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If you are fandom of Age of Empires, then the article is going to drag your interest towards it. In the article, I will list out the ten best games like Age of Empires for 2020. You need to learn the facts about how these 10 Age of Empires type games can seek your attention as an alternative. Age of Empires is a Real-time Strategy (RTS) game, released back in 1977. Therefore, the players begin the game from the town center along with the few numbers of workers. The players find Empires interesting to play because of their unique and compelling features. Moreover, players construct buildings, gather resources, utilize technologies, and combine units to step forward into the selected civilization. Age of Empires is available for PC, Android, and iOS. So it’s time to discuss games alike to Age of Empires. I hope you will find the following games enjoyable to play with the mentioned pros and cons.

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Rise of Nations ranks in the top Real-time Strategy genre developed by Big Huge Games in 2003. Therefore, it is one of the games similar to Age of Empires with territory concept. Rise of Nations includes eight ages from the history of the world with 18 civilizations. The exciting gameplay with the territory concept sinks the players’ attention in-game for hours. Therefore, the enclosed area is known to be the player territory where he can build anything using the resources he/she contains. As a player, you need to move forward to the modern ages to access revolutionized weapons to fight in the battlefields.

rise of nation image


  • Automatic features of spawning citizens-workersv
  • Free to play
  • Single and multi-player mode


  • Bugs in-game
  • A zoomed-out drawback in-game
  • Far from technical demand
Empire Earth

Empire Earth is a game identical to the Age of Empires in terms of the history-based Real-Time Strategy game. Therefore, the game has exciting features with attractive gameplay to begin the series from the pre-historic age and ends at the nano era. Likewise, Age of Empires, players gather resources to construct buildings, attack or defend their buildings from the opponents, and grow their civilizations. You also have an option of map editor in-game to design your empires like the way you want to rule. You should know the unique and fascinating systems known as Hero System and Morale System to get the most fun while playing. So now it depends on you whether you want to be a Warrior Hero or Strategist Hero, just keep playing.

empire earth image


  • Exciting gameplay with turn-based world domination mode
  • Great physical features with excellent automatic exploring
  • Single and multi-player gaming modes
  • Free to play


  • Enigmatic combat with poorly implemented features
  • Lack of main civilization types
  • Ineffective AI
StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 is another alternative like the Age of Empires with space focused RTS rather than history-based RTS. The features like space domination are similar to Empires, where turning world-domination mode is impressive. The game is based on 26th-century science fiction, where the players decide to play in terms of three species. The species called Protoss, Terran, and Zerg serve the non-linear gameplay where you should come up with the best strategy to survive in the inter-galactic war.

stracraft image


  • Quick Wall off with no supply block
  • You can easily scan anytime
  • Excellent features with no probes required for the late-game economy


  • Lack of mobility
  • Slow unit reproduction and Growth in Terran
  • Extensive territory to defend in Zerg
Age of Mythology

Age of Mythology shares the same formula for the construction of buildings, collection of resources, and engaging army for attack and protect like Age of Empires. Moreover, both games are developed by Ensemble Studios and considered as the Age of Empire type game. Age of mythology contains the historical beliefs of Greek, Egyptian, and Norse myths. Therefore, the exciting gameplay allows the players to decide their civilizations from Greek, Egyptian, and Norse to attack and defend the army with separate religions and cultures. You can choose your major God, for the civilization you selected. Moreover, you will move forward to unlock more ages to win minor gods to grant magical abilities to your army.

age of mythology image


  • Excellent gameplay with three major civilizations
  • Fresh Graphics with good sound effects
  • Single and Multi-player gaming mode


  • Reduction rate by 75% of underworld Passage Repair
  • Less restoration duration from 8-6 seconds
  • No longer use of Bolts to affect villagers and myth transport units
Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

Command & Conquer is a military science fiction that is similar to the Age of Empires type of games in terms of excellent gameplay with cool features. Therefore, you are allowed to gather resources to construct your camps and to train your military to attack/defend your fields to survive and invade. Command & Conquer offers you MMO elements with a military-type strategy to decide your sector to build your military troops.

