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Graphics Interchange Format, more popularly called as ‘GIF’, is amongst the most popular medium of sending across media over the internet. You may recognize GIF images by those continuously moving images (without any audio) that are in a sort of loop. In fact, GIF is the 2nd most commonly used image format in the online world. If you are a regular social media user, then you will come across GIFs several times in a day.

Creating GIFs can serve a number of purposes- you can create short video clippings, integrate your favorite animation and do a lot more. Creating a GIF from any video is not that hard a task- however, many people are still not aware of the right ways for doing this. Do not worry- for as you read ahead, you will come across some of the best ways to create GIFs without any hassle.

Method 1: Screen Grabber Pro (Windows/Mac)

2-4 Mins

Working with media can often get complicated- however, Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is what makes it the simplest thing ever. It is a versatile screen recorder, available for both Windows and Mac PCs. It allows you to record anything on your screen to create a GIF out of. You can record the full screen, a custom region or area, around a particular window and even edit in real time for creating that perfect GIF.

To get started with making GIFs using this tool you have to first download it from the product page. Once downloaded, install and then run it. There will be numerous options in the window to record the screen. You can select a particular region, or record the entire screen, or select a certain window to record. You can configure these settings as per your requirements.

Once everything is configured, go to Settings, then to Options and then head over to the tab ‘Recordings’. From there, under the video format, open the drop-down list and choose GIF! With just that- you are done. You just have to start the recording as needed, and stop it when you have the requisite content recorded – and it will automatically give you the GIF as the output.

What makes this tool the best option for converting videos to GIF is that it is simple to use, and allows you to make numerous customizations while recording. You can add or remove elements while the recording is being done, add captions and do a lot more. There are numerous other output options in this screen recorder.

If you want to create a GIF using an iOS device, such as an iPad or your iPhone- then the next method is what you are looking for.

Method 2: iPhone Screen Recorder (For iOS device)

3-5 Mins

For iOS devices, the iPhone Screen Recorder is an easy way to record and create GIFs from any video or even different image files. It makes use of the AirPlay mirroring feature present in all supported iOS gadgets, and does not require any jailbreak.

First, you have to install it on your Windows/Mac PC or laptop. After that, just head over to the AirPlay option in your iPad or iPhone from the control center. Ensure that both your Laptop and the iOS device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. From the list of devices that AirPlay shows, select your laptop/PC that has the program installed on it, and also enable the Mirroring option.

After you have successfully mirrored your iPhone screen, you can record on it by pressing the record button on the software interface. From the settings menu, head over to the section that says output and select GIF from the drop-down list.

With just these simple steps, you will be able to create a GIF using the content present on your iPhone without any hassle. In addition to creating GIFs, there are various other output formats as well that you can use with Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder.

Method 3: Use the ScreenToGif utility

Another method that you can use to create GIFs anything, is the utility ScreenToGif. This utility allows you to record a particular area of your screen, for instance the area where you have a video playing, and then convert it into a GIF. However, it is only available for Windows PCs.

To use the ScreenToGif utility, head over to the website and download the setup for the software. The tool itself takes a few minutes to download and install. When you run ScreenToGif, there will be a list of various options to select the appropriate screen area. You can select a region, entire the size for it, make other changes and a few edits as necessary. Clicking on the Red button that says Record starts the recording.

After you are done recording the content for your GIF, just click on stop. With a minute or so, ScreenToGif will output the media in the form of the GIF. While making the recording, you can even add text, borders, frames, subtitles and a lot more in real time. Further, this tool gives you the feature of removing any frame that you do not want. The cursor can be included or excluded as per your requirements. For running ScreenToGif, you will require the .NET Framework 4.6.1 in your Windows PC.


Thus, you now know the best methods to create a GIF from any video content that you have. These methods let you use whatever there is on your screen to create a GIF. What makes them the most effective methods is that they are easy to use, yet allow for a lot of customization for creating GIFS.

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