Jing vs. SnagIt: What Program is Best for Screen Capture?

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Jing vs. SnagIt: What Program is Best for Screen Capture?

When you need to capture screen, Jing and Snagit may be your first choice. But what’s the different between them? Which one if better? This article makes a comparison between the 2 screen capture programs in different aspects. At the same time, an alternative recorder is recommended to record video instead, which you can click the button below to get a free copy.

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Snagit and Jing software are basically great applications for taking a screenshot and capturing activities on your computer screen. These programs work well and are very popular for making tutorials or demonstrations. In addition, you can utilize both programs on either Windows or Mac computer. In this article, we will have a closer look at these programs to see which of the two shall be used by comparing their functions and capabilities.


Jing is widely known for its movable “sun” icon that is partly hidden on your desktop. This is a tool that is 100% free and very easy to use.

Capture Capabilities

Jing is capable of recording both videos and screenshots from your screenshots. You can select the area of the screen you wish to capture using Jing’s crosshair selection. With Jing you can select the audio source from where you wish to record sound from, this can be any type of microphone, but system sound cannot be recorded. Jing is only capable of recording videos with up to 10 FPS. Low frame rates like this will result in bad quality videos. Moreover, the free version of Jing only allows you to record videos of length no more than 5 minutes, which greatly limits your possibilities.

main interface of jing

Output format

Jing saves videos in flash format (SWF) and this, unfortunately, makes sharing and converting a difficult task. To share your videos online, you will need to log into Screencast.com, an online file sharing tool.


Jing has a very simple and intuitive interface that looks more like a browser add-on rather than an actual program. The iconic Jing sun, that hides in one of the corners of your screen, when hovered over with your mouse, brings up 3 buttons that you can use to easily access screen capturing, settings and your capture history. Once you have captured an image, Jing will open your image in a new interface where you can edit your image before saving or uploading it.

Editing options

It is an excellent screenshot tool that allows you to edit your captured image instantly. You can add annotations, shapes, text and highlights to your screenshot.

edit picture on jing


As of 2013, only the free version of Jing is available and all Pro accounts have been changed back to the free version. The reason for this is that the developers of the program believed that the release of their other program, Snagit, would satisfy the needs of their former Jing Pro users better.

Extra functions

Jing has a very useful capture history tool where you can access all of your previously captured images and videos. A thumbnail is shown for each image and video and by hovering over the thumbnail you can view all the relevant details of the file.


SnagIt is highly popular in the market for its professional screen recording tool and high-quality screenshots.

Capture capabilities

With Snagit, you will be able to capture any area of your screen, even scrolling web pages. Other input sources supported are your webcam and microphone. If you want to record a gameplay, for example, you can also record your system’s audio. A unique feature of Snagit is its Capture Text technology which utilizes OCR recognition technology to help you extract text from imported images and screenshots.

screen capture options

Output formats

Since the release of Snagit 11, AVI format as an output is no longer supported, instead, you can only save your files in MP4 format, which integrates better with web pages and can be shared more easily. An external converter program can be used to convert the output MP4 files to a different format. In terms of image output, you have somewhat more flexibility as you can save your images in 4 common image formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, and GIF.


Snagit’s interface is essentially built up of 3 different modules: All-in-One, Image, and Video. The All-in-One module lets you take screenshots while recording, while the Image function takes care of only screenshotting matters and the Video module is responsible for recording high-quality videos. Snagit features a OneClick interface which can pin the most important screen capturing functions to the side of your screen. With OneClick you will be able to initiate recording with a single click and access the basic settings related to your recording.

Editing options

Snagit has its very own built-in powerful editing program. In the Snagit Editor, you can customize your screenshots and videos by adding text, arrows, shapes, and effects. With the auto-fill tool, you will be able to select certain elements in an image and move them around or remove them. The call-outs tool lets you highlight important parts of your image and add contextual information in various colors and shapes.

editing feature on snagit


This tool is not for free. You need to purchase this program at the price of $49.95, but considering its comprehensive set of tools and flexibility, it is a sum worth investing.

Extra functions

The latest release, Snagit 2018, comes with some awesome new features that we have never seen before. One such feature is the new animated GIF functionality which lets you create GIFs from the videos you have captured. You can also select objects such as graphs and tables from your images and rearrange them. With the Text Grab function you will also be able to take any text in your image, extract it and edit it.

Alternative Option

screen grabber pro

If you are looking for an alternative tool for Jing and SnagIt. You can try the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This is a very outstanding tool that you can easily use. Like SnagIt and Jing, you can record your screen activity and take screenshots. Aside from that, its interface allows you to save your recordings instantly, so you won’t experience any trouble looking for your recorded files. It can also record the audio from your system and mic. You can grab the lifetime license of this tool for the price of $39.95 and $29.95 for a year, which is a lot cheaper than SnagIt price.


As you can see, Jing and SnagIt have their own strength and weaknesses in terms of taking a screenshot and recording video. But as explained above, SnagIt is way better in all aspects. It has no time limit unlike Jing and can record with audio. It also produces better quality screen recordings. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is also worthy to mention because it is very similar to SnagIt but cheaper in price.

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