Best 10 HD Screen Recorder to Record HD Video

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Best 10 HD Screen Recorder to Record HD Video

It’s always important to record screen in HD and save the screencasts in high resolution so as to make the video look professional. Here 10 HD screen video recorders are reviewed for your reference. Or you can just click the button below to get one of the best HD screen recorder – Screen Grabber Pro and start the HD recording immediately.

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Screen recording software is really handy for people who want to capture the activities going on their computer screen. With these recording tools, you can easily record your computer screen as easy as taking a screenshot of your desktop or click a picture with a camera with just a press of a button. These tools also prove vital to users who demonstrate the working of their software, people who want to create a how-to video or people willing to record their gameplay to share with their friends via social networks etc. HD screen recorder now is gaining more and more popularity as quality assurance is important. Here we’re going to see about the best HD video screen recorders in the market.

Screen Grabber Pro

hd screen recorder

Screen Grabber Pro is recommended as the best HD screen recorder software that lets you capture anything on your computer screen easily. It captures both audio and video as well, as it captures the exact video playing in your desktop along with the sound from your system or from your micro-phone. Equipped with various screen capture modes, you can capture either all the activities happening in your computer in full screen mode or capture only a specific portion of the screen or point your cursor on an area on the screen and capture only the area around your mouse cursor. The captured video can be saved in various formats including WMV, MP4, AVI and FLV in high quality.

Moreover, this HD video recorder allows you to schedule your screen grabbing tasks by setting the starting time and the duration. That means even if you are not available near your desktop, you can still make sure the activity in your computer to be recorded easily. You can use it to record HD videos in both Windows and Mac. Now just click the button below to get the right version and start capturing your screen as HD video with ease!

These easy to follow steps will help you with using Screen Grabber Pro:

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

To start using the tool, you must first download the installer from the buttons below. Next, run it on your PC then follow the succeeding steps of the setup wizard.

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Step2 Launch the tool and get started

Once the installation is finished, launch the tool and you will reach the main interface. From there, click the drop-down menu arrow and from the menu, select which recording mode to use. Region mode, gives you the option to choose the part of the screen that will be included to the recording. Full Screen on the other hand, records the entire screen area.

select recording mode

Step3 Begin the recording process

After setting the recording mode, begin the actual recording process by clicking the “Record” button. A three second countdown will start and then the recording process will commence.

start recording

Step4 Annotate while recording

While recording is in progress, you can also add annotations to enhance the video. By clicking the “Pen” icon, the editing panel will appear. From the set of options, select the one that suits your preference and add it to the recording.

add annotations

Step5 End the recording

Once satisfied with what you recorded, you can save the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button. The video will then be saved on your PC.

stop the recording

Step6 Task Scheduler

An additional feature of Screen Grabber Pro that might come handy is its built-in “Task Scheduler.” This option allows you to set a time where the tool will automatically start recording. To use the “Task Scheduler,” go to “Settings” and select “Task Scheduler” option. From there, set the task name and the recording duration of the video.

sgp task scheduler

Step7 Watch and locate the video

To watch the video, search for it from the “Preview Panel” of the tool and click the “Play” button. On the other hand, if you want to locate the actual file, click the “Open folder” button and the file location will appear.

play and locate video

This is especially useful when you have a scheduled meeting. You can then just turn off interruptions like email, chat, etc. and wait for the program to automatically. Why not get this WebEx meeting recorder right now and start making WebEx recordings with no hassles?


record screen in hd

You can see daily thousands of videos posted on YouTube and other social media channels everyday and those videos are not just raw videos, but videos that have been edited and modified to a great extent. On hindsight, it may seem a big task in recording a video and editing the video using another video editing software and then publishing on to sites like YouTube.

But there are many free software out there that lets you record screen hd and you need to download another free software to edit or enhance it. This is where Ezvid comes to your rescue, as it combines both screen recording as well as editing options in the same software. The software is easy to use with a clean user interface, where when you start with program, you are allowed to edit the title of the video, add any description, specify a category and add some keywords and music to the video. You can also see a preview of the video too. You also have video editing and recording features present in the bottom of the screen. You can also capture the recording from a webcam or capture a portion of the screen etc.

The steps below will illustrate the process of recording HD videos using Ezvid:

Step1 Install Ezvid

Download the installer by visiting the official website of Ezvid, or click the link above to open it on a new tab. After download, install the tool by running the installer on your PC.

download the tool

Step2 Launch the Ezvid and start recording

Once the tool is installed, you can launch the tool and from the main screen, click the “Screen Recording” button. A new window will appear, and from there, click “Start capture now.”

start the recording

Step3 Add notes while recording

The tool also allows real-time editing of videos. This means that you are able to add other options to the recording, and save them on the video. Click the “Draw” button from the mini toolbar, and choose the option that you want. Once done with the recording, click the “Stop” button and the video will appear on the “Preview Panel” of the tool.

draw while recording

Step4 Watch and save the video

From the “Preview Panel,” you can watch the video and check for other improvements. Once satisfied with the video, click the “Save video” button to export it to your PC.

save the file


free hd screen recorder

The Camstudio allows you to record screen in HD quality and it is also one of the most widely used screen casters for Windows and comes packed with a lot of features that is not available even in commercial hd screen recorder software’s like Camtasia Studio .

