The Best Screen Recording Software for Laptop in 2020

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Due to the emergence of the information age, personal computers are a necessity nowadays and a typical requirement for jobs. In connection with this, laptops are designed for people who are always on the go. Laptops are portable computers that run on battery, so you can still bring them wherever you are. Usually, students and business people possess a laptop so they can continue any presentations, assignments, or reports they need to finish. Aside from that, we all know that recording your screen activity is essential nowadays for creating software tutorials, livestreams, gameplays, and more. We understand that there are a lot of screen recorders out there, and you might have trouble choosing one. Don’t worry, we got your back here as we checked some recorders so you can identify which is the best laptop screen recorder that you can use.

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Things to Prepare Before Recording

Like any other activity, there should be some preparations or things you need to know before you can conduct a perfect screen recording session. This is necessary in case you want to share your recording with your clients or other people. Read the comprehensive list below so you can prepare properly on every recording.

things to consider

Extra Tips:

  • Equipment: Quality is one of the things you need to acknowledge to make sure your screencast is as clear as possible. For recording livestreams or gameplay, you should have an external microphone and web camera instead using the ones provided by the laptop in default. Usually, these built-in cameras on laptop only supports capturing for a standard quality.
  • Laptop Condition: Since laptops run on battery, it is better to maximize its use. For recording its screen, 2 apps (the screen recorder and the other app or game you’re trying to record) will launch at the same time, so make sure that any unnecessary apps you don’t need are closed. Also, hide your icons temporarily, so your desktop looks cleaner.
  • Regulate your Pace: In case you record a voice-over, the viewers must understand you. Slow down a bit, it will not hurt you. Also, don’t make any unnecessary movements on the mouse cursor since this is one of the things your audience focus on.
  • Essential Editing: Although everything is prepared, you still need to expect that some mistakes might happen while recording. For sharing a tutorial or gameplay, you must remove unwanted parts like a slow loading screen, app crashes or bugs, and more.
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Platform: Windows and Mac OS
Key Feature: Showcases a “Task Scheduler” function that allows you to set-up a preset time and date, and the software will do the rest even you are away from your laptop.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro lets you record any part of your laptop screen efficiently since it lets you choose multiple recording modes. With that being said, it lets you capture the entire screen or a specific area you want. It will also allow you to record the audio coming from the laptop or microphone simultaneously.

One good thing about Screen Grabber Pro is that you can insert annotations into the recording in real-time. You can add texts, shape, or lines. Additionally, it can record a webcam overlay window, which is necessary so that you can connect with your viewers in a better way. Moreover, the recordings are available to save into various video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, and more. Aside from screen recording, the software also allows you to capture snapshots and save them as an image file. Continue reading the steps provided below to learn how to record your laptop screen.

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Step1 Download and Install the Laptop Recorder

First and foremost, click any of the “Download” buttons provided above according to the operating system of your laptop. Next, open the installer and follow its guide to save it entirely on your laptop. Once done, launch Screen Grabber Pro to access its main interface.

screen grabber pro

Step2 Start Recording

From the main interface of the software, hit the “Drop-down” menu beside “Audio input” to select the sound source. Next, hit the “Record” tab to expand the drop-down list and select the recording mode you want. Once everything is set-up, click “OK” to start the recording.

configure settings

Step3 Save the Recording

Once done, click the “Stop” button located at the recording toolbar. After that, the main interface of Screen Grabber Pro will appear automatically. From here, right-click the file name and select “Preview” to watch the recorded file.

play laptop recording


  • It allows you to record the audio only coming from the laptop and microphone.
  • The software can record the entire laptop screen with only 3 clicks.


  • If you are only subscribed to its free-trial version, expect a watermark is embedded in the output.

Platform: Windows only
Key Feature: The software can record games for up to 4K Ultra HD resolution.

If you are interested in recording gameplay and share it with your friends, Bandicam might be the one that suits you. This software can record the laptop screen up to 60 FPS.

Bandicam also allows you to record the mouse cursor, which is necessary for software tutorials. Regarding this function, you can also add effects correspond with the mouse clicks while recording. Aside from recording webcam overlay, it can also capture the mirrored screen of other external devices like mobile phones, Xbox, PlayStation, and more. Moreover, you can compress the recorded video into a smaller file size so you can share more videos easily. Finally, the developers promise that the recording process will have less lag compared to other game recorders since it only occupies low CPU usage.

record laptop screen


  • You can share your recorded videos directly to YouTube.
  • Premium users can record games or any screen activity for up to 24 hours.


  • Recorded videos are only supported in standard quality (480p) if you are only using its free-trial version.

