Top 10 Games like Minecraft

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Top 10 Games like Minecraft

One of the best games that hooked millions of gamers because of its dynamic, and unique gameplay is called the Minecraft. This game was developed by Mojang, Xbox Game Studios, Markus Persson, and made this game like a digital Lego, which means it is played by building houses, castles, and fortresses by combining lots of blocks. However, Minecraft doesn’t have a storyline, but this game allows you to experience grinding materials, and use it to build and design your building. In fact, this game is an open world that lets you travel without any restriction, especially when you are searching for new and robust materials to use. Furthermore, you can play this game with your family and friends, or even stranger online. Indeed, you will enjoy this game without fail. Also, we made a list of games like Minecraft. Keep on reading below to see all of them.

Review of Apps


Minetest is one of the best Minecraft alternatives. It is an open-world game as well as a game engine (With the help of the game engine, a user can play and make a game at the same time. Moreover, multiple servers are also available.). The InfiniMiner inspires the game. Minetest is the best alternate of Minecraft because of the similarity of its features. A near-infinite world, where a player can do whatever it wants to. Moreover, almost every block can be used for building. However, Minetest has some unique features that every gamer should experience one. Minetest has different mods which players can use at the same time. Moreover, the textures available in the game are changeable. When it comes to adding custom features, Minetest provides the feature of generating fascinating maps.



  • Numerous mods.
  • Free to Play.
  • Cross-platform.


  • Poor animation and graphics.
  • Fewer in-game enemies.
  • Slows performance and rendering.

Many games similar to Minecraft are available on the internet. Survivalcraft is one of them. In Survivalcraft a player is marooned on the shore of an infinite open world. Now, it has to survive using every means. In Survivalcraft a player has to explore, mine, craft, build, hunt and make traps. It is a game similar to Minecraft, but it also has some tremendous features that persuade gamers towards it. Survivalcraft has many mining resource along with multiple species of animals. It is easily mod able and provides detailed graphics to its user. The best part is, the game comes up with multiple kinds of weather.



  • Realistic sound quality.
  • The real use of physics.
  • The normal mode is fabulous.
  • Free to play.


  • No Multiplayer mode.
  • The survival craft usually contains bugs.
Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds is a sandbox game like Minecraft. The game revolves around the Lego theme. The blocks are switched with the Lego bricks. Now, you will explore a world of Legos. Lego Worlds has tons of fantastic features that make it unique and attractive among both kids and adults. You can build any structures with the help of Legos. Moreover, a feature is also available to manipulate the environment according to your comfort. One of the most fascinating feature of Lego is, the racing cart. Enjoy it with your friends! Lego Worlds contains already built Lego Structures. However, you can also find secret Lego pieces to create something interesting. Beware of the mystical creatures!



  • Top-notch graphics.
  • Too many things to do. No chance of getting bore.
  • Detailed simulations.
  • Multiple areas with fascinating surprises.


  • It is not free to play.
  • Requires high specification PC.

Terasology is a game mainly developed for a research purpose. To identify the most efficient rendering techniques in Java using LWJGL. Terasology also has the same pixelated graphics concept like Minecraft. It is one of the most similar games to Minecraft. Nevertheless, it has incredible unique features. The tech tree of Terasology is quite competitive and true gamers like complexity. If you do not like to explore too much than use the portals to travel within seconds. The main feature that attracts gamers towards Terasology are its simulations of realistic elements. Terasology has NPC societies which can help you in the long run.



  • Amazing locations are available such as Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper.
  • Unique creatures are available. (Minions)
  • An Attractive 3D visual appeal.
  • Can run on an average level PC.


  • Not too much to explore.
  • Crafting consumes a lot of time.
  • Fewer challenges.
The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a sandbox adventure game similar to Minecraft. It contains a vast number of worlds. The blockheads have the same blocks design concept as Minecraft. Moreover, the genre is also same. However, it has some additional features that make it unique. Use the multiplayer feature to play along with your friends. Moreover, voice chat communication is also available. The Blockheads is a game like Minecraft but it has many unique resources including plants and fruits.



  • Complete temperature and climate system is available.
  • Complex quests.
  • Ride a donkey!


  • Poor Graphical representation.
  • No detailed animations are effects.
  • Low-quality vocal effects.

