How to Fix No Sound when Recording Screen on PC

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How to Fix No Sound when Recording Screen on PC

featured imageThe AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is one of the few reliable and user-friendly screen recorders where it allows the users to record their screen activity with audio. For some users, they might have encountered the issue of recording without audio. This article will guide you on how to fix no audio issue when screen recording on both Windows and Mac Operating System. You may follow these guidelines below to successfully record your screen activity with audio.

For Windows Users

For the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Windows operating system users, you may follow these guidelines:

Step1 Check the playback device in your computer

First and foremost, right click the volume icon in notification area and select “Playback device” from the menu.

You need to check whether your computer (such as “Speakers”) is selected as the default device, check the audio device under “Recording” if it is available.


Step2 Check the audio input that you’ve selected in screen recorder

Launch AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro then select “Audio Input” and check whether you have selected “Microphone”, “System sound” or both. Note that if you choose “None”, then you won’t record any sound.
fixing audio input

Step3 Check whether you had changed the audio input device during recording

You should remember that if you run the screen recorder, you are unable to change the audio input device, this means that you can’t plug in or remove microphone from the computer after you have run the recorder. Otherwise, you need to re-open the program to record your screen activity with sound successfully.

Step4 An exception for Windows XP users

The latest update of Screen Grabber Pro doesn’t allow the Windows XP to screen record with audio. This is because of the innovated audio recording technology of Windows XP. But the microphone audio input is still available, and it will function normally.

Step5 Send log file for further help

If none of the presented solutions above failed to solve the problem, if you are a Pro version user, you can send us a feedback launching the program then click the “Help” on the menu then select “Support”. From there you can send us a log file and describe your problem. For free version users, from the main interface of the program you may locate the support icon then send us the details of your issue.
sending feedback

For Mac users

For AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac users. You can use these guidelines below to fix your recording without sound issue.

Step1 Install the application

First, download and install the latest version of AceThinker Mac Screen Recorder on your computer or laptop. You may use these buttons below to download this program safely.
red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Step2 Configure the settings

After that, launch the program then select “Audio Input” and check whether your “System Sound”, “Microphone” or “System sound and Microphone” are selected.
adjust audio input

Step3 Checking your system's volume

After that, check your system sound volume if it is loud enough before recording. You also need to check the sound volume on the recording tool bar, it must be turned up to record your voice properly.
adjust volume

Step4 Send feedback

If none of these guides are working, you may send us your problem by going to the “Help” section the select “Feedback” then send us a message describing your problem.
sending feedback

Note:Before you start recording, you need to check and make sure the audio input and output devices are available by going to “System Preferences” – “Input” / “Output”, and don’t select the AceThinker audio devices. Besides, you should note that the audio input/output cannot be changed manually during the recording process, or the sound will get lost.


Mac specific solutions on recording different video chats

Recording Skype

To record successfully in Skype, you may follow these guides to record your call with audio:

Step1 Configure Skype's settings

First, you must launch your Skype. After that go to the menu bar and select “Preference”. From there, you may check the basic settings. Then click “Audio/Video” tab, check whether the default settings in “Microphone”, “Ringing”, “Speakers” is selected as “Same as System”, if not, please change to it.

Step2 Change status to (Same as System)

From the preference, select “Audio/Video” tab. Check the status of your “Microphone”, “Ringing” and “Speakers” are selected as “Same as System”. If not, please change it.
audio troubleshoot

audio troubleshoot

Step3 Proceed to recording

Once done, you can now record with audio using AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Mac.

Recording Google Hangout


When you are recording with Google Hangout and find that recording turns out to be no sound. Then you could open launch your Google Hangout and check these steps.

Step1 Go to settings

First, you must click the “Settings” located in the menu bar in Google Hangout

Step2 Change input and output

After that, you may change the input sound in your built-in microphone, and the output to “AceThinker_AudioDevice” in video chat settings.

Step3 Run the program

After that, run the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for a “Play test sound”. If you can hear the sound, then it indicates that you can record screen with sound normally.

Step4 Do the recording

Once everything in done, you can now record using AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro in you Google Hangout.

Recording FaceTime Video Call


If you are using FaceTime and sometimes you wonder why the person on the other line can’t hear you speaking or vice versa. You may follow these simple steps:

Step1 Launch Facetime

The first thing you need to do to solve this issue is launch FaceTime app then locate the “Video” from the menu bar.

Step2 Check your settings

You need to check whether there is a selected audio device for your “Microphone” and “Output”. If not, please change to it and avoid “AceThinker AudioDevice”.

Recording WebEx Meeting


For WebEx no audio recording issue, you may follow these steps below to fix this problem.

Step1 Configure settings

First, you must check if you selected the right audio input for your Screen Grabber Pro Mac before recording. To record sound and mic, you need to choose “System Sound and Microphone”.

Step2 Open the app

After that launch your WebEx meeting and click the “Call Using Computer” and then select “Audio Connection” and then “Change settings”.
fix audio

Step3 Check your audio settings

Once done go to your audio settings, ensure that “AceThinker Audio Device is not selected as your default speaker. You may test whether the audio of the device is now working by clicking the “Test” button next to the speaker device.

Step4 Send Feedback

If this solution is not working, you may send us the details of your issue.

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