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Fraps is a powerful screen recorder and benchmarking software that runs and records games and screen activities using DirectX or OpenGL technology. An additional feature of Fraps is its real-time display of frames per second (FPS) in the corner of the display screen, which makes it an ideal gameplay reviewer tool for most YouTubers. Aside from its primary functions, it also includes a screen capture tool within the software that takes screenshots from live screen activities with customized hotkeys. Other than games, users can record anything. Be it an online video, presentation, or video lecture for educational or marketing purposes, Fraps will execute the task effortlessly. Unfortunately, Fraps Screen Recorder is available only for Windows. If you are looking for a Fraps Mac version, there are few excellent alternatives to Fraps for Mac.

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Screen Grabber Pro for Mac

Acethinker Screen Grabber for Mac is the finest Fraps alternative for Mac on the Internet regarding efficiency, customer satisfaction, and vastness. With it, you can record any screen activity on a Mac device easily and in high-quality, switch between several modes of screen recording, play around with screen width and height during the recording, trim unwanted parts of the screen, or only enable the webcam and let it record you. Moreover, you can record system audio or microphone audio along with the screen video, or record both at the same time with no audio lag. Plus, you can save the recorded video offline in MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. Formats or upload them directly to YouTube or Vimeo. In case this program could grab your attention enough to proceed with it, check the steps below for your proceeding.

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User Guide

  • Download and Activate the Software: Visit the Acethinker Screen Grabber for Mac website or simply use the shortcut button provided below to download the application. Then install it on your computer.
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  • Customize the Capture Region and Start the Recording: Customize the recording area by clicking the “Crop” icon to choose whether you wish to have your recording on the full display of your computer, or you rather specify one outlined region where you want the activity to be captured. When you have decided the capturing mode, press the “Record” button to start recording.
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  • Annotate and Stop the Recording: You are also able to apply real-time annotation as well as other tools on the ongoing capturing process by pressing the “Pen” icon from the recording toolbar. In the end, just finish your recording by clicking on the “Stop” button. Once the recorded file is done, it will be automatically saved on your computer’s hard drive and will be listed on the main interface of the application. You can locate the recorded file using the “Folder” icon on the lower-left corner of the app’s interface.
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Screencast-O-Matic is one of simplest screen recorders available with its free and paid versions. For amateur YouTubers, vloggers, or online presenters, the free version of the software is an excellent way to get things started; you can buy the paid version later if it fits the description, as it always has. In the pro version of Screencast-O-Matic, there is no software watermark and, you can practically record videos for an infinitesimally longer amount of time. The editing feature is fully unlocked with scripted recordings, draw, and zoom features, as well as the option to upload the recorded, edited, and annotated video to any online platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Dropbox. The subscription charges are ridiculously low compared to most e screen recorders. $15 will give you unlimited access for a whole year. Screencast-O-Matic is available for both Windows and Mac OS. To have the benefit of the operation of Screencast-O-Matic, refer to the guide here:

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User Guide

  • Launch Screencast-O-Matic from a web-browser by visiting its official website.
  • From the homescreen of Screencast-O-Matic, drag the frame to cover the area of the screen that you want to record.
  • Once settled on the recording area, click the “Record” button and the recording process will begin.
  • End the recording process by clicking “Pause” button and then click the “Done” button from the window that will appear.
  • To save the video, click the “Save as” option and then select “Video.” The video will be then saved on the Mac device.



Jing is a simple tool to take screenshots, make videos out of the images captured, and save it in the desired output quality in no time. There are three core functions of the Jing tool. The one on the left side of the screen capture interface will snap anything on the computer screen, the one to the right of it is the options bar, and the third in the middle shows capture history and opens previously captured or recorded activities. As a Techsmith product, there’s a bonus space of 2 GB of memory with Techsmith’s dedicated server for Jing users. The free version records and saves videos of no more than five minutes in length in flash video format provided flash player is installed on your system to play the files. Jing Pro version is 11 Pound Sterling for a year, runs ad-free, and has more HD output video options. Jing is offered for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Recording the screen with Jing is a rather simple process that you can also see by yourself when you follow this guide.

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User Guide

  • Click the name of the tool above to open its official website on a new tab. After that, click the download button to get the installer. Launch the installer on the PC and then proceed by following the setup wizard.
  • Once a sun-like icon appear on the desktop screen, it means that the tool was successfully installed.
  • To record with Jing, hover the touchpad pointer of the Mac device to the Jing icon which is usually located at the top part of the screen.
  • Click the “Capture” icon and then drag the pointer to cover the parts to record. From the capture window, click the “Capture video” button and the recording will begin.
  • Lastly, end the recording process and then the video will be saved on the Mac.
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Monosnap is a proficient contender to Fraps for Mac OS X because it runs both on Windows and Mac while Fraps only records and captures on Windows systems. Monosnap is an easy-to-use app that captures full-screen images or parts of the screen in a high-quality format with the Monosnap 8x image magnifier. Once captured, add arrows, freestyle pen drawings, text,  and various shapes, or hide parts of the screen with the Monosnap blur tool. The package embraces free cloud storage space to upload and save the recorded videos and pictures. Are you interested in Monosnap? You just step away to master its operation.

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Camtasia Studio for Mac

Camtasia Studio for Mac is one of the most popular free and paid Fraps Mac OS tool. With Camtasia, get started for free and buy it later if all goes well. With the 1, 2, 3 formula by Camtasia, start by choosing your footage by recording the screen activity or upload any video offline. Then edit your project with easy tools by Camtasia. Cut, add, edit, or write anything on the recorded video. Finally, review the edited video and save it either offline or upload it directly to social media or cloud storage websites. Additional features consist of special video effects such as images, audio, emoji, or text and maintaining video resolution up to 4K output quality. Add cursor effects or transitions before and after the video with the multilayered editing functions of Camtasia Studio for Mac and Windows. Check the user guide below.

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OBS Studio


OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free open-sourced screen recorder for Mac. This is a great alternative to Fraps because it provides high-quality video recording straight from the source. What’s best about this tool is that it is absolutely free and does not require any pre-requisite for installation. This is a real life-saver for those who are looking for a great alternative to Fraps. OBS Studio is great for game recording because it has its dedicated game mode for clearer and more vivid colors on the recording. On the other hand, despite being a decent screen recorder for Mac, OBS Studio has its drawbacks, mainly because of its interface. The reason is that there are a lot of buttons scattered on the home screen, which can cause confusion to the users.

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ios screen recorder by techsmith


TechSmith Capture

Last on the list of Fraps mac alternative iOS Screen Recorder by Techsmith. This is a handy and mobile tool that was developed for iOS devices like iPhones and iPad. iOS Screen Recorder is pretty simple in terms of appearance but definitely can do heavy-duty screen recording. This is an efficient way to record screen activities from mobile directly without having to use any mediated tools. Additionally, this recorder is usually built to capture your live stream gameplay and share your best gaming experience online. Aside from that, this is still a free app that users can enjoy without worrying about any hidden payments.

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As you can see many alternatives are available to replace Fraps with more efficiency or other benefits, which are all different from each other regarding both of the advantages and disadvantages that can be experienced during the recording process of the different tools, therefore it would be the best to have a try on many of the outlined solutions to find out the most suitable, although if you have no time or you are looking for the best, we recommend you to look at the AceThinker solution as a one of a kind tool to satisfy all your needs.

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