Jing vs. SnagIt: What Program is Best for Screen Capture?

Last updated on March 16, 2018 by Roland Zonai

FIjingvssnagitSnagit and Jing software are basically great applications for taking screenshot and capturing activities in your computer screen. Both programs are very popular and useful. Aside from that, you can utilize them either you are a Windows user or a Mac user. In this article, we will have a closer look on these programs in which tool shall be use through comparing their functions and capabilities.


Jing is widely known for its movable “sun” icon that is partly hidden on your desktop. This is a tool that is 100% free and very easy to use. It is very excellent screenshot tool that can edit your captured image instantly. You can do annotation and enhance the image. However, it has too many flaws in its screen recorder. First is you can record your screen activity in just 5 minutes. Many screen recorders now a day allows you to record as much as you want as long you have memory space for it. So, having a limited time in recording is a crucial weakness. Second is it only allows you to get 10 frames per second which will result to a poor video quality. The third is Techsmith Jing doesn’t capture the audio from your system and mic. This will limit the tool from making screen castings and capturing important audios from your target video.


SnagIt is highly popular in the market for its professional screen recording tool and highly quality screenshots. Like Jing, this program is very outstanding screenshot, its intuitive interface makes it very easy to capture image or record screen activity. It can also edit captured image and can add text, arrows, shapes, lines and more. It can function as all-in-one, screenshot, or video recorder. The all-in-one function allows the user to capture image while recording your screen activity. Aside from that, compare to Jing, SnagIt Screencast allows the user to record your screen activity with audio from your system and mic. This is a very good and useful functions among screen recorders where you can now record live stream videos and important speeches. It also fills one of the weakness of Jing which is having a time limit in recording. With these characteristics, SnagIt is more superior to Jing. However, this tool is not for free. You need to purchase this program with the price of $49.95.

Alternative Option

screen grabber pro
If you are looking for an alternative tool for Jing and SnagIt. You can try to use AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. This is a very outstanding tool that you can easily use. Like SnagIt and Jing, you can record your screen activity and take screenshots. Aside from that, its interface allows you to save your recordings instantly, so you wouldn’t have any trouble looking for your recorded files. It can also record the audio from your system and mic. You can grab the lifetime license of this tool for the price of $39.95 and $29.95 for a year. A lot cheaper than SnagIt Price.


As you can see, Jing and SnagIt are very useful tool for screen recording and taking screenshot. But as explained above SnagIt is way better in all aspects. It has no time limit unlike Jing and can record with audio. It also produces better quality screen recordings. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is also worthy to mention because it is very similar to SnagIt but cheaper in price.

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