Screen Capture Comparison: Greenshot vs Snagit

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Greenshot vs SnagitThe importance of screen recording has been rising ever since the internet became the number one platform for capturing and sharing knowledge. Tech companies use screen capturing to create tutorials for their products, students attending online courses use it to record online lectures for future reference and there are countless other uses. No surprise many developers around the world are now investing in developing their own version of screen recorders and luckily we, users, have now a wide range of programs to choose from based on our needs. The two most popular pieces of software for recording your screen are Greenshot Screen Recorder and Snagit. Greenshot is a free and open source program for Windows, available for anyone to use, but mainly aimed at developers and project managers. On the other hand, Snagit is available for both Windows and Mac users and it is easy to use interface makes it suitable for virtually anyone. In the article below, Greenshot and Snagit will be compared in terms of a number of different aspects, which will help you decide the Greenshot versus Snagit debate as to which of the two is better for recording. On top of that, a compact comparison table will be constructed for you so that you can clearly see the two programs set side-by-side.

Greenshot Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Advantages

A tool that is designed for practicality purposes. Its easy to use interface will let you get the job done in seconds. Screenshot Greenshot offers a vast array of different configuration options such as setting up the region to be captured. After taking the screenshot, Greenshot opens it in its full-featured editor. It has all the basic editing tools with some unique ones as well such as the obfuscating tool which lets you blur out or pixelate sensitive or private text. Greenshot does not have an actual interface showing on your screen, but instead offers a convenient way of capturing snapshots; the program is always minimized and you can set up hotkeys to do the various tasks. Overall, the fact that Greenshot is an open-source software means that it has been thoroughly tested by many people and thus it is always up to date and safe.

2. Disadvantages

Greenshot capture software’s main drawback compared to its rivals is that it is not capable of recording a video of your screen, only screenshots can be taken and its built-in editing program is fairly simple and thus, if you want to do more fancy things with your image, you will have to use an external editing program. Initially, Greenshot was only available for Windows, but lately, the developers of the program have made it available for Mac operating systems as well, but unfortunately it is not completely free. Greenshot does just about everything a basic user might need, but if you want to do more advanced things, Greenshot is not the most powerful tool out there.

Snagit Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Advantages

Among many other reasons, users mainly love Techsmith Snagit for its clean and simple interface. Snagit also offers a wide range of screen capturing modes. You can choose to capture the contents of the entire screen or just a section of it, which you can do either by choosing a rectangular section to be captured or you can use Snagit’s unique freehand drawing tool to enclose the region to be captured. Moreover, you can screenshot entire, multi-page websites that you have to scroll through. Snagit interacts well with other peripherals such as your microphone, as it allows you to not only capture your screen’s content, but also your voice as you perform voice annotation throughout. Once you have taken your screenshot, Snagit will open your image in its built-in editing program, which can be used to annotate or add special effects to your image. Snagit is a program that does not eat up too much memory on your system and will not slow down your computer while recording like many other screen recorders.

2. Disadvantages

Snagit is a relatively expensive piece of software when you compare it to other screen recorders on the market. You can purchase it for nearly 50 Dollars, while each update costs another 30 Dollars. Due its clean and simple interface, locating the settings will take a bit longer. One feature that seems to be missing from Snagit is the automatic task scheduler which would let users preset a time to start recording. The other drawbacks are mainly based on personal preferences. For example, when you first start using the program, you constantly get pop-up help notifications, which can be annoying, but other than that it is really hard to find any other disadvantages.


Below you can find a Greenshot vs Snagit comparison chart comparing some of the main aspects and functions of Greenshot and Snagit:

Windows and MacYesYes
Video recordingNoYes
Built-in image editorYesYes
Task schedulerNoNo
PriceFree for Windows$49.95

Overall, both Green shot screen capture software and Snagit are both great for their own reasons, but while Greenshot can be a good choice for the most basic user, Snagit’s feature-packed interface is for the ones who want to bring the best out of screen recording. The big question of Greenshot vs Snagit performance depends on many underlying factors, for example your computer’s power, your settings etc. Since Greenshot software is an open-source software, it is likely that in the future that software will develop and improve but for now it just serves the very basic needs and will serve as a good Snagit alternative. To the above mentioned two pieces of software, AceThinker’s Screen Grabber Pro is an excellent alternative that offers a number of revolutionary features such as editing your screencast real time, recording sound and schedule a recording task in the future. All this at an affordable price.

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