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Top 5 Best Game Recorder Software Available on Any Platforms

Last updated on November 5, 2018 by Eleena

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Top 5 Best Game Recorder Software Available on Any Platforms

set feature image Esports game stands for Electronic Sports games, which is very popular with teenagers these days all over the world. Most of the genres of the games are about shooting, defense and fighting like Warcraft, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Dota 2 and World of Tanks. Many amateur players are joining this online game competition. They have their own strategies just to win each battle. In this case, it is always overwhelming to see how you win the competition. For you to preview these moments, you will need a game recorder. In this article, we will guarantee you the best game recorder software that run on any platforms to save all the important part of your games.

Record Games with Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

The first tool that is recommended in game recording is the Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro which runs on Windows/Mac computer. It provides you a lot of capturing modes, annotations, and formats. In case of choosing the recording mode, you can use either you want to record the entire screen of your computer or just a specific part of it. For the annotations, you can add shapes, lines, arrows, and texts while recording. Lastly, you can save the recorded files in various formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, etc. In addition, this app is also capable of taking screenshots. To start using the app, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and Install the Application

Before you can begin with the recording, you need the app to be downloaded and installed. To do this, simply go to Acethinker website and search for the app. You can also access the shortcut button provided below.

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Step2 Customize the Capture Region and Start Recording

After this, make sure that you customize the size of the capture frame. As your first choice, you can select from the main interface of the app. Drag-down the “Record” button to see the list of recording modes. Either you will capture in a region, full-screen, webcam, around a mouse, or only audio. Another solution is to drag an area on your screen. Then the recording will start automatically.

cuztomize the region and start recording

Step3 Annotate and Finish the Recording

Next, enhance your recording with the use of the annotations from the floating toolbar. During the recording, you can add shapes, texts, lines, and arrows. Finally, if you want to end your recording simply click the red “Square” button. Then a preview will be shown after you stopped your recording.

annotate and stop the recording

Record Games Using Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro on Mac

The Screen Grabber Pro Mac is another product of Acethinker, which has an intuitive interface. This app is also good for recording your gameplay. Also, you can annotate and record simultaneously to highlight other parts of the game. Moreover, you can schedule your task to record your game even when you are not in front of your computer using “Task Scheduler”. You also have the chance to share your recorded file to different video sharing sites like Youtube. Below is a simple guide on how to use the program.

Step1 Download and Activate the Program

The same as the other screen recorders, this Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac must be downloaded and installed before you can start using the app. Use the shortcut button to easily launch the program.

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Step2 Customize the Capture Frame

Once the app is successfully downloaded and installed, you can proceed to the next step which is customizing the capture region. Drag a region to choose the size that suits your needs.

customize region

Step3 Start the Recording

For the next step, you need to hit the “Rec” button from the recording toolbar to start capturing. Then all of your screen activities will be automatically captured by this app.

start the recording

Step4 Annotate and Stop Recording

While recording, you can make a real-time annotation that will help you to emphasize some essential elements of the recording. Lastly, when you are about to stop the recording simply tap the red “Square” icon beside the “Pause” button. Your file will be saved on your computer’s hard drive.

annonate and stop recording

Record Games using the Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder

The iPhone/iPad recorder is another tool that can record your gameplay. It is easy to install and use. This app can mirror your iPhone/iPad screen to watch your games on a wider screen. However, you need to make sure that your iPhone/iPad is connected with the same network as your computer. With this app, it is also easy to locate your file by clicking the “Folder” icon at the top part of the app interface. After that, you can check your recording by having a preview. Read more of this article to know more about the app.

Step1 Download and Install the Software

For the first step, download the program to its official website or use the shortcut button provided below to run the program easily.

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Step2 Connect the iPhone to PC

Secondly, you need to ensure that your iPhone device and computer are connected to the same Wifi network so that your iPhone will be mirrored properly. Once the devices are both connected, scroll up the “Control Center” and look for the “Airplay/Screen Mirroring.” From here, choose the computer’s name where you want to mirror your iOS device.

connect iphone to pc

Step3 Start the Recording

To start with the recording, hit the red “Circle” button that you can see on the upper-left corner of the app main interface.

start the recording

Step4 Stop Recording

As for the final step of the recording, click the red “Square” button that is also located on the upper-left corner of the app main interface. A preview window will be displayed on your screen one you stopped your recording.

stop the recording

Record Games using the Bandicam

If you are looking for a third-party app that is efficient and designed to record your Esport game sessions, Bandicam is one of the tools to be considered. It offers you various capturing modes like rectangle area, full-screen, around a mouse, webcam and lastly, the game mode. This app can edit the video during and after the recording. In case of editing the video while recording, you can add annotations like numbers, texts, lines, and arrows. For editing the video output after the recording, you have the options to trim the video, add music and voice-overs. Check the steps below to start recording with this app.

Step1 Download and Launch the App

For this app to be use, go to the Bandicam website and download the software on your desktop. Then the main interface of the app will be displayed on your computer screen.

Step2 Customize the Recording Area

From the main interface, you can choose your recording modes as soon as you installed the program. You can choose to capture in rectangle screen, full-screen or around a mouse.

chose the capture region

Step3 Start the Recording Process

Hence, hit the “Rec” icon at the top menu of the app to begin the recording.

start the recording

Step4 Annotate and End the Recording

Since most of the screen recorder scan annotate and record simultaneously, Bandicam is also capable of doing these tasks. Simply hit the “Pen” icon on the upper-light proof beside the camera button. Then the list of editing tools will be shown including the numbers, arrows, texts, and lines. After that, you can stop the recording process by tapping the “Stop” button.

annonate and stop the recording

Record Games using the IceCream Screen Recorder

With the intention of recording your Esport games, IceCream screen recorder is one of the best applications to use. With the simplicity of the app interface, it is easy to record your gameplay and take screenshots. This app is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It has a free and paid version. This app offers editing tools that can annotate both recordings and screenshots. However, on its free version, you are allowed to record for about 10 minutes. You need to upgrade the program to its Pro version to experience a recording with high-quality.

Step1 Download and Activate the Software

Whenever you use an app, it is always necessary to download and activate it on your computer before you can start using it. Visit the IceCream Screen Recorder page and search for its download button to have it.

Step2 Customize the Capture Parameter

By the time the time that you effectively installed it on your computer, customize the capture are that you want to capture. Afterwards, hit the “Rec” icon that you can find on the floating toolbar of the app.

customize region and start recording

Step3 Annotate and Finish the Recording

In the time that your recording starts, you can add annotations that will make your recording more attractive. Drag-down the “Drawing” icon of the tool to see the drop-down menu of the editing tools such as shapes, texts, lines, and arrows. By the moment that you are already satisfied with your recording and you wish to it, just hit the “Stop” button.

anonnate and stop the recording


As previously stated above, playing online games is really fun and amazing. However, there will be times that we want to keep some important events of the game like victory. For this reason, we provide you the best game recorders that are compatible on any platforms. In the same way, if you are using other applications that can surely help in game recording, do not forget to leave a comment on this page. Any suggestion will be highly regarded. Thank you!

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