Fraps VS OBS: Which One is Better for Video Recording?

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Fraps VS OBS: Which One is Better for Video Recording?

Fraps vs. OBS, which is better for screen recording? After you read this article about the comparison between Fraps and OBS in different areas, you will find the answer according to your recording requirements. Meanwhile, you can also get other professional screen recording program like Screen Grabber Pro instead, which you can get a free trial version below.

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Committed gamers who desire to let their gaming experience known by others in the gaming community needs the best tool for gameplay recording. So many game lovers have also made the same inquiries – which application is preferable, Fraps or OBS? We have gathered every information regarding two of these real-time tools used for capturing screen so as to give you all the details you will need in case you’re considering either of this software. Check this Fraps VS OBS comparison and decide which one is better for you to record your game video.

Frap Screen Recorder

You can use Fraps as a tool for capturing the screen for every video games with the use of Open GL or Direct X, and also it’s supported in all window versions, up to Windows 7. Users who will use Fraps on the most recent window versions might encounter some challenges due to the fact that the application is not entirely adjusted to the newest changes made by Microsoft on their OS (Operating System).

fraps recorder

Recording Function and Video Quality

Users can make use of this software for varieties of purposes including real-time capturing of videos, or screen capturing. Most certainly, gamers can benefit from Fraps with the high image quality that it produces. However, this program likewise minimizes in-game performances, which implies that video games might not function as smoothly as they would run when a different screen capturing software was utilized. In addition, this tool cannot do a screen capture.

Editing Capabilities

Frap does not have built-in editor for cutting and splitting videos, add special effects and titles. You also cannot add music and voiceover.

Advance functions and Price

Perhaps the most significant benefit of making use of Fraps is the truth that it’s not difficult to set up, but for a program which cost $37 as well as demands for an external hard disk.

OBS Screen Recorder

OBS Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool that provides fabulous features to mix video and audio during the recording. This tool is also capable of capturing scenes in unlimited amount where it is possible to have smooth switches with transitions OBS is not able to work on computers which run Windows XP or earlier versions of Windows.

Open Broadcaster Software

Recording Function And Video Quality

Open Broadcaster Software is an open and entirely free software for video recording and live streaming. Along with its ability to record gameplay and being able to switch windows at a time, it can also let you do video and audio enhancements. However, the interface of OBS is kind of hard to operate.

Editing Capabilities and Advance Functions

If you are going to compare OBS Studio with Frap, this tool has advanced editing features that can trim and split videos, add visual effects, music, and annotations.


Compared to Fraps, OBS Screen Recorder is a free software which one can also download with payment.

Fraps And OBS - A Comprehensive Table Comparison

Fraps and OBS are therefore two great tools that share a lot in common, while also there are a range of disadvantages associated with either one or both of the tools, that need to be highlighted in advance. The table presented below, therefore, will serve as an important standing point to see how the different features are available in the programs when it comes to their comparison.

FrapsNo difficult to set upFrame rates are fixed
SmoothSeparate RAID/HDD
Awesome Video QualityFiles are large
Cumbersome to Update
Price: $37
OBSDownloading is freeChoppy sometimes
Highly customizableGame capture bugs
Utilizes resources wellAdjustment options are limited

Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

Users who want to know some alternatives to OBS and Fraps in gameplay recording, you have to give a try using the pro version of Screen Grabber Pro, since it has a lot to offer. It has better tools for editing and also has the capacity to import over fifty formats of the files. It is a reliable choice compared to OBS or Fraps. Acethinker Screen Grabber Professional version is ideal for recording games that are face-paced since it is capable of capturing approximately 15 and 20 frames every second. The high-end highlights and impeccable quality of images enable this powerful software an outstanding option for all gamers and also professionals of every sort. Read more of the article to learn how to use this tool.

Step1 Download and install the program

Download the application from Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro site and install it on your computer. In either way, you can also use the shortcut button below. Then wait until the app is launched.

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Step2 Customize the capture region and start recording

After downloading and installing the software, you can customize the capture region whether to capture the full screen or just a region of your screen. To record a certain region, you click the “Region” under the “Record” tab and use your cursor to highlight the area you want to record. This tool helps you in producing a professionally recorded video using the built-in editor to add annotations while recording. Drag the “Pen” icon to see the drop-down menu where you can add shapes, texts, arrows, and highlights. Once recording is finished, hit the “Stop” button from the recording toolbar. The video will be automatically saved to the PC after that.

annotate chat

Step3 Play the video

To watch the recently recorded video, browse through the “Recording List” from the main interface. From there, select the latest video file which is listed as the first on the list and then right-click on it. From the list of options, click the “Preview” option and the video playback will start.

preview the video


When it comes to these two tools, both are capable of providing videos of high-qualities. In case you’d like to have an app which functions in every situation, and you are okay with investing some cash then the perfect option for you is Fraps. On the other hand, if you are searching for a screen recording tool that is highly customized and provides basic options for editing and also totally freeware, then the ideal choice for you is the OBS Screen Recorder for your gaming sessions’ recording. From the two aforementioned solutions, you can also try using the AceThinker solution that will surely give you professional videos in any sort of activities on your computer screen.

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