The interface is easy to use and provides you with all the option to record videos from your computer right away. All you need to do is just press the record button in red to start your recording process. But it is always recommended to have your settings configured according to your requirements like selecting the appropriate codecs and select the required quality of recording and appropriate frame rate required etc. By default when you press record, it starts capturing the entire screen and if you need to capture a specific region in the screen, then you can specify the exact region to be captured by selecting the region menu. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to control the recording process.

Here is how you can use the software:

Step1 Camstudio Installation

Visit Camstudio’s official website, or by clicking the link above, you will be able to download the installer.

download camstudio

Step2 Start recording

Start by launching the tool after installation. Then, select the area of the screen that needs to be recorded and hit the “Record” button. To finish and save your clip, all you have to do is click “Stop” and your recording will be automatically saved on your PC.

start recording

Step3 View the recording

After clicking the “Stop” button, the video playback will appear on your screen. Watch the video from the playback panel, or watch it from the file folder where it is saved.

watch the video

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source HD screen recording program that helps you to capture your screen and also to provide live streaming from your computer. It enables you to capture real-time audio and video capturing and also edit and mix your video with custom transitions. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

There are several filters available including image masking, color keying and many more filters to enhance your video to the next level. With a powerful audio mixer equipped with an intelligent filter functionality, you can modify the sound quality as well. The open broadcaster software has been rebuilt entirely to provide a lightweight and high performance hd screen video recorder software.

Follow the guidelines below on how to use the software:

Step1 Install and launch OBS Studio

OBS Studio can be downloaded from the link above. Download the installer first, then run it on the PC device, and follow the instructions on-screen.

download the tool

Step2 Start recording with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is not like other screen recorders, because it needs to be configured according to your needs. First, under the “Scene” column, click the “Add” button and enter the scene name. Then, on the “Sources” box, enter the source where you want to capture from.

select gameplay capture

Step3 Start recording with OBS Studio

To commence recording, click the “Start Recording” button from the right-hand part of the window.

start the recording process

Step4 Complete the recording process

Once you have captured the entire or the desired part of your HD video, stop the recording by clicking “Stop Recording.” Your clip will be saved to the folder specified.

end the recording

Step5 Watch the OBS Studio video

Once done, you can open the specific folder where OBS Studio saved the video, and from the folder, you can watch the video directly.

watch the video


Screenpresso is another high quality free hd screen recorder and also one of the simplest screenshot tools in the market. It helps you to capture images or video for your product demo or product training work or to report bugs and errors in the easiest manner. It is also a light-weight tool that also comes packed with an advanced image editor and image sharing features as well.

Capture anything or everything on your screen with just a few clicks in seconds. You can also maintain your capture history for future reference. With the help of an advanced app available for iOS, you can also import images from your iPhone to your computer.

The built-in image editor allows you to add texts, annotations or highlight some region in the screenshots for better clarity and explanation. You can also create pdf documents with the help of the document generator present in Screenpresso. And what’s more you can also share your screen recording with the Screenpresso cloud and also publish it to social channels like Twitter, Facebook or Google Drive.

If you are not familiar with using the tool, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Installation

First, download and install Screenpresso from its official website. Follow the steps of the installation wizard carefully.

Screenpresso starter

Step2 Open Screenpresso

In the system tray, right-click Screenpresso’s icon and a list of options will be displayed along with their shortcuts. To take a screenshot, click the first option, which will let you select the region of your screen to be recorded.

Screenpresso region

Step3 Saving and sharing

Screenshots will be automatically saved and you can access your history by double clicking the Screenpresso icon. The items in your history can be easily dragged and dropped for sharing.

Saving and sharing

BB Flashback Express

An additionally mentionable free HD screen capture software that is able to produce desired high definition video as output is the BB Flashback Express which clearly defends its name as it is both a speedy solution that is able to have an express delivery of the produced digital content, as well as it able to work silently in the background and act as a flash that only comes into visibility for a short period of time. The created HD quality video is truly very sharp and is able to be played on a large range of devices depending on what was chosen as output format in regard of the compatibility with other video players.

For further guidance, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Setting up

Once you have installed BB Flashback Express on your system, launch it. Start off by selecting the region of your screen to be captured from one of the following modes: full screen, region or window. While you are here, also configuring your sound settings.

BB Flashback Express settings

Step2 Selecting the screen region

Select the area of your screen you wish to record by highlighting the desired part. After this, click on “Start recording” and your recording will begin after a short countdown.

Selecting the screen region

Step3 Stopping or pausing the recording

While the program is recording your screen, you can choose to stop it or pause it anytime using either the BB Flashback toolbar on your screen or by double-clicking the program’s icon in the system tray and choosing from the options.

Step4 Complete the recording by saving

After you have stopped the recording and you are satisfied with the content you have captured, you have to choose what you want do with your clip. You can share it on YouTube, simply save the video in a common video format or you can make corrections to it in the built-in editing program.