Platform: Mac OS only
Key Feature: Offers a “Multiscreen Recording” feature that can record all the applications or windows launched on your laptop simultaneously.

A screen recording software for laptop that works exclusively for Mac OS is ScreenFlow. This is a powerful recorder that allows you to record and also edit the video using animated graphics, text animations, and more.

ScreenFlow lets you save the recorded file or create GIFs that are trending these days. You can also plug-in an iPhone to your Mac laptop, and the screen recorder can detect and record its screen. Additionally, you can upload your stunning recordings into popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and more. Moreover, its editing feature provides countless filters and transitions to choose from so you can enhance your recording. Finally, the software allows you to blur some parts of the recording to hide sensitive parts (personal information or passwords).

no lag screen recorder


  • You can also preview the recording even before saving it.
  • Adds a mouse animation function to add click effects while recording.


  • The premium version of the software costs $129.00 each year.

Platform: Chrome, Firefox, and Opera web browsers
Key Feature: The web-based app allows you to capture unlimited number of screen recordings for free.

In case you are only interested record anything that shows while surfing the net, ScreenApp can be a good alternative for you. Additionally, this online tool is so accessible since you would not have to register or download an installer on your laptop to use it.

ScreenApp features one of the easiest ways to capture the browser activity on your laptop since it record them in a single click. In addition to that, it can also record multiple browser windows or tabs at the same time. Moreover, the online tool compresses the recordings automatically so you can download it quicker even you record the screen for at up to 1 hour. Due to all of the features it provides, ScreenApp is known for recording YouTube videos without breaking a sweat.

record laptop screen


  • Also features a basic editor that allows you to trim the recordings before downloading them.
  • Although it is an online tool, the recording process will still continue even if the internet disconnected unexpectedly.


  • It only saves the recorded video in .webm format.
Hippo Video

Platform: Chrome browser only (Available in Extension Store)
Key Feature: It allows you to save all recorded videos to Google Drive for backup.

If you are looking for a complete recorder that can be accessed as a browser extension, you can try Hippo Video. This is also necessary if you want to save space in your local drive since it only occupies 2.29 MB of hard drive.

Like other solutions mentioned here, it also lets you record the activity captured in your built-in laptop camera. Additionally, you can trim a small clip from a recorded video and turn into GIF files. Aside from the screen recorder, it also provides an online video editor that allows you to add texts, emojis, or filters into the recorded file. Since Hippo Video is specially designed for creating slideshows, it lets you merge all recorded clips you have saved. Finally, it lets you embed a customized watermark to the screencast if you want to personalize it.

record laptop screen


  • It lets you mask a part of the laptop screen to cover any sensitive data.
  • Provides a “Quick Edit” function for beginners that offers fewer functions like crop and trim so they can learn the basics.


  • You may experience lags or latency while recording especially if you have a lot of tabs or browser windows.
Icecream Screen Recorder

Platform: Windows and Mac OS
Key Feature: This recorder allows you to record 3D games in full-screen mode.

One of the simplest software available that allows you to capture the entire laptop screen within 2 clicks is Icecream Screen Recorder. Also, it features a built-in audio recorder which is designed for recording music, podcast, live concert performances, and more.

Aside from its clean interface, you can also set-up hotkeys so you can start any recording process in a quick manner. Additionally, it even lets you choose the video format (MP4, AVI, and more) of each recording even before doing it. It also allows you to control the appearance of the recording since you can hide the mouse cursor, desktop icons, or even the desktop background to make it cleaner. Lastly, it lets you “Zoom In” a particular area of the laptop on the recording, which is great if you want to highlight something on the screen.

record laptop screen


  • The recorder also provides a built-in editor to trim recorded videos.
  • Its developer built an Android version of the software so it can be available for mobile phones.


  • Its free version only allows you to record the screen for up to 5 minutes per session.

Platform: Windows and Mac OS
Key Feature: The screen recorder allows you enhance the recording with the help of multiple preset templates, transitions, and effects.

If you want to create a professional video or presentations, Camtasia will help you. This laptop screen recorder allows you to edit the recording right after you stopped it. Its built-in video editor lets you enhance the recorded file by adding effects, filters, and more.

Camtasia lets you share the recorded and edited video immediately to some video-sharing websites like Vimeo. Additionally, you can save the recorded file directly into an MP3 format if you want to extract the sound. Moreover, it also has a partner mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS smartphones in case you want to record your phone and edit them directly using the Camtasia video editor.

record laptop screen


  • Also provides an annotation tool to add texts, effects, and objects into the recording.
  • It can record PowerPoint slides and turn them into a video format so you can play it on more devices.


  • Although it provides a 30-day free-trial, you will have to purchase its licensed version to continue using its features.
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