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This article makes a comparison between the screen capture programs Greenshot and Snagit from different aspects. Hope it will help for you to make the choice. Meanwhile, you can also use other program like Screen Grabber Pro to record screen and capture screenshots in a more convenient way. Click the button below to get a free copy of Screen Grabber Pro.

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The importance of screen recording has been rising ever since the internet became the number one platform for capturing and sharing knowledge. Tech companies use screen capturing to create tutorials for their products, students attending online courses use it to record online lectures for future reference and there are countless other uses. No surprise many developers around the world are now investing in developing their own version of screen recorders and luckily we, users, have now a wide range of programs to choose from based on our needs. The two most popular pieces of software for recording your screen are Greenshot Screen Recorder and Snagit. Greenshot is a free and open source program for Windows, available for anyone to use, but mainly aimed at developers and project managers. On the other hand, Snagit is available for both Windows and Mac users and the easy to use interface makes it suitable for virtually anyone. Here is a Greenshot vs Snagit comparison in terms of a number of different aspects, which will help you decide which one is better for recording.

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greenshot logoGreenshot is a free open source software that is easily downloadable and the installation goes quite smoothly as well. The program itself does not take up much memory compared to other programs of similar quality and the good news is that the developers have recently released the software for Mac users as well. Greenshot lets you capture any area of your screen and lets you switch between different recording modes using customizable hotkeys. Greenshot is light on resources, but if you are a user that does not require advanced recording and editing options, this piece of software will fulfill all your basic needs.

A tool that is designed for practicality purposes. It’s easy to use interface will let you get the job done in seconds. Greenshot does not have an actual interface in the traditional sense, showing on your screen, but instead offers a convenient way of capturing snapshots; the program is always minimized and you can set up hotkeys to do the various tasks. Compared to how simple the program is, it offers a whole bunch of capture, output, plugin etc settings.


Ease of use
For taking screenshots, the basic user will not needed to know anything else apart from how to use the shortcut keys. The program is available in English, German and Dutch and if you are still struggling, you can find a number of detailed tutorials on the internet aon how Greenshot works.


Screen Capturing Performance

Greenshot is updated with the latest stable version regularly, in which they always try to improve performance so to ensure everything runs smoothly, always makes sure you are working with the latest version of the software. If you are editing your image with Greenshot’s editing tool and you are experiencing that the program is reacting slowly to your requests, then trying lowering the value for the preview quality of your image.

Quality of Screenshots
When you open Greenshot and click on the “Output” tab, you can set the quality for your screenshot by adjusting the little marker somewhere between 0 and 100% quality.

Greenshot is available for Windows users free of charge for personal and commercial use as well, but to encourage the developers to keep up the good work, you may donate any amount whenever you feel like it. For the newly released Mac version you have to pay only $2 and that is just so the developers can cover their costs.

Screenshot Greenshot offers a vast array of different configuration options such as setting up the region to be captured. After taking the screenshot, Greenshot opens it in its full-featured editor. It has all the basic editing tools with some unique ones as well such as the obfuscating tool which lets you blur out or pix-elate sensitive or private text. Overall, the fact that Greenshot is an open-source software means that it has been thoroughly tested by many people and thus it is always up to date and safe.

Greenshot capture software’s main drawback compared to its rivals is that it is not capable of recording a video of your screen, only screenshots can be taken and its built-in editing program is fairly simple and thus, if you want to do more fancy things with your image, you will have to use an external editing program. Initially, Greenshot was only available for Windows, but lately, the developers of the program have made it available for Mac operating systems as well, but unfortunately, it is not completely free. Greenshot does just about everything a basic user might need, but if you want to do more advanced things, Greenshot is not the most powerful tool out there but it is a decent Snagit free alternative.


snagit logoSnagit is an innovative and professional tool for taking screenshots and capturing your screen. You can record virtually any content on your screen. Save your favourite music video clips, online video chats, business conferences etc, with an easy to use interface and in various output formats. Snagit can be downloaded from its official website which also has a detailed explanation of how the tool works and provides useful reviews by the millions of satisfied users of Snagit. If you are looking to boost the quality of how you record and share knowledge, Snagit is a perfect cost-effective tool for you that offers functionalities that you will not get with any other recorder in a similar price range.

Among many other reasons, users mainly love Techsmith Snagit for its clean and simple interface. For super easy capturing, the program features a so-called OneClick interface which lets you access the basic capture functions with a single click.


Ease of use
Snagit was designed to minimize the learning curve for new users as much as possible. The tools are well organized and the labelling helps to locate exactly what you need. If you are already familiar with screen capturing tools, it will take no time mastering the use of Snagit.

Screen Capture and Editing performance
While screen capturing and recording both provide a premium experience to users, Snagit, unfortunately, falls short on editing capabilities. When you compare Snagit’s editing environment to that of other well-known image editors, you can see that Snagit is still lagging behind in terms of performance and functionality. Nevertheless, Snagit does offer some useful and unique tools such as the Auto-fill tool and the callout function for spicing up your images.