command and conquer image


  • Free to play
  • Available to play on Facebook
  • Innovative features like base buildings and so on


  • Short attack time
  • Lack of space for building military camps
  • Players cannot control units while attacking
WarCraft 3

WarCraft 3 is a game like Age of Empires with excellent game series and classic RTS game mode. Therefore, you are onto a fantasy journey where you can rule creatures like humans, dead orcs, and night elves. Likewise Empires, you gather resources to build your base, engage the army to fight, and recruit magnificent heroes to lead your army. You should collect Gold, Lumber, and Food to survive throughout the game. Otherwise, your troops will die to starvation or would be homeless.

warcraft image


  • Excellent Strategy Options for all factions
  • Effective AI and good graphics
  • Fast build and great casters


  • Vulnerable Gold mine acolytes
  • Fragile features in the absence of Death Knight
  • Tough time expansion
The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online is the best game like Age of Empires, developed by BlueBite. The excellent Real-Time Strategy Game that is free to play fits best as an alternative of Empires. You should gather valuable resources for your Medieval Kingdom where you can explore more territories to complete in-game missions. You have amazing features to explore like a ton of game levels to invade, contents to unlock, humans to interact, and bandit camps to obliterate as well. The game has online browser streaming with additions of MMO elements.

settlers online image


  • Excellent browser-based Multiplayer game
  • Free to Play
  • Fresh graphics and available for Windows OS and Mac OS


  • Tough to handle the game economies
  • No android version of the game
  • Imbalance resources and construction issues

Homeworld is a story-heavy RTS game similar to Age of Empires. Therefore, the game revolves around an exciting story where planet Kharak expels a Kushan race. The foes destroyed the planet, and now players gather resources and encounter experts to rebuild the homeland.
Likewise Empires, players collect resources to build fleets that can later use to destroy enemy ships. The in-game missions and encounters of traders, mercenaries, pirates, and allies will sink your attention in-game for long.

homeworld image


  • The excellent scale of sense and awe
  • Fresh graphics with the gripping military drama
  • Single and multi-player gaming mode


  • Lack of multi-player mapping and skirmishes
  • Tough movements with 2D options
Tropico 5

Tropico 5 is the Age of Empire type RTS game. Therefore, the game slows you to build your islands where you rise from tribes into a mighty empire. First, you trade crops to improve the techs of your islands. You start your journey from the 20th century to move forward to the modern age to stand against your enemies. Tropico 5 is not just about war. However, it also includes politics and economics. It is also available in multi-player mode, so get ready to play with build islands with your friends. Besides, this is one of the best games like Age of Empires for Android.

tropico5 image


  • The impressive sense of humour in-game
  • Fresh graphics of cities and inhabitants
  • Innovative city-planning system of the new era


  • Few bugs relevant to quests
  • Defective autosave system
  • Prolonged disjointed campaigns
Age of Wonder III

Age of Wonders III falls as an alternative to the Age of Empires is a turn-based strategy game. You start your journey in a fantasy world where you become the leader of your Kingdom. The exciting features allow you to explore the world’s kingdoms of all races and creed. Triumph Studios released the Age of Wonders III that offers the best RTS gaming experience to the players. It is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. You need to keep your Kingdom prosperous, either through war or through diplomacy. So war is not just your focus always in-game to build your empires through colonization. You will get a detailed fantasy world where, at each step, you will explore innovative features to grab your interest. Also, Age of Wonder III is a PS4 strategy game like Age of Empires.

age of wonders image


  • Superior combat system
  • Innovative factions with endless legends
  • Fantasy strategy to play the game with excellent graphics and art


  • The gameplay is tough to understand
  • Lack of map features to edit your scripted events
  • Not free to play
  • Single Multi-player Game modes


Now, if you are looking for the Age of Empire alternative, then these top 10 games serve you the best. All of the games are the best strategy games that allow you to come up with a unique and compelling strategy to mark your success on the battlefield. You can play all the top 10 Age of Empire type games with your friends and family. You should at least play all games once to enjoy and explore the new features of strategy games in the market.

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Top 10 Best Strategy Games like Empires

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