Selecting the screen region


tiny take recorder

Tinytake is a very fast and lightweight free HD screen capture application that is able to be installed on the computer of the user within a short glimpse, while the tool itself is much more comprehensive and powerful as provides a great possibility to create HD videos of any sort from the available ongoing happenings on the screen of the computer of the users. This tool is very fast with its installation and doesn’t take much effort to produce the desired high definition content, that will be so sharp that it will surely satisfy all the recording needs that can possibly come up during the recording process.

To capture an HD video from your screen, follow the steps below:

Step1 Capturing your screen

In your system tray, locate TinyTake’s icon and right-click on it to bring up the options list. Click on “Capture Video from Screen” or use the shortcut displayed next to it to access this feature.

select to capture video

Step2 Configure shortcuts

To change the default shortcut keys, under the “Hot-Keys” tab, make your own selections for each command.

tinytake settings

Step3 Using the app

You can do the same by opening the app and clicking on “Capture” in the top-right corner of the app’s window.


screen flow

ScreenFlow is a very popular as well as professional alternative application that is free HD screen recorder Mac and is able to do screen capturing of any type of activity that is being initiated and conducted by the user. This activity can include anything from playing games with the intention to record the best gameplay achievements, to as far as recording a business talk in order to have a copy about the serious issues that are being a relevant topic. In case you decide on this tool, you will surely get a lot of benefit from its easy interface and direct way how you can professionally handle HD video recording.

To get further information on the use of ScreenFlow, refer to the points below:

Step1 Setting up your recording

After downloading and installing ScreenFlow successfully, launch the program and automatically you should be given the choice of what you would like to record. If this is not the case, you can always use the small camera icon on the toolbar across the top of your screen to initiate a new recording process.

Step2 Starting the recording

Once you have all the setups matching your needs, click the red record icon in the middle of your ScreenFlow’s interface and after a short countdown, the process will begin. Now play the HD video you wish to record.

Step3 Finalizing your recording

To stop the recording, right-click the camera icon on your toolbar and press “Stop record”. ScreenFlow’s editing program will be automatically opened displaying your clip, where you can make further enhancements to your content.

Debut Video Capture Software

debut video capture

Debut Video Capture Software is an universal screen capturing tool that can be used for capturing many diverse ongoing happenings appearing on the display of the computer that is being utilized. All you need to do is just decide on the activity that you wish to keep offline for the future, and once you are ready to make that activity happen on your display, start the tool and it will automatically become a very useful partner which you can surely rely on in case you wish to have high quality HD advanced video capturing that can be afterwards played on any video players due to the possibility of being compatible.

Follow the guidelines below to record HD video with Debut.

Step1 Installing the software

To download Debut, click the following link which will direct you to Debut’s official website: Next, install the program by working your way through the installation wizard.


Step2 Opening the program

Open the program from the folder you have installed it in by double-clicking its icon.

Step3 Setting up your recording

If you wish to record the audio output of your HD video as well as the image, make the necessary changes to the default settings. To finalize your configuration, click “Finish”.

debut setup

Step4 Start your recording

Now that everything is set up, ready for recording, press the “Record” button to initiate the recording process. Open your HD video and let it play through. Once you are finished, simply click “Stop”.


Step5 Video Preview

After ending the recording, you can watch the video your recently recorded from the video playback that will appear on your screen.

play the video


jing recorder

Jing has been under development by its programmers to reflect an environment that offers very easy and useful recording experience, especially when you wish to have a recording in high definition that will stay offline in very good quality in the future, such as what is expected from a great and free HD screen recorder Windows 10. This tool is known for being very easy in handling, and also the sun shaped design is very friendly and allows the mobilization of the tool that can possess great importance in case there are multiple windows open and so on. We warmly suggest you to have a look at it as you will definitely like your experience in regard of screen recording.
Record your screen activity by following these simple steps:

Step1 Installation and launching

Once you have Jing installed, you can launch the program either by searching for it in the Windows’ or iOS’s search box, or by opening it from the folder you have installed it in.

Step2 Capturing

To begin the recording process, tap the Jing sun in the top-right corner of your screen, and click “Capture”.

choose capture

Step3 Select region to be recorded

Click the top-left corner of the section you wish to record and by holding down your mouse button drag it across to highlight a rectangular area. Release your mouse button once you have the content to be recorded enclosed by the rectangle.

choose recording region

Step4 Start recording

Click the movie reel icon to begin capturing. A three second countdown will begin. This will give you time to switch to the window with your HD video opened, so unwanted content is not recorded.


Step5 Stopping the recording

To stop the recording, simply press the stop button on the toolbar displayed in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

jing finish recording


Many tools are ready to be used on the market with free HD screen recorder possibilities to record any sort of things that are occurring on the display of the video. Most of them are very specific however, or have different issues and benefits, and therefore it is a highly advisable situation you rather have a look at and choose the most suitable tool that is available to minimize any risks. In any way we recommend that you have a look at the AceThinker application as it has been developed with great care and has all the necessary features to satisfy your recording needs.

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