How to Record Video Chat Using Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a tool for recording any activity in your PC’s display screen. It can also record video calls along with the voice of both users. With this tool, you can save all the recordings and watch them over and over again. Most of the people ask how to record their video calls with their loved ones, primarily when they work overseas. They keep the recorded calls as their memories to watch when they feel homesick. To help you with that, follow the steps that we will mention below on how to record video calls together with the audio from both sides.

Step1 Download and Install the app

Download the app, then run it on your PC and follow the steps of the setup wizard to install it.

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Step2 Launch the app

Once the software is installed, run the app and the main interface will appear.

Step3 Personalize recording

Make sure that the audio source is “System sound and microphone” mode so it can record the voice from both sides.

set up settings

Step4 Start recording

After setting the audio source, you will see the red “Record” button and beside it is a drop down button. Click the drop down button, and a menu with different options will appear. Select “Region” mode to choose the parts of the screen, that you want to include in the recording. Not only it will record the video but also the audio of the call.

select recording region

Step5 Set the region

When you click the “Region” mode, it will show you the zoom in cursor. You can adjust the size of the recording area, by dragging it across the screen.

Drag the frame

Step6 Set preferred recording type

(Optional) You can also select from the pre-made aspect ratio before you start recording.

set the recording type

Step7 Annotate while recording

To start real-time editing, click the “Pen” icon from the rightmost part of the floating tool bar. After clicking the said icon, a set of enhancement options will appear.

annotate while recording

When the recording starts, the floating toolbar will appear. From there, you can Pause, Stop, adjust the volume of your system sounds and microphone.

Step8 Stop recording

Once you are done recording the video call, just simply press the “Stop” button to save the video on your PC.

stop recording

Step9 Review recorded file

You can watch your recorded videos within the app’s interface. Also, the file is automatically save to your PC where you can find when you click the “Open folder” button.

check the recorded file

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