Record HD Video Screens Easily with 5 Exceptional Tools

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to post an Instagram joke or a TikTok too funny to share but couldn’t save for later? Well, then a screen recorder is needed! This device lets you watch anything you see on your phone, and it records what’s happening on your screen. All Screen Recorder is easy to download and easy to use. They all have simple recording features, editing features, and storing it on your device is handy! Now, if you’re just wondering how to figure out the best recorders and how to use them, well, this article will help you.

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How To Figure Out a Good Screen Recorder?

best udemy alternatives factors

Good screen recording software will provide some of the points mentioned below:

  • Easy to download installer with very few external software and hardware requirements.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Fast and smooth screen recording process
  • Editing and video conversion features present in the downloader
Screen Grabber Pro by AceThinker – Simple and Efficient

This screen recorder lets you capture everything that happens on your web browser for your entire desktop browser needs. By extension, it helps you record every live stream that occurs. This program enables the editing and downloading of your recorded screen recording to the cloud. Screen Grabber Pro provides you with features unlike any other, and this is the reason its number one on this list. The following steps will guide you through the process of screen recording using Screen Grabber Pro.

Key features:

  • Easy to download the installer with very few external software and hardware requirements.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • The fast and smooth screen recording process
  • Editing and video conversion feature present in the downloader

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Step1 Download and Install The Software

Clicking the link below will lead you to the Screen Grabber Pro website, where you will find a brief introduction and a download button to this app. You will begin the installation process by clicking on it. Follow the steps, and you will have it running on your screen.

download and install

Step2 Start Recording

Once you have finished successfully installing the software, launch, to see the interface, as illustrated below. Firstly choose the stream you wish to record, launch the application, and click on record. On clicking record, you get a drop-down option that allows you to. Choose what portion of the screen you wish to record, either full screen, a selected part or around the cursor. Choose to record audio-only. Choose whether or not add a webcam. When you click on record, click “OK” and begin recording after the 3-second timer.


Tip: At the bottom of your screen, the recording toolbar that provides you with a variety of options such as play/pause recording, stop recording, add annotations, add webcam, increase or decrease volume.

Step3 Save the Video

When your recording has been stopped by clicking on the “Stop” button, a window will open with the record saved as.


Step4 Preview the Video

By right-clicking the recorded video, you’ll get a drop-down of some features like previewing the video, editing the video, uploading the video to online services such as Dropbox, Vimeo, and Youtube.

preview the video

Step5 Convert and Edit the Video

By right-clicking on the video file, and edit option that redirects you to a separate window is present. From there, click on the scissor icon on the video tab. The video will playback to you and one the top right side. You will see options that allow you to crop the video frame, adjust the aspect ratio, and rotate the video. Adjust distortion, brightness, volume, contrast, and video speed and options to add subtitles to the video is present.

convert the video

OBS Studio: Next Best Screen Recorder for Gamers

This open-source screen recorder lets you capture all of your content in the highest possible quality. A unique feature of this recorder is that it’s fit a gamer’s needs. This provides features that allow the user to stream their gameplay on Twitch or YouTube gaming and also allows the user to save the project you’re working on and get back. By tugging into the graphics card of your PC, the full-screen gameplay recording, which is not commonly present in most screen recorders. This unique feature of the OBS Studio recorder allows the user to record the gameplay in 60 fps, once again a feature unmatched by any of the other screen recorders. In conclusion, this screen recorder acts as a regular screen recorder to the best of its abilities. Still, you won’t find anything like OBS Studio when it comes to gaming requirements.

record surface pro


  • Records video is 60fps and high definition
  • Limitless recording capabilities
  • Best recorder for gamers
  • Open source


  • Setup time is longer than most screen recorders
Sharex Screen Recorder: Simple and Easy To Use

ShareX lets you record what’s on your desktop and take screenshots from your laptop. Because of this software’s open-source nature, there are no watermarks present on the final file or have minimal recording capabilities. It is easy to download with a user-friendly interface. Still, it provides you with simple shortcut keys for basic recording. The interesting feature of this recorder is its ability to convert the recorded video into Gifs that you can then share on social media. ShareX also enables you to catch an entire website snapshot, recognize text using its Optical Character Recognition program, and provide a scheduled recording. ShareX is full of features that make it a versatile device for all the recording needs of your computer.

sharex capture


  • Open source
  • Intuitive shortcut keys
  • Conversion of recordings into Gifs
  • Screenshot capabilities


  • Long set up process
  • Not so easy to use interface
ScreenCastify – Versatile and Competent

This free recording app allows you to use Google Chrome to record your desktop screen; this is a convenient tool for all chrome users. It has a rapid setup and download process, as most screen recorders do. The code is user-friendly and provides intuitive shortcuts. Screencastify lets you choose how many portions of the screen to record or to record a particular application only. This software allows you to record your audio through a microphone, and it allows you to add your webcam footage as well. It includes features such as highlighting, annotation, and mouse spotlighting during the recording process. Once the recording is complete, it automatically saves the file to your Google drive.

screencastify interface


  • Best for chrome users
  • Uploads automatically to the drive
  • Simple set up process


  • Editing capabilities are limited
Bandicam – For Your Desktop and Gaming Needs

If you are an avid gamer and in need of a screen recorder, there is no need to worry as Bandicam is capable of doing it all. It is widely accessible and user-friendly. It does have features other video recorders don’t have. It can record gameplays up to 4k 120 frames per second without compromising anything because it uses high compression software to achieve this. This allows you to take screenshots and turn them into formats such as JPG, PNG, and BMP. It can now record from other devices such as your smart TV or PlayStation and Xbox consoles by having a separate capture card. This robust software meets your daily desktop needs and performs gaming requirements to its fullest.

record laptop screen


  • Support for external devices
  • Record in 4k 120fps
  • Screenshots can be converted to jPG, PNG and BMP


  • Paid version contains water mark
  • Editing capabilities are limited in paid version

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Record HD Video Screens Easily with 5 Exceptional Tools

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