Top 10 Games Similar to Clash of Clans

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One of the most popular mobile strategic games since 2014 is Clash of Clans. Where users act like a chief who is building their village. There are four primary resources in the game, such as gold, elixir, dark elixir, and gems that can be used in enhancing the village and, to train troops and heroes. Moreover, resources can be gained by attacking other villages or attacking the goblins in the single player mode of the game, using your troops and heroes. You can attack an opponent’s base within three minutes, and the attack can be rated on a three-star scale. In addition, you can join clans which can consists up to fifty players per clan where you can donate resources to other members. In particular, during a clan war, you can play strategic attacks with other members of the group to attack other clans. If you love the Clash of Clans type games, check the list of the best 10 games like Clash of Clans here.

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Castle Clash

Castle Clash is an amazing game developed by IGG Games like Clash of Clans. This is a fortress themed strategic game, where the troops and heroes are based on mythical creatures. Unlike Clash of Clans, this game has numerous ways to battle like Raids, Dungeons, Arena and much more. Gold is one of the main resource in upgrading the buildings like Town Hall, Buildings and others. While Mana, Honor Badges, and Fire can be used to deploy troops and heroes that can be used in battle. To evolve your Hero’s Talent, you need to purchase the items using Fame. Lastly, this game is equipped with amazing graphics and you can play it in other languages. To play the game without restrictions and limitations in upgrading you need to recharge with real-currency directly to buy gems to eliminate those said restrictions.

castle clash interface

Boom Beach

Next strategic and survival mobile game like Clash of Clans is Boom Beach. This is a military war game, where troops defend an island to other opponents worldwide. You play as Lt. Hammerman who is the commander of the blackguard military force, that manages the headquarters of the native island of the player. The Headquarters is the center of the activity in your island. Moreover, it would be best if you upgrade your Headquarters first to gain many powerful troops to use in attacking and defending your island. The primary resources to improve the buildings in this game are gold, wood, stones, and iron. Moreover, you may keep those said resources to the vault, so they can’t steal your resources even if your island is attacked. However, with its cool feature you need to make in-app purchases and buy gems to speed up the upgrades on the buildings.

boom beach interface

Clash of Kings : New Crescent Civilization

Clash of Kings is a mobile strategy game that can be played in both Android and iOS platforms like Clash of Clans. In fact, the game has an incredible interface because of its middle age themed. The gameplay of this app revolves around with a precise plan on attacking another kingdom. Meanwhile, it would help if you upgrade your Battle Kingdom using the resources of your empire in order to level up the dragons, castle, palace, and army barracks to defend the attacks on your empire. With this game, you can experience the classic world of PVP combat action in an epic war game. Lastly, because of the quest in the game, it helps you to be more aggressive in playing the game to obtain greater rewards.

clash of kings interface

Battle for the Galaxy

An alternative to Clash of Clans to play a free mobile strategy game is Battle for the Galaxy. The gameplay focuses on PVP with the fundamentals of tower defense. The game is composed of impressive visual art because of its mighty planetary fortress description. Furthermore, using the resources in the game, you may build and enhance buildings to defend your base. In order to attack, you may recruit different troops like Space Marines, Rocket Troopers, and Battle Cruisers. Here, you may create a Corporation which is consists of fifty players, where you can play against the other team with your corporation. The great thing with this app, is that you can participate in every tournament, duel, league, and raids to earn more resources. Lastly, to collect all the daily rewards and beneficial bonuses, you need to complete the daily challenges.

battle for galaxy interface

Glory of War

If you are looking for a military-themed mobile strategy game, you can try Glory of War for you. Here, you will act as the commander of the military force, who is appointed to strategize to win the war against the opponent. This game is composed of three types of military services like air force, navy, and army and other troops that you can use in attacking the base of the opponent. In attacking the opponent’s base, you may tap the “World” button located on the lower right corner of the screen and choose the base that you prefer to attack. Furthermore, you can earn different kinds of resources after attacking, that you can use in upgrading your own base. The cool thing about this app, is that you can deploy weapons like in modern war such as Nuke and EM Pulse during your attack. In addition, you can also customize vehicles and troops to make the game more exciting.

glory of war interface


DomiNations is a great alternative to Clash of Clans to play a strategic mobile game to play. To start the game, you may choose from eight different nations which provide particular advantages in every country. You can easily relate to this game because the resources that you will use to upgrade barracks and to train troops in this game are much similar to our daily needs like food, gold, and oil. This game also features some of the great leaders all over the globe like Leonardo Da Vinci, King Sejong, and other historical leaders. To attack, you need to train troops and tap the “Battle” button on the lower-left corner of the interface of the app. In addition to attacking, you can gain different resources according to the nation you attack. However, to be the best nation in this game, you need to buy the in-app purchases to play it without limitations.

dominations interface

Empires and Allies

Just like Clash of Clans, Empires and Allies is a modern-military-combat 3D strategy game. This game is more similar to a computer game, Yuri’s Revenge. You can upgrade your base using the resources in-game such as supplies, fuels, steels, and golds. The cool thing in this game, you can change the defensive units into other weapons, which can avoid some aerial attacks. To start attacking with other opponents, you need to tap the “Globe” button on the lower right corner of the app. However, you need to train powerful military and attacking units like rangers, tanks, air drones, and more to obtain more resources from the opponent. Also, you can play on team wars with this game by joining a group of players called Alliance. However, there are times that the app crashes and you need to relaunch it.

empire and allies interface

X-War : Clash of Zombies

Another alternative in playing wireless games like Clash of Clans is X-War: Clash of Zombies, that features an amazing interface. There are numerous troops and heroes in this game that includes Marvel and DC comic characters. Particularly, the game focuses on attacking opponents’ base to obtain more supplies that can be used in upgrading your territory. Meanwhile, on its single-player mode instead of the goblin, your enemies in this mode are zombies. In addition, you can also play with your colleagues to defeat the Evil boss to earn more loots. Furthermore, using your resources, you need to level up your defense to minimize the chances of losing your stock resources. Finally, you can enhance every barracks instantly by purchasing gems using a credit card.

x war interface

Battle Islands

One of the best strategic games where you can play in any mobile platform like Android and iOS is Battle Islands. This is a fundamental game with military-themed setting where the main focus is to destroy another island. In the first place, you only have one worker to rely on upgrading your island that you can speed up the upgrading period by buying in-app purchases using real money. To attack, you need to train your armed forces that you can deploy in destroying another island. Furthermore, in attacking opponents’ base, you can use attack plans by summoning battleships and air crafts. Aside from mobile devices, Battle Islands is also available to play in Playstation consoles.

battle island interface

Clash of Lords 2 : Guild Castle

Clash of Lords 2: Guild Castle is on the last list that can be an alternative game to Clash of Clans.The leading troops and heroes are composed of a unique system where you can control the action during the attack. To become the greatest warlord, you need to upgrade your buildings in barracks using the resources to improve the powers of troops and heroes. Unlike any other strategic games, Clash of Lords 2 is composed different attack modes such as Arena, Dungeons, and more. Also, you can play along with your friends in the Guild Clash from all over the country. Furthermore, attacks in this games are being rated depending on the applied damage in the base of the opponent. With all of these excellent features, you need to buy gems to play this game without limitations.

clash of lords2 interface


Clash of Clans has been one of the most popular and addictive games since 2014. However, some of the features of CoC need to purchase with real money to obtain more gems. So, if you are tired of playing COC and wants to experience a different scenario. You may choose among these 10 games being recommended similar to Clash of Clans. Select the one that suits your preference and enjoy playing!

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