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Top 10 Apps for Recording Computer Screen in GIF

Last updated on July 10, 2019 by Cindy Smith

Animated GIFs can serve a number of purposes – you can create short video clippings, integrate your favorite animation, better illustrate something, show a function or highlight a point. As animated GIF sometimes is worth a thousand words, it becomes more and more popular on social media sites. You may wonder how you can create your own GIF to share with your friends or on your favorite website or online forum. Well, all you need is a GIF screen recorder program. This article shows you 5 of the best GIF screen capture programs that you can try to turn your computer screen into animated GIF images easily and quickly.

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Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber proIf you want to get an easy GIF screen recorder with versatile functions, then Screen Grabber Pro is what you need. It allows you to record anything on your computer screen and save it as a GIF file. This program not only allows you to record in full screen but also gives you the option to record around the mouse or a region which is much more beneficial for a GIF. Along with the screen recorder, is the built-in editor which allows you to annotate your recording before turning it into a GIF. You can download and install the program (both the Windows and Mac version are available) and then follow the steps below to record screen to animated GIFs.

Step1 Launch the Application

After downloading the app from the shortcut buttons given above, install and launch the application.

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Step2 Set the Recording Format to GIF

Prior the recording, change the settings to GIF format. Go to “Settings” choose “Options” then “Recording” tab. Under “Video Format” click the drop-down menu and change the format to GIF.

set up format

Step3 Start the recording

Go back to the main interface, begin recording by clicking the “Record” button and choose the region size by matching it to the video you are trying to record.

select screen area

Step4 Stop Recording

Click the red “Square” button from the floating toolbar to stop the recording. From the interface, check the latest recorded video. Use your mouse, right click then chooses “Play”.


screen to gif logoScreentoGif is another tool that works well with creating GIF. The app only consumes a little space on your computer since the file is compressed. You can use it without being bothered by ads. Also, it is a powerful editor where you can add text and you can translate the tool from 18 different languages supported. To start using the tool see the guide below.

Step1 Download the File

Download the compressed file and save it. Click the download button from the official website. After the download is complete, go to your “Download” folder and open the “ScreentoGIF” folder. Use your mouse, right-click look for your compressor name, then choose “Extract Here”. Once extracted, the executed file will show on the same folder.

You have to decompress the file to open it. You must have a compressor to do that. If you do not have one, you can download online. After the file was extracted, create a shortcut on your desktop for easy access of the tool.

Step2 Start the Recording

Double-click the ScreentoGiF shortcut then a floating bar will show up. Go to the video you want to record. Next, begin with the recording by clicking the “Red Circle” icon then another window will pop-up. Adjust the frame by dragging its sides. Beside it is the stop button if you want to end the recording.

start recording

Step3 Save the Recorded File

After clicking the stop button another window will show up where you can play the video. To save the GIF, look for the file from the top left side of the interface then choose to save.

STG-save recording


recordit logoRecordit Fast ScreenCast is also an application that helps you create a stunning animated GIF. This app is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. However, compared to ScreentoGif this tool in a plain recorder, it doesn’t have editing interface to customize your work. Though it may lack in many ways, the tool very convenient to use because of it’s easy to use interface. To check if the tool will suit your needs, check out the step by steps guide below.

Step1 Download the App

Visit the Official website to get the app. Install the app by following the installation wizard. After the installation, you will see the downloaded icon from the system tray of your computer.

Ri launch app

Step2 Start the Recording

Go to the video that you want to convert as a GIF, then go to the system tray located at the bottom right-hand side of your computer screen. Look for the “Camera” icon. Click the app then it will trigger the “Crosshair” where you can set the region size. Once the size of the frame is set you will see a “Record” button below the frame. See photo below for better understanding. Remember that it does not have any interface. What it does is the only record.

Begin recording

Step3 Stop and Save the Recording

To stop the recording, click the “Stop” button then, click the “GIF” icon then right click on the file and choose to save as.


gifcam logoAnother one on the list is, GifCam. From the name of the tool itself, implies a tool to create GIF. It is an easy to use tool that works like a camera. It always stays on the top of your screen so that whenever you need it, it is always accessible. Moreover, your computer is safe from any harmful malware because the latest update of the up includes protecting your computer. Aside from that, it comes with a built-in editor where you can customize your project. Creating a retro GIF is also one thing that you need to look forward too.

Step1 Download and Launch Gifcam

Install GifCam by visiting the official website and downloading the installer. After the installation, run the installer on the PC and then follow the instruction of the setup wizard.