Creativerse is an adventure game and more like a future version of Minecraft. It is a world filled up with lots of mysteries. Your task is to reveal those secrets. The basic concept of the game is the same as the Minecraft. You have to explore and survive, but there is a lot more to see. Creativerse has every possible feature that can attract a gamer. While exploring, you will discover; Jungles, Ancient realms, Space ships, Pirate ships, Monsters and many more. Moreover, a huge variety of enemies including monsters. Creativerse is a Minecraft alternative but it has more advanced features such as; your player can fly, using the future technology gliders. (Glider is not the only technology which you will experience). Enter the Creativerse along with your friends.



  • Everything is online; therefore, a player does not have to worry about its progress. Everything is saved on a cloud.
  • The environment is massive with lots of amazing areas such as oceans, swamps, mountains etc.
  • Fair amounts of recipes are available.
  • Creatures are amazing and creepy.


  • A bit boring because of a few quests or goals.
  • Creativerse has no boss battles or crafting.
  • Unfortunately! NPC’s are not available.
  • No proper map is available. It gets hard to navigate using a compass.
No Man’s Sky

If you are looking for an alien version of Minecraft than No Man’s Sky is the best option. It is an open-universe game in which you have to explore, survive, fight, and trade. You will experience multiple species of aliens and many other cool things. No Man’s Sky contains many advanced features that no gamer should skip. The universe of No Man’s Sky contains 18 quintillion planets and players are free to explore all of them. Numerous amount of advanced technology weapons are available to increase the fun. No Man’s Sky is a game similar to Minecraft but with advanced features such as Spaceships, aircrafts and a separate ecosystem for every planet. Moreover, you can also discover new plants and give them a custom name.



  • The graphics are detailed and top-notch.
  • New enemies and creatures available all around the universe.
  • A lot to explore.
  • Many unique resources are available.


  • No mapping system, hard to navigate.
  • The controls of the spaceship are poor.
  • The game is not free to play.
  • Few quests and missions.
  • Cannot sell the spaceship.
Mine Clone 2

Mine Clone 2 is an unofficial Minecraft alternative. Every object available in this game is block-based (Same like Minecraft). The map of Mine Clone 2 is massive, and your task is to explore it. While exploring, you have to focus on building, crafting and hunting. Mine Clone 2 has multiple modes such as survival and creative mode. Moreover, Special items are available, which you will discover while exploring. It also has a vast inventory which makes the game more interesting.



  • Easily Supportable.
  • Gameplay Cloning.


  • Poor Graphics.
  • Graphics and sounds have a similar style.
  • The inventory is quite confusing.

ECO is an open-world game where a player aims to build a civilization. Every build in the world affects the environment. ECO is a game similar to Minecraft. It has identical features, like building, crafting, hunting and the most important survival. The aim of the game is to save the world from a meteor by building a technology. Do whatever; you want to do in the environment (Just do not hurt the environment). Massive amount of plants and animals are available in the system that generates resources 24/7.You can also play with your friends or family. It will help you in saving the world faster. Moreover, Multiple servers are available to play custom matches. ECO is a game like Minecraft but it has numerous amount of crafts available along with tons of recipes.



  • It has realistic environment along with detailed graphics.
  • Conveys a positive message. (Save the ecosystem).
  • Provides useful information.
  • Knowledgeable quests and missions.
  • High-quality sound effects.


  • Pay to Play.
  • Does not support low specs PC.

CardLife is a fantasy survival game in a world made of cardboard. The basic concept is same like Minecraft but CardLife has features that are more amazing. In CardLife, you have to draw instead of build. Draw your character, buildings, tools, etc. with the help of the crafting system. CardLife has a Multiplayer feature that increases the gaming experience. For further enhancements Mod support is also available. Everything available in CardLife is made up of Cardboard. Moreover, the handcrafting system of CardLife is top-notch. Beware of the mythical creatures!



  • The crafting system is fascinating and enhances the creativity of the player.
  • High-quality graphics and tremendous vocal effects.
  • Support an average level PC.
  • Detailed and Realistic Simulation.


  • Not available for free.
  • Crashes during excessive load.
  • Multiple bugs.
  • Dead servers.


The games mentioned in the articles are the best Minecraft Alternatives. Every game has its own uniqueness. However, the basic concept of all the games are similar to Minecraft. Some of the games are paid because they provide advanced features to their users. Try all of the above-mentioned Minecraft alternatives and let us know in the comments section which one you like the most. Good Luck!

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