Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Similar to Dark Souls

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Dark Souls is an action-horror RPG game that you don’t want to miss. Developed by FromSoftware, its storyline starts with a man named Gwyn, known as the “First Flame,” and he finds the “Lord Souls.” Gwyn and he’s allies need to defeat the dragons who started the Age of Fire. In fact, Dark Souls have four series already. The very first series of this game is the Demon Souls, which is released last 2009 — then followed by Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, and Dark Souls III. In this game, you are going to create your character. You can choose if you are going to start as Warrior, Knight, Wanderer, Thief, Bandit, Hunter, Sorcerer, Pyromancer, Cleric, and Deprived. Each class has a different set of skills and magic. This game is played by grinding and looting the materials you need and craft your equipment as you move forward with its story. So if you fell in love with Dark Souls game, we have searched and listed below the best games like Dark Souls that you should try.

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The first game, like Dark Souls on our list, is the Bloodborne. It is a new Action RPG style game from a famous Japanese game developer, the FomSoftware. Just like in Dark Souls, you need to fight the gothic creatures while you explore the ancient city of Yharnam. You will play your character armed with guns and saw cleaver, and you will need guts and pleasant strategy and reflexes to take down the smart enemies that protect the city’s dark secrets. However, this game is PS4 exclusive, which means you can only play this game on the PlayStation 4 console. But still, this game is an outstanding game like Dark Souls.


Code Vein

The next game on our list that is considered similar to Dark Souls is the Code Vein. This anime RPG allows you to create and customize your character. The story begins in post-apocalyptic, sci-fi settings with a horror atmosphere in it. Your character will start as a slave, and you will need to explore a dungeon to find a particular crystal. From there, you will learn how to fight those hideous monsters along with your NPC allies. You will surely enjoy this anime-horror fast-paced RPG game on both PS4, Xbox, and PC platforms.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Wear your gears, pick up your katana, and move like a Samurai with our next game on our list, the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is a game recreation of 16th-century Japan as an undead assassin with a long blade and cyborg arm. You will be fighting a shinobi-hunter with a spear, a horse riding General, elite swordsman, and even a flaming beast. In fact, Sekiro is known as one of the hardest game releases with the same developer of Dark Souls, the FromSoftware. You will need precise timing to avoid or deflect the attacks of your enemies, and retaliate with your slash. This game is a must-play exciting game for PS4 and PC platforms.


The Witcher

The Witcher is another that comes on the minds of players who played Dark Souls game. This game is a role-playing action game, developed by CD Projekt Red and published by Atari. It is also an adaptation of the novel “The Witcher” by Andrzej Sapkowski, that set in a medieval fantasy world with lots of magic and monsters. In this game, you will be playing as Geralt of Rivia, a traveling monster hunter that has supernatural powers known as Witchers. In fact, its third series, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” has become the game of the year of 2015. You can play this game on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Windows PC.



Another that we listed as similar to Dark Souls is the Nioh. Lots of gamers are telling that this game owes a lot to Dark Souls because of its game mechanics. Dark Souls influence it because you are going to play this game by discovering the danger and secrets of Japan in the Sengoku period. You will be playing as William Adams, a real-life based sailor who will become a wandering demon-slayer. All of his adventures through the foggy mountains, deserted villages, and the hell-like battlefield has captivated lots of gamers because of its amazing visual effect. If you are a die-hard fan of Dark Souls, then Nioh is a recommended game for you to play.


Monster Hunter

If you are too afraid to play a horror RPG game, but still want to experience the battle system of Dark Souls, then we recommend you to play the game called Monster Hunter. This game was first released in Japan in 2004 and later released in North America for PlayStation Portable named Monster Hunter Freedom. Once you played this game, you are going to create your customized character, and you are going to choose what kind of weapon you are going to use. Monster Hunter focuses more on hunting giant lizards, dragons, a building-sized gorilla, and elemental creatures. You will need to kill them and carve their bodies to gain materials that you need to craft powerful weapons and armors. So to say, Monster Hunter is one of the best games that you need to experience.


The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls is one of the best games like Dark Souls that will make you play for more than an hour. This game is an action RPG open-world game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. For each The Elder Scrolls game, you will be playing in the continent of Tamriel. The Elder Scrolls setting is a mix of pre-Medieval and Roman-like empire. You are going to travel the map and slay powerful dragons as your side/main quest. Also, this game has different races like elves, orcs, and anthropomorphic animals for each province of the Tamriel continent.


Elden Ring

Elden Ring is another game of FromSoftware that will be the next big RPG in the market. It said that this game’s world is a mix-up design of Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game director and designer of FromSoftware, and George R.R. Martin, the author of the famous Game of Thrones. No wonder this game will addict lots of gamers due to its settings and game mechanics. In fact, there is an interview with Mr. Miyazaki saying that the Elden Ring will focus firmly on the RPG element instead of Action RPG. Though this game will be released on June 30, 2020, it still one of the most anticipated best games like Dark Souls.


God Eater

God Eater is another anime RPG game that is similar to Dark Souls. For starter, you are going to create your character, and choose which weapon you’ll have. You can choose from Short Blade, Long Blade, Charge Spear, Buster Blade, Variant Scythe, Boost Hammer, Heavy Moon, and Biting Edge. Just like in Dark Souls, you need to defeat giant monsters and absorb them to become the materials on crafting and upgrading your equipment. Also, each weapon has unique combos, which means you can choose your weapon depending on your style of playing the game. God Eater is playable on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.


The Surge

The last Dark Soul like game on our list is called The Surge. This game is a hardcore action RPG developed by Deck 13. Its gameplay style is like in Dark Souls, but it has the element of a Sci-fi game. You will be playing your character in an exo-skeletal suit, which you can use to explore the map. In fact, the most fantastic part of The Surge is its finishing move. Your character will kill your enemies in garish cinematic, and let you harvest new gear to upgrade your exo-suit. In addition, the weapon designs in this game are something you don’t want to ignore. It has a stunning graphic design that will leave you at awe. All that being said, you should try The Surge if you love the action RPG style game.



All of the games mentioned in this article are similar to Dark Souls. All of the elements of action RPG games are in these games. Even though they have different developers and storylines, they are much alike when it comes to game cinematics. These games will make you feel like you are the one who is hunting monsters, defeating them, and harvesting their materials to upgrade your equipment. There is nothing that can beat the feeling when you slaughtered the demons and giant monsters, especially when you are alone when facing them in Hard Mode.

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Similar to Dark Souls

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