages.

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