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Best Free Fraps Alternative You Can Find Online

fraps alternativeFraps is one of the most popular screen recorder software. It was well-known as a game capturing software before, but now people use it to record movies, video calls, and so on. Fraps allow you to save your captured-screen videos in high quality for up to 7680×4800 resolution. Apart from this, you can easily record the audio coming from your screen and microphone. However, the recording features are limited, and the recorded videos are always saved in large file size; for example, 2 mins screen recording may occupy 2GB space. If you want to find free Fraps alternative for screen recording, here are the best five recommendations.


AceThinker Screen Recorder Online

AceThinker Screen Recorder Online is a free Fraps alternative that can provide the best experiences in capturing your desktop screen movements. It is a web-based app that has a clean interface that allows you to understand the tool's recording process quickly. To discuss more, AceThinker Screen Recorder Online can capture the audio from the system sound, microphone, or both. Additionally, you can capture the entire screen using its full-screen recording mode. But you can also adjust or customize the screen region, too, depending on your desire. Moreover, one of the most excellent things regarding this tool is that it has annotation features. Using this feature, you can add shapes, text, draw lines while you are currently recording your screen.

Step 1 Launch the Web-based App

First, click the link given here to redirect you to the main page of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online. Next, click the "Start Recording" button to launch the recording toolbar.


Step 2 Set up the System and the Screen Size

Once done, hit the "Drop-down" of the audio source to select between "System Sound," "Microphone," or both for your sound source. Next, set up the screen by clicking the "Fullscreen" icon to capture the screen of your monitor or customize the screen size using the "Region drop-down."


Step 3 Start the Recording Process

Then, start the recording process by clicking the "Record" icon. Wait for 3 seconds to capture your screen. Next, click the "Stop" button to end the recording process—a playback window pop-ups where you can check the recorded video.


Step 4 Save and Watch the Video

Lastly, save the recorded screen to your computer folders by clicking the "Save" icon at the lower leftmost part of the playback window. Then, hit the "Save as Video File" to choose a folder from your device. After that, open the output folder you have selected to see the recorded video. From here, double-click on the file to start playing it.



  • It allows you to record the screen and save the outputs into popular formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and more.
  • It lets you control over the recording process via hotkeys.

  • It lacks other editing functions like adding filters, trimming, or rotating the screen recording.

OBS Studio

Next on the list of programs like Fraps is OBS. It is free software that enables you to capture the screen of your monitor. It is free and open-source software that can be installed for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Further, OBS has a feature wherein you can set the recording's resolution depending on your preference. Aside from that, you can add an annotation to your videos without ease. It involves adding subtitles, drawings, and shapes to make your videos more efficient for the viewers. One of the main features of this tool is that it can stream a live-gameplay and upload it directly to Twitch. Moreover, the unique factor about OBS is its ability to detect and record different apps or windows that are running to your computer. Regarding this, you can add multiple "Scenes" for each window open like images, apps, or browsers.

OBS studio


  • You can adjust the FPS for better viewing of the recorded screen videos.
  • It has an audio mixer that can filter noise or unpleasant sounds.

  • It has a lot of confusing buttons that are not too advisable for beginners.
  • OBS is not available to install on computers running in Windows XP.


Another free Fraps alternative is called CamStudio. It is software designed to record every action you do on screen. Since CamStudio has significant features, you can easily make tutorials or demonstration videos. To explain further, CamStudio allows you to make a screen record along with the audio captured from the microphone and the system sound. Next, you can add text or even draw to the screen-recorded video for highlights. Lastly, it can hide or show the cursor, which is a beneficial feature for some instances, like recording a video from streaming sites.



  • CamStudio has no capturing time limit when recording screen.
  • It can record videos up to 120FPS.

  • CamStudio can only save recorded screen videos in AVI format.


With the help of Bandicam, you can make videos from the actions and movements of your desktop screen. Similar to Fraps, Bandicam is also a game recorder since it has a game recording mode. With this feature, you can record various 2D or 3D games, including Minecraft, LoL, GTA, and more. Moreover, the output from this tool shows the excellency since it uses H.264 codec, which means it can save videos in good quality. Apart from this, you can quickly understand the software because of its user-friendly interface. From its home, you can notice the buttons instantly for recording, annotating, and adjusting the screen size.



  • You can set hotkeys to record, pause, and stop the process.
  • It can extract audio from the video and save it in MP3 format.

  • A watermark is embedded into the recording if you are only using its trial version.
  • You can only save your recorded screen in two formats, MP4 and AVI.


Ezvid is a screen recorder software that was established in 2009. In the present, many people use Ezvid to record videos from the most well-known video sharing sites, especially YouTube and Facebook. It allows you to screen record for up to 30 FPS, which means the smoother and less buffering experience for your output. Aside from this, your videos are undoubtedly high quality because it can provide resolution for up to 1024x768. Meanwhile, it has features that can emphasize small details on your screen. These features include zoom-in and zoom-out, texts, and drawings that are easy to activate using keyboard shortcuts.



  • Ezvid has an editing feature that can also enhance screenshots.
  • It has speed control allowing you to adjust the momentum of your videos.
  • You can add or remove your own watermarks on Ezvid.

  • Files can only be saved in WMV format.

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