Output Video Quality

The latest version of Snagit offers 4 different video recording quality modes: Very low, Low, Med, and High. The table below illustrates how the frame rate of each capturing mode varies.



Snagit has a fully functioning, free 15-day trial available for both Windows and Mac users. To buy a lifelong copy of the software, it will cost you nearly $50, while updates can be purchased for $25 which come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Distinctive features

The latest, 2018 release of Snagit includes a new feature called Text Grab and what this does is that it extracts the text from a screenshot which you can then paste into any other document, saving you the time of having to retype the entire text.

text grab feature

Snagit offers a wide range of screen capturing modes. You can choose to capture the contents of the entire screen or just a section of it, which you can do either by choosing a rectangular section to be captured or you can use Snagit’s unique freehand drawing tool to enclose the region to be captured. Moreover, you can screenshot entire, multi-page websites that you have to scroll through. Snagit interacts well with other peripherals such as your microphone, as it allows you to not only capture your screen’s content but also your voice as you perform voice annotation throughout. Once you have taken your screenshot, Snagit will open your image in its built-in editing program, which can be used to annotate or add special effects to your image. Snagit is a program that does not eat up too much memory on your system and will not slow down your computer while recording like many other screen recorders.

Snagit screen capture is a relatively expensive piece of software when you compare it to other screen recorders on the market. You can purchase it for nearly 50 Dollars, while each update costs another 30 Dollars. Due to its clean and simple interface, locating the settings will take a bit longer. One feature that seems to be missing from Snagit is the automatic task scheduler which would let users present a time to start recording. The other drawbacks are mainly based on personal preferences. For example, when you first start using the program, you constantly get pop-up help notifications, which can be annoying, but other than that it is really hard to find any other disadvantages.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Free

free screen captureAceThinker Screen Grabber Free is a web-based screen recording tool that can capture anything on your PC screen. Even if this tool focuses on screen capturing, it also has a powerful feature for video recording, audio recording, video downloader, and video converter. Also, this tool lets you put annotations like drawing lines, shapes, and text to enhance your image. Since this tool can be used online, you can directly share the captured image to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google +, and you can even upload your recordings to its cloud storage. You can keep on reading below to understand more about it.

This tool has a simple interface that even non-tech users can navigate it easily. It doesn’t matter if you are playing games, making video tutorials, or having a video call with your friends and families, as long as it’s on your display screen, it only requires you one click to capture it perfectly.


Ease of use
To take screenshots, you don’t need to know everything about this tool. Once you launch the Screen Grabber Free, you just need to click the “Capture” button and choose if you are going to capture in region mode or full-screen view. Also, this tool’s language is English, so anyone can understand its function as long as they can read in English.


Screen Capturing Performance
It has a good screen capturing performance because it almost has anything you need. You can edit your photos instantly right after you took a screenshot. Also, this tool is always updating the features that a user needs.

Quality of Screenshots
As a free screen capturing tool, it guarantees clear and high-quality images. Similar when you look at the picture live.

Free – since this is a web-based screen capturing tool, you can use it for both Windows and Mac OS. Also, there is a pro version of this tool with robust tools for recording videos.

This is an excellent screen capturing tool that can screenshot screen display with excellent quality. It does not require you to learn anything from it because you can start screen capturing with just one click. Even amateurs can use this tool easily. Also, it has an easy-to-navigate interface that contains a powerful editing tool for polishing your captured image. Besides, you can take a screenshot without any watermark in it.

Since AceThinker Free Screen Grabber Online focuses on taking screenshots, you can’t record videos with this tool. You will also need external software whenever you want to add some effects on the captured image. However, you can use this tool’s pro version which is the Screen Grabber Pro. With this tool, you can record any activities on your PC. With it, you can easily capture screen in the form of images or videos.


Below you can find a Greenshot vs Snagit comparison chart comparing some of the main aspects and functions of Greenshot and Snagit:

FunctionGreenshotSnagitScreen Grabber Free
Windows and MacWindows OnlyYesYes
Video recordingNoYesNo
Built-in image editorYesYesYes
Task schedulerYesNoNo
PriceFree for Windows$49.95Free

Overall, both Greenshot screen capture software and Snagit tool are both great for their own reasons, but while Greenshot can be a good choice for the most basic user, Snagit’s feature-packed interface is for the ones who want to bring the best out of screen recording. The big question of Greenshot vs Snagit performance depends on many underlying factors, for example your computer’s power, your settings etc. Since Greenshot software is an open-source software, it is likely that in the future that software will develop and improve but for now it just serves the very basic needs and will serve as a good Snagit alternative. Comparing with the above software, AceThinker’s Screen Grabber Pro is an excellent alternative that offers a number of revolutionary features such as editing your screencast real time, recording sound and schedule a recording task in the future. All this at an affordable price.

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