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alternatives to frapsFraps is a great application that is universally used on Windows with games that possess Open GL or DirectX graphic technology. It offers powerful functions and allows users to record to meet their needs with high quality as it can analyze the frame rate of the screen. However, Fraps occupies plenty of space in your computer system memory and the recording time is limited unless you upgrade it to the paid version. Moreover, currently Fraps is only compatible with Windows. Due to these drawbacks, many people are looking for Fraps alternative that is better than Fraps or just want to get a program similar to Fraps for Mac. This article will show you some efficient alternatives to Fraps to record screen on both Windows and Mac.

Free Fraps Alternative - Online Screen Recorder (Win/Mac)

free online screen recorder

This app will not need Java Applet but you have to set up a launcher if it is the initial time of use. You will able to record screen online without any limit. Click on "Start Recording" and the online recorder will be activated. Before you start recording, you will have to customize the region and the recording mode. The video could be saved to the local disk or it could be uploaded to YouTube.

Features – You have a record screen with the provision of a button. It is web-based and there is no need to download the software for screen cast to your computer for recording. All you have to do is to open this free online screen recorder in your system on the web. The output formats for exporting videos are MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV and GIF.

Pros – It will record all activities on the screen and that includes self-demonstration and video stream. You can create whatever type of video you want by one simple click. You can record multiple videos from webcam simultaneously by using chat services such as Skype. You can save and share these videos easily. You can also highlight the screen with text, color area, lines and shapes in real time.

Cons – You need to keep internet connected in using this tool. Also, there’s no capability for managing the videos being recorded. There’s a professional version for you to record screen with better performance – Screen Grabber Pro. This application carries smooth screen recording along with webcam, audio and real-time annotation. There’s a task scheduler for you to plan recording in the future. You could also manage videos being recorded efficiently on the built-in task list, too.

CamStudio - Simple Fraps Alternative for Windows


CamStudio is a desktop free alternative to Fraps on the Windows operating system. It is a screen recorder that is available as freeware. It records both audio and screen captures simultaneously and generates either SWF or AVI files as output on videos.

Features – It is a freeware which comes with size of 4.26 MB and compatible to nearly all Windows platforms. Its main features include video tutorials, demonstration videos for both college classes and schools. It can also be used to record recurring problems with your computer. It records the audio and screen activity on the computer and creates AVI files on video by using its SWF Producer that is built-in. Moreover, it also turns the AVIs into bandwidth-friendly and strong SWFs (Streaming Flash Videos).

Pros – CamStudio can generate demonstration videos for all software programs. It creates sets of videos that answer frequently asked questions by the users. A recurring problem on your computer can be recorded to be shown to the support technicians. It could be used to create information products that can be sold and which are video-based. It could even be used to record new techniques that you come across on your chosen software programs before they go out of your mind.

Cons – Some of the features of CamStudio are not supported currently such as the zoom feature. You also cannot find some compressors or types of video files. A video editor in free CamStudio 2.5 version for the purpose of trimming and optimizing cannot be found. It creates a smaller screen cast application that records your personal computer in AVI and SWF formats. Also, some users may not find the output formats they need.

Fraps for Mac - Screen Grabber Pro for Mac

screen grabber pro for mac

As we know, Fraps only works on Window. Thus, many Mac users are looking for Fraps Mac alternative to record screen on Mac OS X. Fortunately, there are many Mac screen recording programs that are even much better than Fraps and can be considered as perfect Fraps for Mac. Here Screen Grabber for Mac is recommended as the best Fraps alternative for Mac. With this professional application, you can record your Mac screen with no hassles (Windows version is also available).

Features – It allows you to record videos on Mac from screen, specified region or even Web Camera with audio simultaneously. Plus, you can save the recorded video files to popular video formats including MP4, AVI, MKV and many more so you share them anywhere you like.

Pros – With this Fraps for Mac, you can not only record your Mac screen in full screen but also just record the part you need in a few clicks following the intuitive interface. Besides, it allows you to record videos with audio from the system, microphone or both so you can narrate the video for a better effect. To make your videos look more vivid, some editing functions like adding texts, lines, arrows, etc. are provided while recording. Moreover, it enables you to create schedule recording tasks, which means that you can simply record any activity on your Mac screen even if you’re not in front of your Mac computer. Out files can be saved into popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, 3GP and many more for displaying and sharing anywhere you like.

Cons – The video editing options are limited to basic ones. For some more advanced editing functions like trim video, apply special effects, etc., you will need to turn to other professional video editing programs.

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Debut Video Capture Software for Win/Mac

debut video capture

This is another good Fraps alternative software for Win/Mac users. It is not a freeware as after the trail period, it costs you sixty dollars for its licensed version.

Features – It captures videos from computer screen, the device like a network IP camera or an external device connected to your computer. It records videos as FLV, MPG, MOV, AVI and WMV formats. The color adjustments it offers for the videos are handy. It is compatible to Mac OS X 10.3 or above and Windows 7, Vista and XP. Its file size is 1.4 MB.

Pros – It captures videos and saves them to the hard drive in several video formats. It records audio and video simultaneously and it can adjust the resolution, size and frame rate for capturing the video. Also, it allows you to zoom in/out when recording the screen.

Cons – This software does not allow editing the screencast (but you could add text) and you have to depend on some other software for that.

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