Review of the Best 5 Game Screen Recorder

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Review of the Best 5 Game Screen Recorder

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More game lovers are recording their gaming sessions and sharing them with their friends or uploading them on YouTube for other gamers to watch and improve their gaming skills. They use screen recording software to record these sessions. The ideal screen recording software should be simple and straightforward for easy recording and management of the recorded videos. The procedure of game recording is pretty simple. First, you need to identify suitable screen recording software that can run well on your computer. Download and install this software on your PC. Confirm that the settings of the program are set according to your requirements. The next step is to open the game you want to record and click Record button to capture the gaming session. You can click on Pause to skip some parts of the game and Stop once you have finished recording. To clear up your confusion, here the best 5 game screen recorder are reviewed for you to choose.

Screen Grabber Pro

Screen Grabber pro is an amazing video game screen recorder with multiple features to enhance the quality of your recordings. The setup is very simple and user friendly. It runs well on all versions of Windows and Mac OS X 10.6 or later. To record your gaming sessions, you need to open Screen Grabber Pro software, and preferably switch to full screen to record the whole screen. The audio input feature of this software gives the user various audio recording options. The System Sounds option will record sounds from the gaming session. The Microphone and System Sounds option will record sounds from the gaming session as well as the voice from gamers. This feature comes in handy for gamers who want to explain a gaming skill to his viewers. The recorded session can be saved in multiple formats. The main shortcoming with this software is that it is not easy for beginners to change the recording resolution while recording in full screen. Otherwise, it is simple program with multiple features to improve you recording.

Try It Free


Bandicam is simple and easy to use screen recorder for games. It can record both HD and non-HD videos. It comes with a lot of features to choose from. You can select the video quality, and level of compression. You can also change audio settings to record computer sounds and mute as you wish. The pause option enables the gamer to avoid recording unsuitable parts of the gaming session. With this software, you can record videos in 4K Ultra HD. Bandicam has a tool to compress the video to a minimum size without compromising the quality of the video. Once you are done recording, the video can immediately be shared on YouTube to show off your skills to other users. The software can be downloaded from Bandicam has two versions – a free version and a version that can be purchased for $39. The free version brings a lot of annoying toolbars on your PC. It also gives you a video recording limit of only 10 minutes.

Windows 10 Default Game Recorder

Windows 10 has a feature that allows users to record video game screen on computer. The gamer can then upload these recordings on YouTube to share their gaming skills with other gamers. To record using Windows 10, open the Game Bar while playing. This can be done by pressing Windows Key + G. The Game Bar will bring you multiple icons. Choose the red record button to record a gaming session. A timer appears to allow you to time your session. Once you are done recording, you can open the Game Bar again and click on the red stop button. The beauty with the Windows 10 feature is that it has shortcuts to make the process simple. You can start and stop recording with the combination of Windows Key/Alt/R. The Game Bar is synchronized with Game DVR in the Xbox app. You can customize these settings by opening the app.


Fraps is one of the best game recorders in the market. The software lacks the many features common with other game recorders, however; with Fraps, you can record your video at 7680×4800 resolution. The custom frames are between 1-120 fps. This is the best game recording resolution you will ever come across. Fraps can be downloaded and installed from It has two versions – a free version and a version available for $37. It is advisable to install the paid version because it has better features. It has no recording time limit and no watermarks can be added to your videos. The recording process is pretty straightforward with the setup. The software gives you several video editors to modify your video before you can upload it. Fraps gives you the best quality videos. The recording format is not supported by YouTube, so you can use a video converter before uploading.

Open Broadcaster Software

This list cannot be complete without mentioning Open Broadcaster Software. It is free and comes with multiple features. One interesting feature is that it allows you to stream your gaming session on Twitch. The software is a bit complex for beginners and requires more time to get used to the features. This software can be downloaded from You need to change the Broadcast settings to file output only mode. You can then start to stream your gaming session immediately. The software also allows you to record the whole screen or just a section of the screen. OBS is not a simple software to use and is not recommended for beginners.


The internet is full of game screen recorders. Gamers are increasingly recording their sessions and uploading them on YouTube to show off their skills. Finding the screen recorder that meets gamers’ needs is not easy. This article has summarized the best five game screen recorders, from which a gamer can choose. Before settling on a recorder, the gamer needs to list all the features of the video he needs. He then has to find the recorder that best meets all his needs.

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