Step2 Start the Recording

Start the Recording by clicking the “rec” bottom. Then move around the video you want to convert as gif or a photo then Click stop to finish it.

begin recording

Step3 Save the File

To save the file click the “Save” button from the interface. Choose the folder where you want it to be saved.

end recording


licecap logoNext on the list is Licecap. An app dedicated to creating animated GIFs though screen recording. If you are familiar with the said apps mentioned above like Screentogif or Recordit you won’t have any issues with this tool. What is good about this tool is you can pause and resume while recording, the FPS selection is in maximum and of course it is easy to use. The tool allows the user to directly capture the screen in GIF and LCF formats which is very convenient. Also, LICEcap is able to move the screen capture frame while recording for more coverage. These and more features are what LICEcap offers to its users which will surely benefit anyone who uses the tool.


cropper logoCropper is an online screenshot tool that is able to take screenshots from a PC. The tool is web-based, therefore it is free to use and does not require any installation. What is good about this tool, is that it can capture screenshots from the PC screen and then save them in GIF format which is efficient. Also, the tool does not consume any disk space on the computer which makes it maintenance free because it won’t require any update every now and then. Cropper has a lot of presets that can be used to enhance the images taken.

Icecream Screen Recorder

icecream screen recorder Icecream Screen Recorder is a desktop screen recorder that supports both Windows and iOS device. The tool can get high-quality GIF videos directly from the source. Aside from being a great screen recorder, the tool can also be used to take screenshots in GIF formats. Premium features that deserves praise, despite being so cost-efficient which makes the tool so desirable. The tool also have an option to directly upload the GIF videos and screenshots to any video and images hosting site. This is one of the reason why the made it on the list of great GIF screen recorders.

AZ Screen Recorder (Android)

app icon

A common screen recorder application for android that has got audio recording feature. AZ Screen Recorder does not have time limits when it comes to recording screen, and it lacks watermark and it’s free of any ads.

You could record your android device screen in HD as well as full HD with AZ screen recording app. Find below the features:


  • Magic button for controlling your recordings without displaying anything on the screen.
  • You could record have your face recorded along with an emoji in an overlay.
  • Videos can be cut or trimmed.
  • Record your screen to live on different social media platforms. Record your screen live on various social media domains.
Recordit (iOS)

recordit apple logo

Recordit is a mobile screen recorder which is available from the Apple App Store. The tool is free to download and install which makes it very efficient and convenient for that matter. Aside from being a great mobile application, the tool also have a desktop version with many features to boot. However, this mobile version does not fall behind as it can record videos in GIF formats automatically. Also, the tool allows users to directly upload and share their GIF videos online with its one-touch sharing button. All these and other features are included in the Recordit mobile app for iOS.

Record Screen on iOS Mobile or Tablet Without Apps

1. Activate the ability for recording your screen

  • Tap settings and tap “Control Center.” Tap on “Customize Controls.”
  • Locate “Screen Recording.” If it is not existing in the labeled section, tap the plus sign. You would see it display “Include section”
  • Should you seek rearranging the Control Center, move the Screen Recording (as well as added Control Center highlights) with the drag bars that are on the screen’ right side.

customer settings

When you are through with your screen recording, you let Screen Recording remain in Control Center, or tap the minus sign to have it hidden.

2. Record your iOS screen

  • Access the screen you wish to begin your recording with.
  • Swipe up beginning from the screen’ bottom for pulling up Control Center. Perhaps you’ve got iPhone X or higher, or an iPad with iOS 12 or higher, swipe down beginning from the screen’ upper right corner for pulling down Control Center.
  • Tap Record button. When you tap the Control Center recording button, it activates a 3-second countdown for your screen recording.
  • After the 3s countdown, the supposed Record button is going to become red and it’ll record every single thing you do, regardless of whether you close its Control Center. You will be aware if the recording is still going on because the time on display will be colored red.
  • To disengage recording, just tap on the timer indicator positioned at the screen’s left top side, followed by tapping “Stop.”

record button

For someone who wants to narrate their recording, press the red button deeply. Rather than a countdown, you will find Screen Recording alternatives. Tap the Mic icon (it will switch from Mic Off to Mic On), and tap on “start Recording.”

3. Locating and editing your recording
Your recent recording will be seen on Camera Roll. To view it, launch photos application and it ought to be the most recent item. If you love your things perfect, then a little trimming to your video’ starting or ending might be in order. You could edit your video and have it saved as a recent clip – it will not have any impact on the real video, but it will offer you the edited version that you can be shared.

check record


After reading this article, we’re sure that you will no more wonder how to record your computer screen into animated GIFs. All applications mentioned above are all worth the try. You can just select any one and start creating GIF screencast no matter you’re using a Windows or Mac computer. Meanwhile, please do not forget to drop us a message on our comment section. We’re glad to hear any suggestion from you.

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Top 10 Apps for Recording Computer Screen in GIF

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