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Best 5 Battle Royale Games like Fortnite

Last updated on November 30, 2018 by Christina Green

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Best 5 Battle Royale Games like Fortnite

games like fortniteOf all the genre of games making waves and gaining popularity in the world today, Battle Royale genre of games stands heads and shoulders above others. The Fortnite Battle Royale is going on strong this past couple of years, and the user-appeal Battle Royale games doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. Most gamers want to try their hands on so many games as possible. And some gamers want to get their hands-on other games like Fortnite. Although many players like the appealing graphic designs and extra gimmicks Fortnite affords users, there are some players that feel the game is a clone of other battle royale games. For gamers who want to broaden their horizon, and want to try other games similar to Fortnite for PC, we’ve highlighted top 5 alternative games that you should try your hands.


pubg image PUBG makes the list of top Fortnite alternative games easily. This game is one of the progenitors of the battle royale franchise. You will hear several gamers say that Fortnite copied some of the content of PUBG. If you pay close attention to the gameplay of PUBG, you will be able to spot some similarities with some aspects of Fortnite. The half a million gamers that heavily play this game all mention the appealing graphics, and the seamless control the game affords users, making the gameplay feel like a real battleground. A global mass appeal has seen PUBG introduce a mobile version of the game, there making smartphone users have a fantastic gaming experience.


h1z1 image H1Z1 is another game like Fortnite that battle royale gamers will find appealing. Structured to fit the battle royale narrative, the game offers a chance for users to feel an intense but at the same time light battle royale game. Its light tone means gamers can expect fewer weapons, and with zero attachments. Unlike other battle royale games, the players of H1Z1 get dropped off at a particular spot. Although the game controls are a throwback to an arcade-style rather than a military style of shooting, the art of H1Z1 is good on the eye. The aim takes some time to get used to, but it is fun trying to master the best angles to shoot an opponent.

Last Man Standing

lastmanstanding image Gamers who are looking for free Fortnite similar games should look no further than Last Man Standing. The game offers great game features, along with good enough graphic design. Designed with the battle royale narrative, the game allows 100 players from different locations to be dropped off at a particular location where they start to eliminate each other immediately they touch the ground. The entire idea of the game is in the name, as the last man standing at the end of the day will be declared the winner. The aim of the guns is a bit off, which makes it challenging to shoot opponents. Although there are no vehicles within the gameplay, Last Man Standing still stands as a good alternative to Fortnite.


paladins image Paladins Battlegrounds is next on our list of games similar to Fortnite. One thing that stands out with this game is the way the characters are dressed. The ancient warrior looks along with some extra magic element makes the game completely different from your typical battle royale game. Weapons include sorcery weapons and advanced laser guns. As a nod to medieval times, horses are used instead of cars. All other aspects of the game are very similar to other battle royale games which makes Paladins Battlegrounds a good Fortnite alternative.

The Culling

theculling image The idea of this first-person shooter game is straightforward; kill all your opponent, survive, and be the last person standing. The Culling game follows the same battle royale narrative, and it has some similarities to Fortnite. During the gameplay, players can gather weapons, and equipment, and score points. There is an extensive collection of equipment that players can choose from, add that to the environmental hazards players have to face during the game, and you have thrilling game experience. With the points you gain, you can upgrade your character’s combat skills and equipment. The full version of the game is priced at $50, but if you’ve got the cash, then, by all means, give the game a go and see it for yourself.


There you have it the top alternative games like Fortnite. Although each game is different in its appearance, weapons, and gameplay, they all have the battle royale narratives. They have developed as an online multi-player game. Moreover, it fascinates the player to use this type of games because they can play with any player around the world. By the way, if you know any better Fortnite alternative battle royale games that you think should be included in our list, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

March 29, 2018
Post By Christina Green to Desktop Recorder
Last updated on January 14, 2019

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